Vell Executive Search is a trusted advisor for top technology executive and board roles, in the United States and Canada. We build teams that deliver results, optimize your culture, and unlock the full potential of their organization. We are maniacally focused on delivering optimal outcomes for our clients.

Our partners own the executive search from engagement to closure, and are personally involved in every aspect of the process. Through profound experience, our executive search experts have helped identify, attract & recruit strong leaders for public, VC-backed, PE-backed & founder-led organizations.

Here's some of what you'll discover as the Vell Executive Search difference:

  • Proven track record in accessing and attracting the best talent to drive success. We are experts at attracting the best and the brightest, seemingly inaccessible and hard to get talent.

  • Deep technology sector experience. We are a tech executive search firm with industry veterans who know your market. We have been recruiting and advising technology executives for decades. This puts us in a unique position to help our clients in industries relevant to them and leverage our network, resources and current understanding of those industries to find and land the best qualified talent for our clients. Your organization and customers rely on its leaders. So, you cannot afford to wait six months or, in some cases, even a year – to recruit the right leader.

  • Large firm experience in a focused boutique setting. As a leading tech executive recruiter, we have the resources, reach and brand of the large firms with the agility and personal touch of the boutique firms. We do not have candidate contention and have minimal off-limits restrictions and we have no hidden relationships

  • Deep technology credentials & operating experience. Our partners are successful operating executives spanning sales, general management and engineering roles in today's industry leaders. Our deep software technical credentials include degrees in computer science, MBA, seven worldwide patents, and numerous technical and executive search thought leadership articles and presentations.

  • Analytics driven search. We use company and industry financials and people analytics, through state of the art resources and methods, databases and social media to get to the right slate of candidates.

  • Speed, agility and partnership.

    • Deep understanding of requirements: We develop a deep understanding of your business, its culture and desired results
    • We are an extension of your business: We work as true partners, as an extension of your business
    • High touch partnership: We communicate at least weekly with our clients and keep in synch




Vell Executive Search Expertise


  Executive Search Representative Experience  

We provide CEO, Technology Officer and C-suite recruitment services to public and private companies.
See specific pages for specific roles. For more board search experience, see Vell Board Search

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Are You Thinking of Recruiting a Technology Executive?

We are here to help you assess your current talent profile and strategy, as well as formulate the optimal fit for your organization.

We offer selected additional key resources: talent mapping, job specifications for CEOs, COOs, tech officers (CTOs, CIOs, VPs of engineering), cyber-security officers, Chief Data/Analytics Officers/data leads, CROs/ heads of sales, CMOs/ heads of marketing and CPOs/ product leaders. 

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The Vell Exec Search Process


Phase 1:
  • Getting to know you
    • Vell gets to know your business, markets and industry, through a due diligence process (publicly available and through you)
    • Vell interviews key stakeholders and visits onsite
Phase 2:
  • Profile development and search strategy discussion
    • Vell develops a candidate profile, including desired functional expertise, stage and industry background
    • Client and Vell discuss specific source companies
    • Vell creates position specification and scorecard, outlining the role and core competencies, as well as "get smart" packets for candidates
    • Search committee composition and timelines are agreed upon
    • (Weekly meetings start at this stage until the end of the project)
Phase 3:
  • Candidate identification and development
    • Vell identifies prospects and sources through our network of industry resources, our own contacts and primary research.
    • Vell reaches out and connects with targets, discussing the opportunity and answering questions.
Phase 4:
  • Candidate evaluation
    • Vell interviews candidates and provides a written candidate evaluation, about the candidate's current job, career experience, accomplishments and personal backgrounds.
    • Pipeline of candidates is discussed at weekly meetings with the client
Phase 5:
  • Company interviews candidates
    • Initial interviews are between the client and candidates with an initial set of search committee members.
    • Vell conducts preliminary due diligence with short listed candidates, including degree verification
    • Shorter list of candidates is interviewed by broader group.
    • Finalist(s) meet management team and does in-depth due diligence on the company.
    • Finalist(s) present their perspective on the first 100 days to the search committee or board (optional but best practice)
Phase 6:
  • Reference checking, offer presentation and negotiation

Follow-up: Although the recruiting process is complete when an offer is accepted, we stay in touch with the client and the placement to provide assistance, if necessary, for approximately 12 months.


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