Growth Companies Board Search

Emerging companies have a unique opportunity to attract top level talent to their boards of directors. The board of directors can be used as a leverage point for exponential growth. Emerging companies have a unique opportunity to attract top-tier talent to the boardroom table. Growth companies can accelerate their development by installing seasoned CEOs, senior customer groups, alliance partners, specific functional experience and individuals with cross-industry experience to their boards.

At Vell Executive Search, we have adapted the traditional board search process to optimize the creation of an entrepreneurial board dream team. Our in-depth research and pre-screening methods mirror traditional processes. Where Vell stands out is in the recruiting phase. We’ve significantly modified recruiting tactics and processes to make it more affordable – and more effective – for smaller companies.

The results speak for themselves. We have established a strong track record for attracting star board members to very early stage companies. The entrepreneurial boards we have helped build are benefitting from strategic direction, contacts and experience that veteran executives can offer to emerging companies.