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Building a board of directors is an opportunity to gain a competitive edge to help you accelerate growth, pivot key aspects of your business and supercharge your company. Our board search firm helps you meet your leadership needs by creating an individualized board member recruitment strategy that promotes diversity and forward-looking talent. Strong leadership starts with aligning your culture, values and unique skills with your distinctive goals and corporate objectives. Our aim is to deliver a diverse, impactful and high performing board, set to drive future success for your company, be it venture capital-backed, private equity-backed, family owned or public.

A Board Member Search Firm with a Personalized Approach

Through our breadth of corporate governance experience, our board of directors recruiters take a personalized approach to the tech board search process. We work closely with you to identify your vision, style and long-term mission for your company. We take pride in our full range of executive board search resources, networks and extensive data, supporting you with ease through each step of our Vell process.

Technology Board Search Services

We are experts in:

  • Developing a forward-looking action plan for board composition We provide an objective analysis of skill sets and help develop the ideal blend of skill, talent, and experience that best serves a board’s strategic goals. We identify needed competencies, experience, perspectives, including regulatory requirements and diversity. The resulting skills matrix highlights the roadmap ahead for board recruiting.

  • Creating a talent map report that identifies board prospects fitting the strict criteria, developed in partnership with the board.  

  • Recruiting top-tier talent to help achieve these critical goals. 

  • Ensuring that a candidate is an excellent culture fit and brings maximum value to your board of directors.  The candidate’s specific skills and experiences are aligned with the most significant challenges, highest risks, and toughest strategic decisions the company will face in the upcoming years.   



Our Expertise


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Are You Thinking of Recruiting a Board Member?

We are here to help you assess your current talent profile, and formulate the optimal board for your organization.

We also offer selected additional key resources: talent mapping, board composition planning, job specifications and role distinctions for board members, Committee Leaders, Chairman, Lead Director and the CEO. 

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The Vell Board of Directors Search Process


Growth companies interview a broader list of candidates, that is tightly controlled. Larger public companies have a tighter process that approaches one candidate at a time. Regardless of the size of the shortlist or method, the number of candidates approached needs to be very controlled.

Phase 1:
  • Getting to know you
    • Vell gets to know your business, markets and industry, through a due diligence process (publicly available and through you)
    • Vell interviews key stakeholders and visits onsite
Phase 2:
  • Profile development and search strategy discussion
    • Client and Vell develop a skills matrix to analyze existing and desired board talent composition.
    • Vell and client discuss specific source companies
    • Vell develops a board profile, outlining the role, desired functional expertise, board expertise, committee experience, stage, industry background.
    • Vell creates position specification and scorecard, outlining the role and core competencies, as well as "get smart" packets for candidates
    • Search committee composition and timelines are agreed upon
    • (Weekly meetings start at this stage until the end of the project)
Phase 3:
  • Research phase - prospect identification and targeting
    • Vell compiles a list of potential candidates for review with client.
    • A document is created, using primary research, our own database and extensive network of industry sources and contacts
    • Vell and the search committee review the research in detail and get to an approved long list before making any contact with prospects.
    • Client and Vell achieve agreement on which candidates to approach and in what order.
Phase 4:
  • Board candidate development and evaluation
    • Vell recruits prospects.
    • Vell interviews candidates and provides a written candidate evaluation, about the candidate's current job, career experience, accomplishments and personal background.
Phase 5:
  • Company interviews candidates
    • Initial interviews are between the client and candidates with an initial set of search committee members.
    • Vell conducts preliminary due diligence and degree verification on the short list
    • Candidates on the short list are interviewed by broader group.
    • Finalist meets management team and does in-depth due diligence on the company.
Phase 6:
  • Reference checking, offer presentation and negotiation

Follow-up: Although the recruiting process is complete when an offer is accepted, we stay in touch with the client and the placement to provide assistance, if necessary, for approximately 12 months.


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