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IHM announced the appointment of John M. Hotchkiss as CTO. Hotchkiss is an executive with over 15 years experience building and managing technical organizations in the software, Internet, and Life Sciences industries.

Prior to IHM, Hotchkiss served as VP of R&D for LiveData, a company which specializes in providing hospitals with the resources to fully analyze and comprehend real-time medical data. During his time at LiveData, Hotchkiss managed a team that was responsible for the creation of innovative applications aimed at organizing and presenting detailed clinical and procedural data for medical professionals. He was also in charge of the creative direction and strategy of LiveData’s data visualization products. Before LiveData, Hotchkiss held the titles of CTO and VP of Product Development at the biopharmaceutical services company Perceptive Informatics, a global biopharmaceutical services company. Additionally, he has held a number of senior executive positions at AnVil Informatics, EnVivo Pharmaceuticals, Lycos, and Apple Computers.

Hotchkiss holds a B.A. in Natural Sciences from Harvard University.

About IHM

The Institute for Health Metrics is a privately funded not-for-profit organization focused on developing an electronic data analytics system to support quality and operational improvement in hospitals and research in public health and health care services. As a central component of its mission, IHM works with a network of leading hospitals and researchers to organize and analyze health information as part of a variety of programs to support quality of care research, measurement, and improvement. Through its analytical research, IHM supports the development of electronic systems and services that transform raw data into actionable insight. For more information, please visit www.healthmetrics.org