Entrepreneurial Boards Report - Industry Concentration

Vell Executive Search elicited responses from a wide variety of industries, from education and healthcare to hardware and telecommunications. In fact, the survey represents the practices in more than 18 industries, which include utilities, retail, financial services, banking, insurance, real estate, consumer products manufacturing and consumer services, manufacturing, aerospace and automotive, business services, and software. More than 40% of the firms represented in the survey serve the software industry. Approximately 9% of the participating firms are involved in producing telecom equipment, while another 7% provide telecommunications services. (Figure 2 summarizes the industry concentration among respondent companies.)

Figure 2: Industry Concentration

Industry Concentration

Years in Operation

The firms that responded to the survey have a common thread: most are younger businesses. One third of the companies represented in the survey have been incorporated for less than five years. Two thirds of the firms have been incorporated for five to ten years. None of the respondents have been incorporated for longer than ten years. (See Figure 3.)

Figure 3: Number of Years Since First Incorporated

Number of Years Since First Incorporated

Revenue of Sampling Firms

Most of the responding firms have revenues of less than US $10 million. Only 11% of the sample firms had annual revenues of over US$100 million. By contrast, the average firm in the NACD’s study of Effective Entrepreneurial Boards had average annual revenues of US$122 million. The proportion of respondents that are privately held – 77% – is similar to the NACD Survey.

Figure 4: Size (Revenues)

Size (Revenues)