VP Engineering and Product Development - Group IV

Lighting Solutions

Robert Burdalski brings more than 25 years experience to Group IV Semiconductor. Bob was most recently Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Lamina Lighting/Lamina Ceramics.

Burdalski came to Lamina from his own venture, Bella Technologies, in which he executed solid-state lighting projects for MGM Grand Las Vegas and Yonkers, New York among others. Burdalski also developed several advances for Lamina with Bella Technologies, including RF test fixturing and probing stations and an automated life test system for Lamina’s ultra-bight LED light engines.

Before his venture into the solid-state lighting industry, Burdalski previously served as Vice President of Engineering for EMC Technology, Inc. in Cherry Hill, NJ and Director of Engineering for SL Waber, Inc., a manufacturer of surge suppressers and power distribution units, and Day Sequerra, a manufacturer of audio systems.

Group IV Semiconductor Inc. - Ottawa, Ontario

Based in Ottawa, the international centre for excellence in optoelectronics, Group IV Semiconductor is a frontrunner in the race to develop all-silicon solid-state light engines: long-lasting semiconductor devices that generate light up to ten times more efficiently than conventional bulbs. Group IV's disruptive technology has the potential for use in a wide range of large lighting markets from display, back panel lighting to general illumination.