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Observable patterns emerge when one looks at successful leaders, in terms of their functional expertise, industry experience, stage experience, education and many other attributes.

Who is getting appointed?  Should you be modifying your thinking on who to look for based on what talent is successful elsewhere? What does the data tell us about talent pipeline and diagnosing talent and leadership issues?

What does the future hold? What early indicators do we see in terms of leading edge appointments?

Today’s world is being disrupted on all fronts and economic, societal and business challenges can no longer be seen in isolation. Leaders backgrounds and experiences vary tremendously, but observable patterns in past & current appointments emerge.  Explore our perspectives and insights as we consider what the future holds.

Keep track of technology executive and board member moves by function or by technology sub-sector

Tech Vendor Boards

Find out who is in and who is out in technology vendor boards.

Tech Executives in Corporate Boards

We are witnessing more and more technology executives of all stripes on corporate boards. Keep track of who is appointed where.

Women on Corporate Boards

A growing number of large firms are appointing women in key roles on their boards. Find out who’s welcoming female directors and other board members.

Keep track of the latest in tech leadership shuffles: breaking news, the tech giants and the software industry

Breaking News

The latest & greatest in leadership updates in tech.

Giant Tech Leadership Changes

View the latest leadership appointments and announcements from tech giants like Microsoft, Facebook, IBM and others.

Software Industry Leadership Changes

A number of software industry players are witnessing leadership shuffles, including Microsoft, Adobe, Salesforce, and more.

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