VP Engineering - Performix Technologies

Enterprise Application Software

Burlington, MA - Eugenia Gillan joined Performix in 2006 and is responsible for core product development and testing. Previously, Eugenia was VP of Engineering at SavaJe Technologies.

Eugenia joined SavaJe in 2003 and was responsible for leading SavaJe's product development, quality assurance and customer service teams. Eugenia draws upon years of software engineering experience, most recently at Wildfire Communications, a division of Orange S.A, where as part of the executive team, led engineering in parallel development cycles for worldwide product deployments of voice-activated services. Eugenia previously held various positions at Fortune 500 software companies and held other management and development positions with Lotus Development and Wang Labs. Eugenia holds a BS in Mathematics from Leningrad University, an MS in Computer Science from Northeastern University and brings over 20 years of software and quality engineering experience to Performix.

Performix Technologies is the pioneer in Performance Management, establishing this market space in 1998 and still recognized as the market leader in Employee Performance Management today. Their business is built on contact center expertise with proven results demonstrated throughout our globally-recognized client base. Their award-winning products serve a variety of industries, including financial services, telecommunications, retail, and utilities. Performix has over 120 implementations worldwide, most of which in $1 billion-plus companies.

As part of NICE Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: NICE), they can now offer their best-of-breed products and services as part of a comprehensive performance management and interaction analytics solution for the enterprise-through the combined solutions of NICE and IEX.