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Pitney Bowes has announced that Jim Hendrickson has been appointed as the new VP & GM of Logistics Solutions. He joins Pitney Bowes from IBM, where he most recently served as Director of the Global B2B and Cloud Services Product Line. In this position, he was responsible for vision and planning, product management, sales and operations, and team building. Mr. Hendrickson joined IBM as part of its acquisition of Sterling Commerce. Most recently, he served as Sterling Commerce’s VP of Corporate Development. In this role, he was responsible for the company's global strategy, mergers and acquisition strategy and execution, channels and alliances, and applied technology research and development. Before being named VP of Corporate Development, Mr. Hendrickson was the VP of Product Management. He assumed this position one year after the company was acquired by AT&T. As VP of Product Management, he redefined the company’s product strategy, restructured the team, and delivered three new products in less than 2 years. Earlier in his career, Mr. Hendrickson served as MD of Strategic Initiatives at Bank One Investment Group, MD at JPMorgan Chase, Manager at Ernst & Young, Director at Trident Data Systems, and Systems Engineer at General Electric’s Aerospace Division. He began his career in the U.S. Army, where he served as a Captain in the Medical Services Corps.

Mr. Hendrickson holds a BBA from Belmont University and an MS in Management from National Lewis University.

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