Vell Executive Search has decades of corporate governance experience recruiting technology directors for public corporations, private companies, whether they be venture-backed, PE-backed or family-owned, including: founder-led businesses; pre-IPO organizations; newly privatized companies; organizations with new leadership or new investors; organizations gearing up for hyper-growth, pivoting into a new business model or repositioning. 

Technology Board Search Services

We are experts in:

  • Developing a forward-looking action plan for board composition We provide an objective analysis of skill sets and help develop the ideal blend of skill, talent, and experience that best serves a board’s strategic goals. We identify needed competencies, experience, perspectives, including regulatory requirements and diversity. The resulting skills matrix highlights the roadmap ahead for board recruiting.

  • Creating a talent map report that identifies board prospects fitting the strict criteria, developed in partnership with the board.  

  • Recruiting top-tier talent to help achieve these critical goals. 

  • Ensuring that a candidate is an excellent culture fit and brings maximum value to your board of directors.  The candidate’s specific skills and experiences are aligned with the most significant challenges, highest risks, and toughest strategic decisions the company will face in the upcoming years.   


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We also offer selected additional key resources: talent mapping,  board composition planning, job specifications and role distinctions for board members, Committee Leaders, Chairman, Lead Director and the  CEO. 

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We are here to help you assess your current talent profile, and formulate the optimal board for your organization.


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