Privacy Policy for Vell Executive Search

Vell Executive Search (Vell & Associates, Inc.) offers executive search and related services to help companies recruit new executives and board members.  We may collect information about you through any of our products or services. 

Vell Executive Search takes the security of your information seriously. The Company would like you to be familiar with how we collect, use and disclose information about you. This Privacy Policy (our “Policy”) describes how we generally collect, use and transfer personal information we collect while we perform our services, someone acquires one of our products, including digitally but not limited to that.  This policy only applies to Vell Executive Search’s websites, including but not limited to, directly or through the software that runs on desktops, computers or mobile devices, through our social media pages, as well as through any type of email message. 

By using any of the above Digital Systems or sending us any type of paper or other communication, you signify your agreement with this Policy. If you do not agree to this Policy, do not use the Digital Systems or send us information.

Personal Information we Collect

Personal information, such as name, e-mail address and physical address, is collected when you provide if you register for one of our newsletters, send us an email or a resume, respond to board or executive or other job opportunities, connect with us on LinkedIn, answer questions, send us a paper information or make information available to us in any form. We also collect personal information about you from others. Other parties could include, someone mentions you, someone recommends you for a role, public databases, whether free or paid for, social media platforms, references, and other external sources. 

  • While we perform our services, we can collect personal information, including but not limited to:  name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, resume information (e.g., employment history, education, professional credentials, memberships in professional organizations, skills), citizenship, information from former employers and other references, and information we acquire or that is given to us. 
  • Other sensitive information that may be collected during our services, when appropriate and as requested by clients, such as questions about gender, race, age, or country of origin.
  • In certain regions, we may collect information related to gender. In addition, in the US we may collect information about race, for diversity purposes. Also, we may obtain background verification information, as allowed by the law. We may also have a picture of you from the Internet (such as LinkedIn) for internal use.  
  • Do not provide to us information such as Social Security numbers (except when required for degree verifications and verbally requested and obtained), payment card numbers, information related to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or other beliefs, health, criminal background, or trade union membership.
  • We may use one or more third-party vendor and the Vell Executive Search site may redirect you to another site. If so, please review the third-party vendor’s privacy policy. Vell Executive Search has no control over other sites. 
  • Only provide us with information that you have the authority over and have the authority to permit us to use that information. 

Using the information we collect about you:

To help you with your requests: If you contact us, we use and keep the information you provide us to help you fulfill your requests; for example signing up for a newsletter.

Vell purposes. Your personal information can also be used to understand our processes, doing our own audits, for marketing or promotional activities, for our products and services, for procurement and financial transactions, or IT purposes, such as securing our infrastructure. 

Announcements & thought leadership and other communications. Vell Executive Search may send e-mails, articles, white papers, proposals, engagement letters, and other information related to our business.  We may use your personal information in press releases and direct marketing materials. Surveys, communications and for other purposes are also other uses of your information.

Terms & Conditions, Policy and Other Admin Changes. We may use your information to send you digital updates and changes to our terms & conditions or policies or other administrative matters.   Also sometimes we need to update our information about you and we will contact you using that information.

Job opportunities for Executive & Board Search. We may contact you for job opportunities, also for who you may know, to ask for advice on a project, an industry or other matter. Other uses for your personal information include but not limited to references, education and background checks, services for clients, aggregated purposes, such as statistical or anonymized research purposes; 

Analytics.  We conduct research, benchmarking and other analytics for our  thought leadership, trends research, benchmarking and norm information, as well as other studies based on your personal information. We may also use your name and other personal identifiers to associate and combine different data elements.  Information published, unless publicly available, will not refer to you. We may key-code or de-identify your personal information to identify, research and publish trends without identifying you.

What we disclose to others

Disclosure to clients about you

  • During our Executive & Board Searches, we may provide personal information regarding candidates, including the results of assessments taken through our Search Services and related’  data, to prospective employers that have engaged Vell Executive Search to fulfill search requests, or to reference sources.
  • For other products or services, ask for specific privacy policy from Vell Executive Search for that particular engagement or product.

Disclosure to third party service providers. Vell Executive Search works with third parties who provide services that may include data entry, industry or candidate research, candidate development, marketing, website  development and/ or hosting and IT consulting services; data analysis; resume verification; background checking; payroll services; public relations services; lawyers accountants, and backup and security, and other type of administrative services or products. As part of providing those products or services, such third parties will be provided with access to personal information. In addition, our software development partners may use personal information for purposes of modifying, improving, refining and validating their technology and R&D. 

Business transfers. We may transfer your information if we have a strategic alliance with anther company or if we sell or merge our company or a portion of it, or a sell or transfer  assets or of any portion of our business or the business of one or more of our affiliates.

Other situations where we disclose your personal information:  (i) to comply to laws; (ii) to respond to inquiries or requests from public or government authorities, including those outside of your country of residence; (iii) comply with valid legal process; (iv) protect the rights, privacy, safety or property of Vell Executive Search, users of the Digital Systems or the public; (v) permit us to pursue available remedies or limit the damages that we may sustain; (vi) enforce our Terms of Use; or (vii) respond to an emergency. We cannot and do not assume any responsibility for the actions or omissions of third parties, such as clients, including the way they use personal information received either from Vell Executive Search or from other independent sources.

Other information collected

Vell Executive Search collects other information that does not reveal your specific identity such as information collected through technology (e.g. cookies and other tech), usage data or applications, demographic & other information you provide and aggregated information. 

Since Other Information does not reveal your specific identity, we may use it for any purpose. If we combine any Other Information with personal information (such as combining your name with your location), we will treat the combined information as personal information as long as it is combined.

Tracking Visitor traffic data to our Website(s). We may monitor traffic data to our website, using current and / or latest technologies available at the time of collection and aggregating the information with also available technologies to draw conclusions, again with technologies available at the time we use them. For example, Vell Executive Search may use tracking data to measure the collective characteristics and behaviors of visitors, measuring demographics, geographic locations, and other interests. You can deny some of the tracking using current technologies, such as cookie blocking technology/ settings.

Your Physical location: we may collect the physical location of your device, using satellite, cell, WiFi or other means of collecting physical locations, that are available at the time of collection. You can deny such collection by blocking location access on your device. 

Information you Send us, such as the way you would like us to communicate with you. This is only personal information when combined with your name or other identification. I

Aggregate information is not personal information. For example, combining the geographic locations of people accessing our website is not personal information if it doesn’t personally identify you.  

Additional Privacy for Certain Event Products, Features and Promotions: the additional privacy information provided for the product or service will guide and supercede the information herein for that particular situation. 

You do not have to provide us with personal information: it is a voluntary action. However, if we do not have your personal information, we may not be able to have you participate in a search or call you on a specific project. 

You may contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions or to ask us what information we have on you.  Questions can include:

  1. Ask questions about  this policy  
  2. Look at and correct your personal information 
  3. Ask that your information be removed from our database.

Note: you can only see information that is not confidential to you, ie not created for a client. For example an assessment or evaluation or client discussions about you are 100% confidential and cannot be shared.  

We will try to answer your question or complete your request as soon as we can and it is practical. Keep in mind that if we need to remove you from our database, that we still need to retain a minimum account of information about you, such as your name and email address so that we can get a hold of you and that we do not contact you or we do not inadvertently add your information again in the database. We do reserve the right to re-connect with former users of our products and services.

Where is your personal information collected, used  and stored? 

We collect your personal information, use it and store it within the United states and other countries. By using our Services or Digital Systems, you consent to the transfer of information to countries outside of your country of residence, which may have different data protection rules than in your country.

Security. Vell Executive Search uses reasonable systems to protect against the loss of information, its misuse and alteration. However, we cannot guarantee that our security system is 100% secure, as no system is. If you feel that there has been a breach or compromise, do get a hold of us immediately. 

Retention. We retain our records for as long as we need them and may need them in the future, and sometimes even longer as required by law. 

Links and references on our Digital Systems to Others: If you follow a link to a website that is not ours, even if referenced by us, we are not responsible for your personal information. This Policy does not cover third parties, even if referenced by us. Please look at their privacy policy. Similarly, we are not responsible for other platforms, such as Linkedin, Facebook, Google, and others for personal information you disclose to them, whether it is through our digital presence or related. 

Policy Updates will be posted on this page and a revised date may be posted at the end. Please review the policy from time to time to see if our policies have change.d

Only adults over the age of 18 may provide us with personal information. 

Summary -  This Policy only applies to Vell Executive Search with respect to collection and uses of personal information. It does not apply to any products or services that are not Vell Executive Search, whether used by Vell Executive Search (e.g. a software program), referred by us or linked to us. 

Any questions – email us or write to us - Vell & Associates, Inc. 185 Devonshire Unit 200, Boston, MA 02110 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.