Entrepreneurial Boards Report - Board Involvement

Board involvement is fairly consistent across industries, despite some swings in both the high and low end of the spectrum. The survey demonstrates considerable diversity in the frequency of board meetings, for example: The number of board meetings at respondent companies ranged from one to 28 meetings per year. However, 80% of companies had 4 to 12 meetings. The median (mean) number of meetings among respondent firms was six (seven) meetings per year. The median number of face-toface meetings was 4 per year. (See Figure 11.)

Figure 11: Number of Board Meetings

Number of Board Meetings

Interestingly, the survey reveals that the frequency of meetings at small technologyoriented companies is similar to the frequency of meetings at larger, more complex, organizations. For example, Spencer Stuart’s 2006 survey reports that, among S&P 500 firms, boards had as few as 3 meetings and as many as 39 meetings per year. According to Spencer Stuart, the average S&P 500 company holds 8.4 meetings per year, up from eight meetings per year in 2001.