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Fleetmatics has selected Jack Noonan, the former CEO of SPSS, to serve on the company’s Board of Directors. Currently, he serves as a board member at Morningstar, Lionbridge Technologies, and PivotLink. He is also a member of the advisory committee at Geneva Technology Partners, Sherpa Partners, and Napersoft.

From 1992 to 2009, Mr. Noonan served as the President & CEO of SPSS, a software company specializing in predictive analytics. He also served as the company’s Chairman between 2008 and 2009 and was instrumental in the $1.2 billion dollar acquisition of SPSS by IBM in 2009. During his time at SPSS, Mr. Noonan’s technological vision and direction transformed the company from a start-up organization with a single product offering to a sizeable public company with over 40 product offerings.

Before joining SPSS, Mr. Noonan was the CEO of Micro Rim Corporation, a software provider. Earlier in his career, he served as VP of the Product Group at the Candle Corporation, a computer software provider specializing in enterprise infrastructure management. Prior to the Candle Corporation, he was the VP of Corporate Product Support & Services at Amdahl, an IT company which provided mainframe computers. Mr. Noonan began his career at IBM, where he served as a software engineer.

Mr. Noonan holds a BS in Engineering from the Rockford School of Business and Engineering.

About FleetMatics

FleetMatics is a leading global provider of fleet management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). The company’s solutions offer real-time insight into vehicle activity that reduces operational costs and improves customer service. FleetMatics now serves over 14,000 customers, has installed more than 200,000 vehicles worldwide, and is adding thousands of vehicles monthly. Its SaaS and mobile application gives businesses anytime access to real-time data about their business. The company’s world headquarters are in Ireland, with U.S. headquarters in the Boston area.