Vell Executive Search has decades of experience placing C-level roles with responsibility for technology and technology experts on boards.

Our technology officer practice is led by Dora Vell, who has been recruiting technology officers of every type for over 22 years. Prior to 1998, she was a software development leader, managing engineering teams, with over 100 people. She also has roots as a software development engineer, with an undergraduate and Master's in Computer Science as well as seven worldwide software patents. As a result, technology officers have played a major part of Vell Executive Search.

We specialize in recruiting a variety of tech officer roles, some of which have combined titles, for example a Chief Information and Digital Officer. In addition, it is important to distinguish the roles by responsibilities and accountabilities, as many of these titles overlap, depending on the situation.

Chief Technology Officers (CTO)

In competitive markets, recruiting the right technology leader has become a big differentiator in guiding success. As a lead CTO recruiter, we bring unparalleled experience & help our clients accelerate, transform their organizations, as well as drive innovation, for technology companies and corporations alike. 

The role can be a mix of the following, in addition to being a member of the ELT:

  • External relationships/ Evangelist: customers, partners, conferences, analysts
  • Evangelist to the company and board of directors
  • Emerging Technology
  • All technology development, cloud, and infrastructure
  • M&A, partnerships, and deep customer integrations
  • Vendor management
  • Product management

Depending on the context and the breadth of the role, titles for a head of technology can also be SVP, Engineering [and Operations] or SVP, Software Development, and a variety of combinations. We help you define precisely what it is you are looking for, based on your objectives and needs.

Chief Information Officers (CIO)

We are a team of CIO search professionals, working closely with our clients to develop individualized recruitment strategies that deliver results & drive your organization to its fullest potential.

The roles a CIO can play are many and vary case by case, and typically can include:

  • Business leader, who "sits at the table" and deeply understands the needs of the business
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chief Plumbing Officer (Infrastructure & Cloud)
  • Shared Services Owner
  • Chief Digital Officer: the CIO plays a highly proactive role in leading the digital transformation amongst the C-suite and board of directors
  • Security Officer: cyber-security and the CISO sometimes reports to the CIO

Chief Digital Officers (CDO)

Chief Digital Officers drive massive and disruptive change in the organization, from playing a key role in the definition and implementation of an optimal business model. Digital technologies, social, mobile, IoT, analytics, cloud, are enablers of the model, and can drive incredible change to differentiate your company.

We recruit digitally savvy transformative leadership to turbo-charge your digital transformation into a next-generation enterprise.

Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)

Cyber-security threats have grown exponentially, especially recently with the global pandemic crisis and a remote workforce, not always optimally protected. Attacks constantly evolve and are increasingly sophisticated. Whether phishing, malware, ransomware, Trojan horses, DDoS, brute force, and other types of attaches, cybersecurity is a strategic enterprise risk, not just a technology risk, that keeps board members up at night.

Vell recruits CISOs, that can successfully manage a vast number of operational, reputational and monetary risks, through the development and implementation of a strategy and framework that make sense for your organization.

Cloud and Infrastructure Leaders

Even though many organizations retain at least some on-premise infrastructure, cloud migrations, whether public, private or hybrid are accelerating. New cloud native applications are also on the rise. Cloud and infrastructure leaders often must deal with a highly complex environment, often multi-cloud, mission critical, global, and hyper-scale, while delivering high availability, performance, and resiliency.

Vell understands our clients’ unique cloud and infrastructure fingerprint to recruit the right executive that will successfully drive the optimal agenda forward.

Data, Analytics & AI Leaders

Data and analytics leaders, including Chief Data Officers or Chief Analytics Officers’ mission is to disrupt, innovate and stay ahead of competitors by implementing a data-and-analytics driven business transformation. Becoming a data-driven organization starts with developing a comprehensive strategy around use of data and analytics.

Vell recruits leaders that can formulate and implement a strategy that creates a System of Insight for organizations, through a blend of analytics, artificial intelligence and data science.

Digitally Savvy Boards of Directors

Having a digitally savvy board is a key financial performance indicator of your company across short and long term time horizons. The specific type of digital expertise required varies board-by-board, depending on several factors, and strategic imperatives, which can include:

  • Business model transformation: sometimes to a “Platform ecosystem”
  • Analytics and insights: Big Data, Analytics and AI
  • Emerging technologies, such as blockchain, cognitive computing, intelligence, AR/VR, IoT
  • Core/legacy systems transformation/ modernization
  • Security and privacy
  • Cloud transformations, migrations, multi-cloud, cloud-native
  • Customers on board or improving customer experience
  • Ecosystem partner or participant
  • Business/digital transformation
  • Technology strategy


CTO-CIO-SVP, Engineering Accountabilities

Tech officer roles have evolved significantly in breadth and influence in certain significant ways, outlined below:




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