Start-Up Questions for a Board Search

Vell consultants don’t stop with the four to six page questionnaire about your company. We have developed specific discussion topics that help your CEO, board members and other decision-makers drill into the known, perceived and uncovered needs of your organization so we can deliver candidates that drive the most value for your board.

Our extensive questionnaire serves as a guide during our initial conversations with the board of directors.

Questions for the CEO cover topics such as:

Role of the Board,
Board / CEO Interaction,
Composition of the Current Board,
Board Culture,
Corporate Challenges,
Board Additions, and
Board Compensation Structure

Questions for the Board Members cover topics such as:

Environmental Trends and Pressures,
Board Member Background Discussion,
Role of the Board,
Board Culture, and
Board Additions

Overall Search Process Questions cover topics such as:

Composition & Committees,
Time Spent on Board Activities,
D&O Insurance,
Calendar and Schedule,
Evaluation of board members, and
On-boarding process