The Vell Executive Search Process

Vell Executive Search is a retained search firm, building executive teams and boards that deliver success. Our experts take time to understand your business objectives, work with you to determine an ideal candidate profile, and present options for adding to your leadership team or building a brand-new team. 

Outline of the Vell Executive Search Process


*Ongoing Weekly Status Calls with Client & Daily Vell Internal Status Updates

Executive Search Process Overview – Description of Phases

Organizational Consulting & Stakeholder interviews / Onsite Visit

Before we begin an assignment, we develop a thorough working knowledge of the client's position in the industry, including its markets and competition. We consult with the client in order to gain an understanding of the organization, as well as the necessary demands, qualifications and expectations of the target positioning in light of current marketplace realities.


Search Strategy Discussion/ Exec. Profile Development

We generate a thorough list of potential industries and companies from which to draw top executive talent. In addition, we present sample candidate profiles for discussion and client comment. As we discuss these options, we broaden our search, presenting additional options as we clarify the core competencies needed for success in the position.


Position Specification, Scorecard and Core Competencies

We synthesize all position requirements and candidate qualifications into a detailed report, demonstrating our understanding of the position. Once the client has approved this report, we convey the nuances of the position to our professional staff, and to prospective candidates. We also generate a scorecard, outlining core competencies and essential elements in the ideal candidate’s experience and background.


Strategic Market Identification

Our consultants work closely with the client and research team to develop a search strategy. Key components of this process are:

    1. identification of prospects and sources located in our database
    2. development of a list of target companies and trade associations from which we will identify key prospects and sources
    3. identification from various sources and databases, including investor databases
    4. direct sourcing of executives and board members in the Vell network.

In short, we use a broad range of internal and external tools, along with a high degree of creativity, to develop a strategy directed at solving our client’s recruiting opportunity.


Candidate Identification

Our research team assembles a list of prospects and sources from our extensive network of industry sources. We reach out and connect with targeted individuals to determine their qualifications and interest level, conducting personal interviews with each candidate. From these interviews, we assemble a slate of candidates to be interviewed by the client.


Candidate Evaluation

We provide written profiles of the three or four candidates most appropriate for the client's needs. These reports present confidential information about the candidate's current job, career experience, accomplishments and personal background. We then schedule interviews between the client and candidates.


Reference Checking

When the client and the final candidate express a strong interest in working together, we contact individuals qualified to comment in depth and in confidence about the candidate. We compile a report detailing all comments made by each reference, and review it with the client.


Presentation of an Offer

We work with our client to structure a compensation package calculated to attract the finalist. In most instances, we serve as an intermediary to resolve differences or details to complete an assignment to everyone's satisfaction.



Although the recruiting process is complete when an offer is accepted, we stay in touch with the client and the placement to provide assistance, if necessary, for approximately 12 months.


Executive Search Process Timeline

The following is a typical schedule which can be tailored to fit each search’s levels of urgency. Throughout the search, we will be in contact with you on approximately a weekly basis.



Executive Search Timeline

The following is a typical search schedule which can be tailored to fit each search's level of urgency. Throughout the search, we will be in contact with you on approximately a weekly basis.


Time Chart Exec Search.png


The Client’s Role 

c1 candidate eval 8Our clients have a very important role in the recruitment process.  Vell Executive Search consultants are not a substitute for your organization.  While we may identify and recommend qualified candidates, it is the client who must make the decision as to whom to hire.  There are several additional responsibilities which the Search Committee should undertake to ensure that the best candidates are made available.

These include:

  • Informing us clearly about matters relevant to the search that you wish to keep confidential
  • Active participation at the weekly status calls, including the hiring executive
  • Providing timely feedback to your search team regarding the information and recommendations provided to you by Vell Executive Search
  • Sharing information with Vell Executive Search regarding candidates you may have identified from other sources so that they may be evaluated as part of this search
  • Scheduling interviews promptly with promising candidates; reporting your findings as soon as possible after the interviews
  • Assisting in providing the appropriate information to candidates that will enable them to make their career decision

In doing the above, we will have mutually worked to ensure the success of this critical search assignment.

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