Vell Executive Search Update

July 2011

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In the second quarter, we saw major market moves in some sectors even as companies continue to seek top talent at the CEO and COO level. Indeed, we're witnessing more opportunities in the C-suite this year than in 2010 and that trend should continue into 2012. At the same time, Equilar, an executive comp data provider, reports a 23 percent jump in 2010 CEO pay compared to 2009.

Vell Executive Search Update

January 2012

Read about Second Half 2011 Technology board and executive moves
Two of the largest technology companies in the world—IBM and HP—now have female CEOs. Yahoo named PayPal President Scott Thompson as the company's new CEO.

Vell Executive Search Update

May 2011

Read about First Quarter 2011 Technology board and executive moves
In the first quarter of 2011, we saw more signs of economic recovery. For the first time in more than three years, Liberum is reporting that executive turnover has seen a real jump—and that the jump coincided with the significant drop in United States unemployment and the continuing growth in the number of jobs created.

Vell Executive Search Update

January 2011

Read about Fourth Quarter 2010 Technology board and executive moves
In the fourth quarter of 2010, we saw heavy hitters continue to make key leadership decisions to position their companies for the expected tech industry recovery in 2011.

Vell Executive Search Update

October 2010

Read about Third Quarter 2010 Technology board and executive moves
In the third quarter 2010, overall public company CEO and CFO departures become more rare.

Vell Executive Search Update

June 2010

Read about Second Quarter 2010 Technology board and executive moves
What has been happening in the technology sector? The key word in the technology sector these days is "shakeup."

Vell Executive Search Update

April 2010

Read about First Quarter 2010 technology industry moves & board changes
After decades in the technology industry, I've noticed this: Different companies respond differently to troubled times.

Report: Characteristics of Successful Technology CEOs

January 2009

We have completed our research into Characteristics of Successful Technology CEOs. We invite you to download the final report.
I must admit I was surprised at some of these results in spite of assisting search committees select CEOs for over a decade. Busting some of these myths may prove to be very useful in improving the performance of our corporations.