VP America Sales - Nakina Systems

Software for Service Providers

Mark B. Peterson is an experienced leader covering many aspects in the business and engineering fields over the past 20 years.

His most recent position as Chief Executive Officer at Tollgrade Communications, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, included responsibilities to oversee and manage all functions of this technology company having a market cap of $100 million plus and over 250 employees. Prior to joining the firm, he spent 13 years at Bell Laboratories, which later became part of Lucent Technologies, serving various positions in the test and measurement industry. Just prior to leaving Lucent, Mr. Peterson served as Director of Product Management for loop and special services testing hardware and software products. Mr. Peterson holds a Master of Business Administration degree from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business; a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University; and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lafayette College.

About Nakina Systems

Nakina provides one platform to discover, secure and manage multi-vendor networks. Using Nakina's software, service providers expedite the rollout of next-generation services with a single management solution that configures and manages any vendor’s networking products. As a single point of integration between the network and higher-level management applications, the Nakina Network OS™ reduces operating expenses, bolsters identity management security, and improves workflow productivity by automating operations like software upgrades, backup and restore, discovery, fault, performance and configuration management. And it’s all with one system. Only from Nakina. www.nakinasystems.com