Canadian Boards Report - Board Member Meeting Fee

The median board member meeting fees of all companies surveyed in the Entrepreneurial Boards Composition and Compensation Survey: The Canada Report range was zero. (See Figure 4.1.) We can assume, then, that board member meeting fees are rare, however some companies from both Canada and the U.S. reported compensating board members as much as $1,000 per meeting. The results were based on a revenue-matched sample of Canadian and U.S. corporations.

The board meeting fee in the SV100 survey was $2,056 on average and $2,600 for companies under $250 million in annual revenue. 42% of the companies in the Silicon Valley survey paid board meeting fees.

This is not surprising as entrepreneurial companies are often short on cash and would avoid paying additional fees to board members. Also, given the small number of independents, there is no need to pay cash to existing investors, venture capitalists or officers.

Figure 4.1: Board Member Meeting Fee - Canada vs. U.S.

Board Member Meeting Fee - Canada vs. US

Based on a revenue matched sample of Canadian and U.S. corporations