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Heidi Albert can perfectly recall the moment she knew her time was up. It was late 2006, and business was booming at Doctor Bobby, a children's allergen-free skin-care company she had co-founded three years earlier with pediatric dermatologist Dr. Robert Buka.

BBJ - Headhunters Report Challenge in CEO Search


By Jennifer LeClaire
Special to the Journal

Global CEO turnover reached record levels for the second year in a row and may be peaking, according to Booz Allen Hamilton’s fifth annual survey of CEO turnover at the world’s 2,500 largest public companies.

The Wall Street Journal - To Snag a Job Offer, Learn What Damages You Do in Interviews


By Joann S. Lublin

William Olson has switched employers seven times in 25 years, usually because a search firm persued him. His success stems in part from his refusal to cooperate unless the recruiter promises to give him frank feedback about his performance during interviews.

BBJ - Wanted: Engineering execs to play key product role

Hire Boston

February 10-16, 2008

By Jennifer LeClaire

Special to the Journal

Most new products fail. While many of those failures could be blamed on poor marketing or just off-target ideas, even the greatest invention and most brilliant marketing won't save a poorly engineered product. - Getting on Board


Being a member of a board of directors isn't easy, but offers great rewards. Here are eight points to help improve your chances of being selected for a board.

By Dora Vell

While the country club days are long gone, board membership still delivers substantial-even unparalleled-dividends. - Your Resume is Mission Critical


A tight labor market means the right resume is essential to getting ahead.

By Dora Vell

With the current competitive job market conditions, constructing a great resume is mission critical. Essential to giving job candidates an all-important head start, the resume is more than just a mere calling card. - Finding Hidden Gems on Your Career Path


Great careers don't just happen. Here's how to mine the opportunities to maximize your potential.

By Dora Vell

Shining careers don't just happen; they're created by individuals wisely and strategically managing their professional lives.

Mass High Tech - Career Road Hazards


By Dora Vell

Underemployment and just plain unemployment has been a hard reality for many C-level executives during the past four years. An unscheduled career disruption for many top-tier players, it's a situation that leaves both potential employers and stalled executives wondering what caused the professional slowdown.

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