CIO Succession - First Time vs. Experienced

36 of the 63 CIOs (57%) have prior CIO experience at the divisional or corporate level. There is little difference by gender or age or company size in the percentage that have experience, and the only difference in education is that first-time CIOs tend to be more educated, including as MBA holders.

Figure 12: First Time vs. Experienced

First Time vs. Experienced

A strong pattern emerges when we look at CIO experience and source together. 85% of the CIOs joining from outside (24 of 28) have prior experience in the role, while only 34% of the insiders (12 of 35) have been in the role before, either as a divisional CIO or with an earlier employer. The other way to look at it: among first-time CIOs, 85% are insiders. That’s a real contrast, but not at all surprising. Keep in mind that many companies’ promotion paths may not include divisional CIO roles, and that companies look for more experience in less familiar outside candidates. When one promotes from within, the person is a known entity and presumably fits and embodies the culture. If the person comes from another company, prior experience in the role mitigates risk.

Figure 13: First Time vs. Experienced - Insider vs. Outsider

First Time vs. Experienced - Insider vs. Outsider