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59 Open Tech CEO Roles and 124 Tech CEO Appointments Featured

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September 3, 2018

Welcome to our Technology CEO Transitions Newsletter.

We research and catalog all open technology CEO roles we can find (as of 8/31) and also the latest appointments for the month of July and August. We use CapitalIQ industry classifications and US census geographic regions. 

Summary Trends

There are 59 Open Tech CEO Roles and 124 Appointments.

Geographic Distribution of Open Tech CEO Roles & Appointments

2018 September 5 Geographic Distribution of Open Tech CEO Roles jpeg

CEO Appointments of Note

Some of the largest companies appointed CEOs:

  • Salesforce appointed Keith Block as co-CEO to Marc Benioff. Block, who joined Salesforce in 2013 and whom Fortune once called the yin to Benioff’s yan, has served as COO since 2016, racing through $10 billion in annual sales in 2018, faster than any enterprise software company in history —and is on track to surpass $13 billion in sales this year.
  • Intuit will transition the CEO role at the end of the year to Sasan Goodarzi, EVP and GM Intuit’s Small Business and Self-Employed Group.
  • Others transitioning (all insiders) Amdocs, Texas Instruments, ZTE Corp., Molex, Sanmina (board member), Vodafone-Idea, and others.

Out of the largest companies, only one appointed a woman, its CFO as CEO (HKT Limited).

Reasons for CEO departures of Note

Conduct:  Intel Semiconductor, Athenahealth, Rambus, Texas Instruments newly promoted CEO (immediately replaced by long-timer), Evolving Systems and Namely.

Activist investor pressure:

  • Elliott management was involved in the following CEO transitions: Athenahealth for CEO change and possible sale of the company: Commvault, after disappointing results; Convergys, after its 30 year CEO decided to retire, the company sold itself to Synnex (transaction is pending).
  • Lion Point Capital was also very instrumental in the CEO transition at Lattice Semiconductors after a failed China deal. Global attention focused on Lattice in 2016 and 2017 as Chinese-backed investors bid $1.3 billion for the company. The deal became a test of the U.S government's appetite for Chinese investment in the tech sector and President Donald Trump ultimately blocked the transaction, citing national security concerns.  They have appointed a CEO from AMD, on August 27th.

Poor results: Wayside Tech Group, FTD, StrataSys, World Health Energy, Tesserent and others. Tintri’s CEO resigned after only two months on the job, not able to fulfill the mission given, the second CEO to leave in four months. The company filed for Chapter 11 in early July and its assets sold to Data Direct Networks. 

Orderly transitions:

  • Intuit's new CEO will transition by the end of 2018: Sasan Goodarzi, 50, currently EVP and GM Intuit’s Small Business and Self-Employed Group.
  • Everbridge founder and CEO Jaime Ellertson will transition in July 2019.
  • Amdocs CEO role will go to Shuky Sheffer, a SVP and President of Global Business Group at the end of the year.
  • Deluxe Corporation will transition in the Spring of 2019, EFI long term CEO retirement.

Mergers and Acquisitions (unclear whether there is a CEO role open in most cases)

  • Verifone at the close of the acquisition with Francisco partners.
  • BrightStar, the cellular phone distributor, was assessed additional taxes in conjunction with its Bermuda headquarters, and its owner Softbank engaged JP Morgan Chase to help explore options. These options including selling BrightStar outright, offloading a substantial stake, or divesting some of its units
  •  Convergys and Athenahealth, as discussed above
  • FTD: the board is considering selling or merging while restructuring.
  • Infomart: sold off some of its divisions
  • Escher: The company was acquired by Hanover Active Equity Fund LP which already 25.5% stake. CEO Left.

Surprise resignations, either after a long time, or a very short time:

  •  TiVo’s CEO resigned after less than one year on the job
  •  Sigma Designs CEO resigned abruptly after 36 years on the job

Long term open roles: Marchex has been without a CEO since October 2016. The call analytics and call tracking company has had an “office of the CEO”.

22 Newly Opened Roles - Geographic Distribution

  • United States Newly Opened Tech CEO Roles (11): California (5): Electronics for Imaging, TiVo Corporation, QAD, Immersion, Mitek Systems; Other (6): FTD Companies (IL), Harte Hanks (TX), BrightStar (FL), ADDvantage Technologies Group (OK), HotApp Blockchain (MD), Nortech Systems (MN).
  • Canada Newly Opened Tech CEO Roles (2): HIVE Blockchain Technologies, BC, Canada; and RewardStream Solutions, BC, Canada
  • Europe Newly Opened Tech CEO Roles (4): Sage Group, UK; Scout24 AG, Germany; EVS Broadcast Equipment, Belgium; TeliaEesti, Estonia
  • Asia Pacific Newly Opened Tech CEO Roles (4): Australia (3): Transcendence Technologies, Tesserent and REFFIND; New Zealand (1): 2degrees
  • Latin America Newly Opened Tech CEO Roles (1): Cielo S.A., Brazil

For all 59 Open Tech CEO Roles & All Appointments

Most active states/countries for Open Tech CEO Roles

  • 14 of the 32 are in the West Mountain/Pacific area, with 11 open roles being in California. 
  • The UK has 4 open roles; Sweden and Finland each have two each.
  • In Asia Pacific, Australia has 4 open roles; New Zealand has 3 and Malaysia has 2 open roles.

Note: some CEO resignations immediately announce the successors.

The most active states/countries for Incoming CEOs

  • 27 in the West Coast (Pacific/Mountain), with 19 appointments in California
  • 16 in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, with 11 in NY/PA, 4 in Massachusetts/Maine, 1 in New Jersey 
  • 12 in the South Atlantic, with 5 in Florida, 3 in Virginia, 2 in Georgia, 1 each in North Carolina and Maryland


Gender Diversity

2018 September 5 Gender Diversity jpeg


  • Men replacing Women: 7
  • Women replacing Men: 10
  • Men replacing Men; 103
  • New roles; 4 (spin-offs, mergers, and co-CEO)

80% of women CEOs get promoted not hired; 46% of men CEOs get hired externally

  • 80% of women appointed were internal appointments: promotions or from the existing board. Only two of the women were externally hired. This is a pattern we have observed with other functions.
  • 54% of the men appointed were “internal”, i.e. promotions or from the existing board.
  • On average, 44% of CEOs are hired externally.

Geographic Diversity of Women CEO Appointments

  • 6 of the 10 women appointed were in the US
  • 2 were in Europe (Switzerland and Sweden)
  • 2 were in Asia Pacific (Hong Kong and Australia)
  • The two external hires were in the US (NY and CO) 

Sources of CEO Appointments

44% of CEOs are sourced externally with 92% of the men and 8% of the women.

2018 September 5 Sources of CEO Appointments jpeg

Hope you enjoy this newsletter and find it useful. Suggestions and corrections are most welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks again and all the best,

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Open Tech CEO Roles

Open Tech CEO Roles - United States

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  • Northeast & Mid Atlantic: athenahealth, MA; Commvault Systems, NJ; Wayside Tech. Group, NJ; Everbridge, MA.
  • Midwest: Convergys Corp., OH; Deluxe Corp., MN; FTD Companies, IL; Stratasys, MN; Nortech Systems, MN.
  • South Atlantic: World Health Energy Holdings, FL; Brightstar, FL; HotApp Blockchain, MD.
  • South Central: Harte Hanks, TX; ADDvantage Technologies Group, OK.
  • Pacific: Intel Corp., CA; Electronics for Imaging, CA; TiVo Corporation, CA; Rambus, CA; QAD, CA; Sigma Designs, CA; Marchex, WA; Immersion Corporation, CA; BSQUARE, WA; Mitek Systems, CA; Airgain, CA; Digital Locations, CA; Infomart Data Centers, CA.

Northeast Open Tech CEO Roles

  • athenahealth, MA, Jun 2018 - Jonathan Bush is stepping down as CEO, President & Director of athenahealth, following pressure from activist investor Elliott Management. Chairman Jeffrey Immelt has been appointed as Executive Chairman, until the appointment by the Board of a new CEO. CFO Marc Levine to assume greater day to day operational oversight. Bush, a nephew of former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, founded Athenahealth in 1997 and has been in the spotlight following media reports of inappropriate comments and also issued an apology after it was revealed that that he had assaulted his former wife 14 years ago. The company is also reviewing options for sale in addition to conducting a CEO search.
  • Commvault Systems, NJ, May 2018 - Commvault global leader in enterprise backup, recovery, archive and the cloud, began a search for a new CEO in agreement with Elliott Management, an activist investor and after the company announced disappointing financial results. Neil Robert Hammer will continue to lead Commvault as Chairman, CEO and President until his successor is appointed.
  • Wayside Technology Group, NJ, May 2018 - Simon F. Nynens resigned as President, CEO and Director of the tech sales and distribution company. Steve DeWindt, the Company’s current Lead Director, has been appointed the Company’s Interim President and CEO until permanent successor has been named. Jeffrey R. Geygan , CEO of Value Investment Corp., was also elected to serve as chairman of the board.
  • Everbridge, MA, Jun 2018 - Everbridge announced that long-time Chairman and CEO Jaime Ellertson will transition to executive chairman in mid to late 2019. Everbridge is a global leader in critical event management and enterprise safety software applications.

Midwest Open Tech CEO Roles

  • Convergys Corporation, OH, Jan 2018 - President and CEO Andrea Ayers will transition from her role following a nearly 30-year career at the Customer Experience outsourcing giant. Ayers continued to lead the company as CEO and board member. As of 6/28/2018, the company, encouraged by activist Elliott Management, has sold itself to Synnex, another call center company. It is unclear that the search is still ongoing, as the deal has not closed.
  • Deluxe Corporation, MN, Apr 2018 - Lee Schram, 56,will retire by the spring of 2019, as CEO of the Company. An executive search has been initiated. Shoreview-based Deluxe is Minnesota's 22nd-largest public company and sells bank checks, check-security features and profit programs for financial institutions and small businesses.
  • FTD Companies, IL, Jul 2018 - John C. Walden stepped down as President, CEO and board member, as the company restructures and considers alternatives for selling itself or merging with another entity. FTD appointed Scott D. Levin, currently FTD’s EVP, General Counsel and Secretary, as interim President and CEO. As a result of these corporate restructuring efforts, the COO position held by Simha Kumar has been eliminated, and Jeffrey D. T. Severts, VP and chief marketing officer, left the company following a transition of his marketing responsibilities to Jay Topper. It is unclear as to whether the company is conducting a CEO search. FTD Companies is a floral wire service provider and retailer.
  • Stratasys, MN, May 2018 - Ilan Levin has decided to step down from his positions as CEO and Director of the 3D printer and additive manufacturing company, after less than two years on the job. Elchanan (Elan) Jaglom, the company’s current Chairman of the Board, will serve as CEO until a successor is appointed. The company is conducting a CEO Search. Stratasys had stumbled in recent quarters, with Levin noting earlier this month that the company experienced some slow down in orders for high-end systems in government, automotive, and aerospace.
  • Nortech Systems, MN, Aug 2018 - Rich Wasielewski, president and CEO of Nortech Systems since 2014, announced he will be retiring. Nortech Systems has retained an executive recruitment to find a CEO. He will continue to lead the company during the search and subsequent transition period. Nortech is a full-scale provider of contract design, engineering, production and post-market services for electro-mechanical products.

South Atlantic Open CEO Roles

  • World Health Energy Holdings, FL, Jun 2018 - Uri Tadelis resigned as CEO of World Health Energy Holdings, a diversified software, cybersecurity, financial and energy company. The company announced that a cybersecurity experienced CEO will be appointed in the near future. The company has had a number of major changes in the past few months including the recent passing of one of its original Founders and Directors, Chaim J. Lieberman, a reduction in shares and a working capital financing round of US$2.2m.
  • Brightstar, FL, Jul 2018 - Brightstar Corp. announced that Jaymin B. Patel has resigned as CEO and member of the Board. Reza Taleghani, current President and CFO, will assume the role of interim CEO. The company was assessed additional taxes in conjunction with its Bermuda headquarters, and its owner Softbank engaged JP Morgan Chase to help explore options. These options including selling Brightstar outright, offloading a substantial stake, or divesting some of its units. It is unclear as to whether a CEO search is under progress. A subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp., Brightstar Corp. is a $10b US Cell phone distributor.
  • HotApp Blockchain, MD, Aug 2018 - HotApp Blockchain announced the resignation of Lee Wang Kei as CEO and CTO. The board appointed Chairman Mr. Chan Heng Fai as the Company’s Acting CEO. Mr. Chan previously served as the company’s CEO. The company offers HotApp, a community communications ecosystem software application for users to connect with local and global communities. 

South Central Open Tech CEO Roles

  • Harte Hanks, TX, Aug 2018 - Harte Hanks announced that Karen Puckett will be stepping down as President and CEO. In the interim, the Board of Directors has created a temporary Office of the CEO composed of board members Jack Griffin and Martin Reidy. Also joining the Office of the CEO are Harte Hanks CFO Jon Biro, and EVP, Contact Centers & CHRO Andrew Harrison. Harte Hanks provides marketing technology services.
  • ADDvantage Technologies Group, OK, Jul 2018 – Board member and former CEO, Aero Communications, Joseph Hart was appointed as the Company’s new interim CEO after CEO David Humphrey steps down from his position as CEO and as a member of the Board of Directors to pursue further opportunities. ADDvantage Technologies Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:AEY) supplies the cable television (Cable TV) and telecommunications industries with a comprehensive line of new and used system-critical network equipment and hardware from a broad range of leading manufacturers. 

US West Open Tech CEO Roles


  • Lavu, NM, Jun 2016 - Marc Chesley had stepped down as the CEO of Lavu, after only three months. We are dropping Lavu as of this newsletter, as Ohad Jehassi was named President and served as an Operating Advisor to Lavu’s investor, Aldrich Capital Partners.


  • Intel Corporation, CA, Jun 2018 - Brian Krzanich resigned as CEO and board member of Intel, after violating company policy for a relationship with an employee. The Board has named CFO Robert Swan Interim CEO.
  • Electronics for Imaging, CA, Jul 2018 - Electronics for Imaging announced that Guy Gecht, EFI’s 19-year CEO, informed the Board that he intends to step down once his successor is named. Spencer Stuart has been retained to conduct the search. Upon leaving his operating role, Gecht will remain a member of the Board.
  • TiVo Corporation, CA, Jul 2018 - TiVo Corporation announced that its board member Raghavendra Rau has been named as interim President and CEO. The appointment follows Enrique Rodriguez's personal decision to resign from his role as its President, CEO and a member of the Board, after less than a year in the role, to assume CTO role at Liberty Global in Europe.
  • Rambus, CA, Jun 2018 -The technology licensing company’s board has terminated Dr. Ron Black as CEO and as a board member due to inappropriate conduct. The Board has appointed Luc Seraphin, SVP &GM, Memory and Interfaces Division, as interim CEO of the Company while the Board commences a formal search to identify a new CEO.
  • QAD, CA, Aug 2018 - QAD announced that Karl Lopker, 66, CEO, passed away on August 25, 2018. QAD will continue with the management arrangements recently announced for the foreseeable future. The Board of Directors will consider options for a permanent CEO appointment in due course. QAD is a leading provider of flexible, cloud-based enterprise software and services for global manufacturing companies.
  • Sigma Designs, CA, Jan 2018 - Sigma Designs' President & CEO Thinh Tran has resigned abruptly after 36 years in the role. Mr. Elias Nader, Sigma's current SVP and CFO, has been appointed as interim President and CEO of the high performance system-on-a-chip semiconductor company.
  • Marchex, WA, Oct 2016 - Pete Christothoulou resigned as CEO in October 2016. An office of the Chairman and CEO for the call analytics and call tracking company is still in place as of August 31st, 2018.
  • Immersion Corporation, CA, Aug 2018 - Immersion Corporation announced that Tom Lacey as iCEO and Board Member. Lacey succeeds Carl Schlachte, the company’s prior Interim CEO, who is resigning as a director of Immersion. From May 2013 to June 2017, Lacey served as CEO and a director of Xperi Corporation. Lead independent director Sharon Holt has been named Chairman of the Immersion Board. Immersion Corporation creates, designs, develops, and licenses haptic technologies.
  • BSQUARE, WA, May 2018 - Jerry D. Chase has stepped down as President and CEO and Mr. Chase will also be stepping down from his board seat. Going forward, BSQUARE will be led by board chairman Andrew Harries who will assume an expanded role as executive chairman, and by Kevin Walsh, VP Marketing, who will serve as acting CEO while continuing to oversee marketing and corporate strategy. Mr. Chase will transition into an advisory role with BSQUARE. The company is conducting a search for a new CEO. BSQUARE is an Industrial IoT Solutions provider.
  • Mitek Systems, CA, Aug 2018 - Mitek Systems announced that its CEO, Jim DeBello, will be transitioning out of his role in January 2019. In addition, Bruce Hansen, the company's lead independent director, will immediately assume the role of Chairman of the Board and will assist with the transition process. Mitek Systems develops, markets, and sells mobile image capture and identity verification software solutions for enterprise customers worldwide.
  • Airgain, CA, May 2018 - Airgain announced the resignation of Chuck Myers, CEO, after leading the antenna company for more than seven years. Chairman James K. Sims will assume the role of Interim CEO as the company searches for a new permanent CEO. Airgain is a leading provider of embedded antenna technologies used to enable high performance wireless networking across a broad range of home, enterprise, automotive, and industrial devices. 
  • Digital Locations, CA, Jun 2018 - Gerard F. Hug, CEO and a director of Digital Locations, resigned from his positions as the Company’s CEO and member of the board. William E. Beifuss, Jr., the company’s President and Acting CFO was appointed to serve as Interim CEO of the company. Digital Locations is a provider of proximity-based data solutions that help businesses better understand and interact with consumers in various physical locations.
  • Infomart Data Centers, CA, Jun 2018 - Infomart Data Centers announced that its board of directors has appointed Phil Koen as a new member. Mr. Koen will also serve as the company’s Interim CEO, succeeding Infomart’s founder and former President, John Sheputis, who will remain as an adviser to Infomart while the board of directors conducts a search for a new CEO. This transition follows the announcement in March 2018 of the acquisition of three Infomart data centers and Infomart’s management company by IPI Data Center Partners Management.

Open Tech CEO Roles - Canada

  • British Columbia: Absolute Software, BC; Sierra Wireless, BC; HIVE Blockchain Technologies, BC; RewardStream Solutions, BC.Canadian Flag icon

Details of Open Tech CEO Roles - Canada

  • Absolute Software, BC, Canada, Jan 2018 - Absolute Software named Steve Munford, an accomplished cybersecurity industry leader, as interim CEO. Absolute’s former CEO, Geoff Haydon, resigned as both CEO and member of the Board.
  • Sierra Wireless, BC, Canada, May 2018 - the leading provider of fully integrated device-to-cloud solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced that Jason Cohenour retired from his position as President, CEO & Director. Effective May 31, Kent Thexton, Chair of Sierra’s Board of Directors, has been named Interim CEO and the Board has initiated a search for a new CEO. 
  • HIVE Blockchain Technologies, BC, Canada, Aug 2018 - HIVE announced Harry Pokrandt is retiring from his full time role as President, CEO and Director. Frank Holmes, the company's Chairman, will act as Interim Executive Chairman and Olivier Roussy Newton, a Director of the company, will act as Interim President to ensure a smooth transition of management duties. The Board of Directors has begun a search for a new CEO and will take due care and appropriate time in finding the right candidate to propel HIVE into its next phase of growth and development.
  • RewardStream Solutions, BC, Canada, Aug 2018 - Rob Goehring has resigned from the board and as the CEO of Rewardstream Solutions. In his place, Patrick C.T. Morris has been appointed as interim president and a director to the board. Morris is an entrepreneur and capital markets executive experienced in a number of industries, including resource exploration, pharmaceutical cannabis, blockchain technologies and finance. Morris has taken numerous companies public through initial public offering, reverse takeover and capital pool company.

Open Tech CEO Roles - EMEA

  • UK: BT Group plc; Sage Group; IDE Group Holdings; Brady plc a5 vell team
  • Sweden: Mycronic AB; Cherry AB
  • Finland: IncapOyj; Digitalist Group plc
  • Other: VEON, Netherlands; TDC A/S, Denmark; Scout24 AG, Germany; EVS Broadcast Equipment, Belgium; Escher, Ireland; Telia Estonia, Estonia

Details of Open Tech CEO Roles - EMEA

  • BT Group plc, UK, Jun 2018 - BT Group announced that CEO Gavin Patterson will be stepping down later in the year 2018 and that the Board has commenced a search to identify his successor.
  • VEON, Netherlands, Mar 2018 - CEO Jean-Yves Charlier left the company. The Supervisory Board is undertaking a search for a new CEO. The company offers PCB assembly manufacturing, box build assembly, and prototyping and engineering services.
  • TDC A/S, Denmark, May 2018 - Pernille Erenbjerg resigned as Group CEO and President, and hence is prepared to support the new owners in a transition period until a new Group CEO has been appointed. As of May 4, 2018, telecommunications company TDC A/S operates as a subsidiary of DK Telekommunikation ApS.
  • The Sage Group plc, United Kingdom, Aug 2018 - The Sage Group plc announced that Stephen Kelly, CEO, has stepped down as a director and CEO. He will remain available to the Group until he leaves in May 2019. The Board has initiated a process to find a new CEO. The Board has appointed Steve Hare, CFO, to the additional post of COO on an interim basis. In his position as CFO and interim COO, Steve Hare will have full executive authority to run the business until the appointment of the new CEO.
  • Scout24 AG, Germany, Aug 2018 - Scout24's CEO Gregory Ellis wishes to resign from his office for personal reasons. The discussion with the supervisory board is on and is still not confirmed when he will leave and who will be his successor. Scout24 AG operates digital marketplaces specializing in the real estate and automotive sectors in Germany and other European countries.
  • Mycronic AB, Sweden, Feb 2018 - Lena Olving left as President and CEO during 2019. The process to find a successor continues. Mycronic provides production solutions for the electronics assembly, display and packaging.
  • Cherry AB, Sweden, May 2018 - Anders Holmgren, CEO and President, left the Swedish gaming company. Gunnar Lind is acting CEO and will remain in this position to ascertain that the group develops according to plan until a permanent CEO is appointed.
  • EVS Broadcast Equipment, Belgium, Jul 2018 - EVS Broadcast Equipment S.A. announced the departure of Ms. Muriel De Lathouwer (representing MucH sprl) as Managing Director & CEO of the company. The Chairman, Pierre De Muelenaere (representing Pygargue sprl), has been asked to succeed her temporarily until the appointment of a new CEO. The Company manufactures live outside broadcast digital video production systems.
  • IDE Group Holdings, UK, Mar 2018 - Managed IT services provider IDE Group Holdings plc announced that Andy Ross, CEO, has resigned from the company. Julian Phipps, CFO assumed the role of COO in addition to his CFO duties and additionally the Board intends to further strengthen the Board in due course.
  • Incap Oyj, Finland, Jun 2018 - President and CEO Vesa Mäkelä left his position. Mr. Otto Pukk has been appointed as the interim CEO. Along with the duty of the Group's CEO Otto Pukk will continue to act also as the managing director of Incap's subsidiary in Estonia. The company offers PCB assembly manufacturing, box build assembly, and prototyping and engineering services, as well as customized solutions, such as tester development and magnetic assemblies. 
  • Brady Plc, UK, Sep 2016 - After nine years CEO Gavin Lavelle decided to pursue new opportunities and left the company. Chairman Ian Jenks assumed operational control of the company as executive chairman. AMCS acquired Brady USA Inc. and Systems Alternative International LLC from Brady plc for £4.6 million in January 2018. Brady is a leading provider of software solutions for global energy and commodity trading. 
  • Escher Group Holdings, Ireland, Jan 2018 - Liam Church, CEO of messaging and data management solutions firm Escher Group Holdings plc has retired. No new CEO has been announced yet. The company was acquired by Hanover Active Equity Fund LP which already had 25.5% stake in Escher. It is unclear as to whether the CEO role is open. We will drop Escher in the next newsletter.
  • Telia Eesti, Estonia, Jul 2018 - Robert Pajos, has been appointed interim CEO of Telia Estonia. Pajos has held several executive positions within the Ericsson group such as Head of Network Services - Latin America, Head of Engagement Practices - Latin America and Key account manager for the AT&T, Cingular & Bell South accounts.

Open Tech CEO Roles - Asia Pacific

  • Hong Kong: GET Holdings Ltd.Globe jpeg
  • Taiwan: Innolux Corporation
  • Thailand: CS Loxinfo 
  • India: ITI Ltd. 
  • Malaysia: Telekom Malaysia Berhad, Maxis Berhad 
  • New Zealand: Trade Me Group Ltd., Connexionz Ltd., 2degrees
  • Australia: Tesserent, Big Un, Transcendence Technologies, REFFIND

 Details of Open Tech CEO Roles - Asia Pacific

  • Compal Electronics, Taiwan - Compal Electronics appointed Chung-Pin (Martin) Wong, Executive Deputy General Manager and Director, as President and CEO. He replaces Jui-Tsung Chen. Wong joined Compal in 1989. Compal Electronics manufacturers notebook PCs, LCD products, data center equipment, and smart devices worldwide.
  • China United Network Communications Group, China - Li Guohua, head of the national postal service, has been named GM of China United Network Communications Group (China Unicom). China Unicom provides broadband communication and information services to customers in China.
  • ZTE Corporation, China - ZTE Corp. has appointed a 20-year veteran Xu Ziyang, who was most recently in charge of the firm’s wireless-network products, to replace Zhao Xianming, as CEO, to comply with a $1.4 billion settlement deal it made with the United States aimed at lifting a seven-year supplier ban. ZTE, which relies on U.S. suppliers for core components, had to cease major operations in April after authorities imposed the ban, saying the firm broke an agreement to discipline executives who conspired to evade U.S. sanctions on Iran and North Korea.
  • HKT Limited, Hong Kong - Alexander Anthony Arena, 67, the Group Managing Director and Executive Director of HKT Limited and HKT Management Limited, retires as Group Managing Director and Executive Director of the Company and the Trustee-Manager. Ms. Hui Hon Hing, Susanna, currently the Group CFO and Executive Director of the Company and the Trustee-Manager, will be appointed as Group Managing Director of the Company and the Trustee-Manager. HKT provides telecommunications and related services in Hong Kong.
  • Vodafone-Idea, India - Idea Cellular merges with Vodafone India and the company appointed Vodafone India COO Balesh Sharma as the CEO of the company. He was specially called to India in April 2017 as COO from the Czech Republic. 
  • Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong, Hong Kong - Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited announced that Executive Director and CEO Woo Chiu Man, Cliff will take up the post of President Director at PT Hutchison 3 Indonesia, a mobile telecommunications subsidiary of CK Hutchison Holdings Limited. Accordingly he will be re-designated as Co-Deputy Chairman and Non-executive Director of the Company. Mr. Koo Sing Fai will be appointed as Executive Director and CEO of the Company. Mr. Koo, 46, joined the group of HWL in August 2006 and became a director of enterprise and international business of mobile operations of the Company in January 2014.
  • Kcell, Kazakhstan - Kazakhstan mobile operator Kcell appointed Rainer Rathgeber as CEO, succeeding Arti Ots, who has been CEO of the Company since 2014. Prior to joining Kcell, Rathgeber was CEO of Ufone, the subsidiary and mobile arm of Pakistan Telecom.
  • LightInTheBox, China - Mr. Zhiping Qi has been elected as CEO of online retail company LightInTheBox. Qi is one of the founding team members and was Co-President and Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Sinoagri, an online agricultural procurement and distribution service provider, from 2010-2017.
  • Inspur International Limited, Hong Kong - Inspur International Limited announced that Mr. Lee Eric Kong has been appointed as the CEO. In 2017, he was appointed as an executive director, President and COO of the company as well as subsidiary Inspur Genersoft. Formerly at AT&T Network Systems International and Lucent Technologies. Lee replaces Xingshan Wang, who has been the CEO of Inspur since October 2009 and has been its Chairman since April 2012. The company is engaged in software development and provision of outsourcing software services.
  • Isentia Group, Australia - Isentia Group Limited announced that Ed Harrison has been appointed Managing Director and CEO. Harrison was the CEO of Yahoo7. Isentia Group Limited provides media intelligence services.
  • Ellipsiz Ltd, Singapore - Ellipsiz named Executive Director Lum Wen-Sum Kelvin as CEO. Lum has been responsible for the business development and investment functions of the Group. Since early this year, Mr. Lum's role was expanded to cover the operations and corporate affairs of the Group. He replaces Melvin Chan, 55, who retired early in 2018. Ellipsiz provides probe card, and distribution and service solutions to the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries.
  • Xurpas, Philippines - Xurpas elected President and Executive Director Raymond Gerard S. Racaza as CEO. Xurpas creates and develops digital products and services for mobile end-users in the Philippines.
  • TFP Solutions, Malaysia - TFP Solutions Berhad announced re-designation of Dato' Hussian @ Rizal Bin A. Rahman as Managing Director from Non Independent and Non Executive Director. TFP Solutions provides business productivity solutions and services for business enterprises in Malaysia.
  • Seeing Machines, Australia - Ken Kroeger, currently Chairman and interim CEO, becomes CEO on a permanent basis. Seeing Machines develops computer vision related technologies in Australia, North America, and the Asia Pacific.
  • Firstwave Cloud Technology, Australia - Internet security software firm FirstWave Cloud Technology appointed Mr. David Kirton as CEO. Demonstrating his commitment to FirstWave, Mr. Kirton has been fulfilling the role on an interim basis since October 2017 after resignation of CEO and managing director, Steve O'brien in September 2017.
  • Alcidion Group, Australia - Alcidion Group Limited announced the acquisition of MKM Health Pty Ltd. and Patientrack Holdings Limited. As part of the transaction, Ms Kate Quirke, former CEO of MKM Health, has been appointed to the role of CEO of the Alcidion Group, as well as an Executive Director to the Alcidion Board. Alcidion provides intelligent informatics software.
  • Change Financial, Australia - Eric Bachman will take on the CEO role from Ash Shilkin who will transition to executive director. Bachman is an institutional payments veteran with over 30 years in banking, payments, and building new companies. Change Financial has purchased an option to acquire Ivy where it has a 33% ownership stake of Ivy and plans to become the sole shareholder of the business. Change Financial provides fintech solutions and is a blockchain investment company.
  • Domain Holdings Australia, Australia - Domain Holdings Australia Limited appointed Jason Pellegrino to the role of Managing Director and CEO. Jason joins Domain from Google where he has been Managing Director Australia and New Zealand since May 2016 and a member of the Asia-Pacific regional leadership team. Pellegrino takes over after incumbent Antony Catalano stepped down in January this year. Company was spun off from Fairfax Media in an IPO in November 2017.
  • CYBIRD Holdings, Japan - CYBIRD named Shuji Utsumi, who has been CYBIRD's President since 2016, as its CEO. The company has been acquired by Aeria, a Japanese company specializing in the online game business, in July 2018.
  • NPQ Holdings, Singapore - Lim Wee Lee, resigned as the CEO of Speedprop Global. Leong Kwok Heng was appointed at the CEO of the company. Mr. Leong, age 63, works at Quest Services Sdn Bhd, where he has served as a Director from December of 1988 to the current date. NPQ focuses on the development of enterprise mobile applications and mobile point-of-sale systems.
  • Zomato Media Private Limited, India - Zomato appoints former MakeMyTrip's COO - Online, Mohit Gupta, as their new CEO responsible for leading the Food Delivery Business. Zomato is in talks with at least three new investors to raise more capital. Zomato intends to raise as much as $200-400 million. It received $49.72 million in funding from Ant Financial Services Group earlier this year.

Open Tech CEO Roles - Latin America

  • Cielo S.A., Brazil, Jul 2018 - Brazil’s largest payment solutions firm CIELO S.A. announced that Mr. Eduardo Campozana Gouveia resigned as the company's CEO. CFO Clovis Poggetti Jr is now interim CEO. A new CEO could be chosen from Cielo’s controlling shareholders Banco do Brasil SA, Banco Bradesco SA or from elsewhere, investor relations head Victor Schabbel said on a conference call.


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  Tech CEO Appointments

Tech CEO Appointments - US

  • American Flag Icon jpegNortheast & Mid-Atlantic: Moda Operandi, Trans-Lux, Namely, Mapfit, Ontuitive, eDevice, Virtual Crypto Technologies, Node40, Calero Software and Recall Studios (NY), Wave Sync (NJ), 4tell Solutions and Winxnet (ME), Personnel Data Systems (PA), VT MAK and Buildium (MA)
  • South Atlantic: xG Technology, CLIC Technology, CentralReach, V12 Data, and CopaSAT (FL), Neustar, Quantum Computing and Visium Technologies (Virginia), Ingenious Med and Oversight Systems (GA), Fugue (MD), Fortran Corporation (NC)
  • Midwest: Amdocs (MO); Secure-24 (MI); eSolutions (KS); Heidenhain Corporation and Molex (IL); VHT (OH); CarteGraph Systems (IA); Digital River and The Nerdery (MN); Healthx (IN), Comply365 (WI)
  • South Central: Texas Instruments, T-System and PeepTrade (TX), DAXKO, Amplicare and Prepaid Technologies Company (AL)
  • Mountain: Clickbank and Clearwater Analytics (ID), Cherwell Software, Evolving Systems and It's Never 2 Late (CO), NetVoyage (UT)
  • Pacific:, Sanmina, Intuit, VeriFone Systems, Medallia,,, Gopher Protocol, MoSys, VenueNext, Nodechain, Direct Technology, ThoughtSpot, Awake Security, Ayla Networks, AutoGravity Corporation, Lumiata, Sparkpost, and Vera Security (CA); Lattice Semiconductor (OR); CENTRI Technology (WA)

Tech CEO Appointments in the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic

  • Moda Operandi, NY - Moda Operandi, announced that Ganesh Srivats has been appointed as CEO. Srivats most recently served as head of sales for North America for Tesla, and prior to that, was an SVP, Retail Sales, Americas for Burberry. He is taking over operations from Deborah Nicodemu, who will remain a close advisor to the company. Online fashion retailer Moda Operandi’s rapid expansion led the company to secure US$165 million in growth capital from C Ventures, K11 and Apax Digital in 2017.
  • Trans-Lux Corporation, NY - Trans-Lux Corporation appointed Alberto Shaio as the Company’s President and CEO. Mr. Shaio became the Interim CEO in April 2018, while CEO Jean-Marc Allain was on medical leave following a surgical procedure. Shaio was named COO of the Company in October 2014 and has served as a director for the Company since October 2013. Trans-Lux Corporation designs, manufactures, and supplies digital signage display solutions, fixed digit scoreboards, and LED lighting fixtures and lamps.
  • MÄK Technologies, MA - VT MAK announced that William E. Cole, Brigadier General (U.S. Army, Retired) has been appointed the company's new President and CEO in place of Dan Schimmel, outgoing CEO of MAK. William Bill Cole comes to MAK after completing a distinguished career in the Arm. MÄK Technologies, also known as VT MÄK, develops software for distributed simulation in the aerospace, defense, and transportation industries.
  • Wave Sync, NJ - Wave Sync appointed Ms. Mei Yang, the current chairperson of the Board, as the CEO of the Company, replacing Mr. Yang Liu, who resigned from the company for personal reasons and not as a result of any disputes or disagreements. Wave Sync Corp. engages in the design, development, and proliferation of next generation debit and credit cards for financial institutions in the United States.
  • Calero Software, NY - Calero Software announced that it has named Joe Pajer as President and CEO. Mr. Pajer, who most recently served as Vice Chairman of Calero's Board, brings more than 25 years of senior executive experience leading global technology businesses. Chris Jurasek, who successfully led Calero as CEO for the past three years, will continue to serve on the Company's Board and as an active advisor to, and shareholder of, the Company. Calero Software provides Communications Lifecycle Management software and related solutions.
  • Namely, NY – Namely, the all-in-one HR software company, appointed board member Elisa Steele as the company's CEO. She last served as President & CEO of Jive Software and has held senior positions at Microsoft, Skype, Yahoo!, NetApp, and Sun Microsystems. Founder and CEO Matt Straz was let go following an investigation into actions “inconsistent with that which is expected of Namely leadership,” in May this year.
  • Mapfit, NY - Mapfit appointed accomplished technology executive and investor, Jeroen Seghers as CEO to lead the company through its next phase of innovation and spur exponential growth. Seghers has been an investor and board member of Mapfit's since 2016. He replaces Yonis Benitez who left in February 2017. Mapfit owns and operates a platform that can analyze Internet of things (IoT) data sources and automatically generate maps.
  • Ontuitive, NY - Ontuitive has appointed President Briana Milligan as new CEO, replacing Co-Founder and CEO Alfred Remmits. Ontuitive, a leader in customized performance support services, was acquired by Stage Fund, a private equity turnaround and firm in October 2017. Briana Milligan, current Director of M&A/Origination at Stage Fund, has shown a dedication to profitability, a resuscitating conservation, and accountability.
  • eDevice, NY - eDevice appointed Shanthi Ramakrishnan as CEO. Shanthi joins eDevice after successively holding senior leadership roles in the Medical Devices field (Medtronic, Haemonetics, Johnson & Johnson), Telecommunication technologies (Alcatel-Lucent), as well as start-up companies. She replaces Marc Berrebi and Stephane Schinazi, co-founders of eDevice, who will smooth the transition by accompanying the new CEO in the assumption of her duties over the next few months. eDevice provides connectivity solutions for medical devices.
  • 4tell Solutions, ME - 4tell Solutions has promoted Bobby Slaton to President and CEO. Slaton, who has served as COO since joining 4tell in November 2017, will take over the role of CEO from 4tell founder, Jim Kavanagh, who will remain Chairman of the Board. 4tell Solutions provides SaaS platform solutions for real estate and infrastructure performance management.
  • Virtual Crypto Technologies, NY - Virtual Crypto Technologies accepted the resignation of Mr. Yair Fudim as the company’s CEO and Chairman. Alon Dayan, who has served as a Director since March 2018 and as CEO of its wholly-owned Israeli subsidiary since January 2018, was appointed as the company’s CEO. Virtual Crypto Technologies develops and markets software and hardware for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies through ATMs, tablets, PCs, and mobile devices.
  • Node40, NY - HashChain Technology will separate the company into two independent publicly traded companies: one business focused on cryptocurrency mining (HashChain) and the other on cryptocurrency accounting and tax compliance software, including other disruptive blockchain technology solutions (NODE40). George E. Kveton, Chief Commercial Officer and blockchain technology business responsible, will become President and CEO of NODE40 upon completion of the transaction. Patrick Gray will remain as CEO and President of HashChain.
  • Winxnet, ME - Winxnet and K&R Network Solutions have merged to form a coast-to-coast managed IT services company. The new company will retain the Winxnet name and become a leading national managed service provider (MSP) with deep technical experience, IT automation, and an unparalleled strategic growth plan. Winxnet Co-founders Chris Claudio and Michael Williams will lead the combined entity as CEO and President, respectively.
  • Personnel Data Systems, PA - PDS announced the retirement of President and CEO Charles Jefferies and the appointment of Patricia Palmer as President and CEO. Ms. Palmer is currently the SVP and Product Manager at PDS, the Web-based human resource, benefits, recruiting, and payroll system provider.
  • Buildium, MA - Buildium announced that it has appointed Christopher (Chris) Litster as CEO and successor to Michael Monteiro. Since January 2017, Litster has served as Buildium’s Chief Customer Officer, managing the customer-facing teams for the business. Fourteen years after starting the company with co-founder Dimitris Georgakopoulos, Buildium’s CEO & Co-Founder, Michael Monteiro, has decided to step back and spend more time with his family. Michael will remain with the company as a strategic advisor and a Director. Buildium develops online property management software for small businesses.
  • Recall Studios, NY - Recall Studios acquired Evolution AI Corporation, an artificial intelligence technology company. Recall CEO Alexander Baffer resigned and was appointed as the Company’s Executive Chairman, an executive officer and director position. EAI Founder John Textor, 52, was named as the company’s CEO and director. John has been Executive Chairman of EAI since its inception in 2017. Recall Studios operates in augmented reality and virtual reality markets. It produces software applications for third-parties on a consulting basis.

Tech CEO Appointments in the South Atlantic Region

  • Neustar, VA - NeuStar has appointed Charles Gottdiener as President and CEO. Most recently COO and Managing Director at Providence Equity Partners. He succeeds Lisa Hook, who served as President and CEO and a member of the Neustar Board of Directors since 2010. The new CEO is the latest in a series of efforts by the company to shift away from its legacy operations, which included managing number portability for U.S. telecoms, and toward information, media and security services.
  • xG Technology, FL - Advanced wireless communications solutions provider xG Technology announced that Roger Branton, xG Technology CFO and co-founder, has been appointed CEO. He replaces George Schmitt, executive chairman and CEO of xG Technology, who retired in April 2018.
  • Ingenious Med, GA - Ingenious Med, a provider of charge capture and practice performance analytics, named Nimesh Shah as CEO. Shah most recently served as President of Enterprise Information Solutions (EIS) at McKesson Corporation. He replaces Joe Marabito who served as CEO since September 2016.
  • Fortran Corporation, NC - Glenn Withers was appointed as Chairman of the Board and then as CEO of the Company. In April Fortran Corporation’s former President and CEO, Douglas Rink, resigned his positions as an officer and director of the Company providing communication system integration services. Fortran offers communication system integration services to media and communication sectors.
  • Quantum Computing, VA - Quantum Computing appointed Robert Liscouski, as CEO, replacing CEO Patrick Dennis, who left after five months, having joined in January this year. Mr. Liscouski is a security industry leader with more than 35 years of experience serving as a senior government official and public company executive. In 2003, he was appointed by President Bush as the First Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection at the Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Liscouski was the former President &CEO of Implant Sciences Corporation. Quantum Computing focuses on developing and commercializing quantum computing hardware and application services. Quantum faces a number of issues, being a $450m-run-rate business, down from $1bn in 2007, while its largest product, tape, is in decline.
  • Visium Technologies, VA - Visium Technologies announced that it has named Henry J. “Jamie” Holcombe as its CEO. Over the last twenty years, he has served as VP and General Manager for Harris IT Services and Caprock Government Solutions, as VP of Information Systems for the Federal Communications Commission Universal Service Administrative Company, as Chief Technology Officer and SVP of Operations for Globix, and as Chief In formation Officer for Cambrian Communications.Mr. Mark Lucky resigned his position as CEO. Mr. Lucky retains his position as Chairman and CFO. Visium Technologies, a cybersecurity/digital risk management company, provides technology and cyber security tools and services to support enterprises in protecting assets.
  • CLIC Technology, FL - CLIC Technology appointed Roman Bond as its CEO. He was previously COO at NTT DATA Corporation and Director - SAP Program and Project Management at Pactiv Corporation. Yosef Biton, formerly CEO, has become the Chairman of the Board. CLIC Technology operates reward-based online crowd funding platform.
  • CentralReach, FL - CentralReach appointed Chris Sullens as its new CEO replacing CentralReach founder and former CEO, Charlotte Fudge. Prior to CentralReach, Sullens spent 10 years as President and CEO of WorkWave. CentralReach provides electronic health record and practice management software for clinics focused on applied behavioral analysis (ABA) multi-specialty, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and PK-12 education.
  • V12 Data, FL - V12 Data announced that Andrew Frawley, former CEO of Epsilon, has joined V12 Data as CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board. He replaces Anders Ekman who will continue as President. V12 Data provides data-as-a-service solutions to power right-time marketing return on investments.
  • Fugue, MD - Fugue announced it has hired Phillip Merrick as CEO. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience growing enterprise software and SaaS companies, he will also lead Fugue’s efforts to educate the market about technology that changes the way enterprises address issues such as policy compliance and configuration drift in the cloud. Phillip replaces Co-Founder Josh Stella who will continue as CTO. Fugue develops an infrastructure-level operating system for managing cloud-based workloads.
  • CopaSAT, FL - Scott Bohnsack, COO, will become the CEO of the company. Obie Johnson, the founder and former CEO of CopaSAT, will remain the Managing Partner. CopaSAT provides satellite and wireless communications services and solutions for satellite terminals.
  • Oversight Systems, GA - Oversight Systems announced that Terrence McCrossan has joined Oversight as its new CEO, succeeding Patrick Taylor, who will continue as Board Member. Prior to joining Oversight, Terrence served as SVP and General Manager at Comdata. Oversight Systems develops software solutions for identifying fraud, misuse, and errors in business transactions and master data files for companies and institutions.

Tech CEOs Appointed in the US Midwest & South Central Regions 


  • Amdocs, MO - Amdocs Limited announced that Eli Gelman, 60, President and CEO of Amdocs Management Limited, has decided to retire at the end of fiscal year 2018 and will be replaced by Shuky Sheffer, a SVP and President of Global Business Group of Amdocs Management Limited. Amdocs provides software and services solutions to the communications, entertainment, pay TV, and media industry service providers worldwide.
  • Secure-24, MI - Secure-24, an NTT Communications Company, and a leading global provider of managed cloud services, IT operations, and application hosting, promoted Michael (Mike) BeDell to the position of CEO. He joined Secure-24 four years ago as EVP of Sales, Marketing and Client Delivery. BeDell succeeds retiring CEO, Mike Jennings, a serial entrepreneur and specialist in IT.
  • eSolutions, KS - eSolutions reported that Gerry McCarthy has joined the company as CEO. McCarthy has more than 20 years of healthcare information technology experience, most recently as President of TransUnion Healthcare, where he oversaw the rapid growth and strategic direction of the division. McCarthy replaces Gene Creach, who is retiring as eSolutions' CEO after a successful 18-year career. eSolutions offers revenue cycle management solutions to the healthcare industry.
  • Heidenhain Corporation, IL - Heidenhain Corporation appointed President and Managing Director David Doyle as CEO. This change will complete the succession plan for Rick Korte, current CEO of HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION who will be retiring at that time after more than 34 years of service. Heidenhain develops encoders, digital readouts, and numerical controls in North America.
  • VHT, OH - VHT, the virtual queuing and customer outcome management software company, has announced that Alpine Investors VI, VI-A, LP and its affiliates have made an investment in the company and named Matt DiMaria, CEO-in-Residence at Alpine Investors, as CEO of VHT. Wes Hayden, who has served as CEO of VHT since 2012, will remain active in the business and act as a senior advisor to the company.
  • CarteGraph Systems, IA - Cartegraph has appointed Josh Mallamud as CEO. Most recently, he served as COO of CityBase, and as a SVP at DialogTech. He replaces Jake Schneider who left in January 2018. CarteGraph Systems provides technology solutions to governments.
  • Healthx, IN - Healthx appointed Gene Cattarina as new CEO, replacing Sean Downs. Most recently he was CEO of SafeOp Surgical (now an Alphatec company) the developer and provider of the EPAD System, a unique, simple-to-use, and cost-effective neurological monitoring solution. Healthx, a healthcare technology company, develops and delivers a SaaS based digital engagement platform that connects health insurance plans and payers with members, providers, employers, and brokers.
  • Molex, IL - Molex announced that CEO Martin P. Slark, 64, would be retiring in November after 42 years of service. Molex COO Joe Nelligan will become CEO upon Slark’s departure. Molex designs, develops, and manufactures electronic components and solutions.
  • Digital River, MN - Digital River has named COO & board member Adam Coyle, a leader with over 25 years of experience in the technology industry, as CEO. Moving from his role as an executive partner with Digital River's investment partner, Siris Capital, Mr. Coyle joined Digital River's executive management team as COO in June 2018. CEO since 2013, Dave Dobson, will continue as Vice Chairman. Digital River provides end-to-end cloud-commerce, payments, and marketing solutions.
  • Comply365, WI - Comply365 announced that Tom Samuel appointed as CEO. Samuel has served as company’s president since 2017 and joined the company as its COO in 2015. Kerry Frank is stepping down from her role as CEO. Comply365 provides a hosted solution to build an architecture allowing independent autonomous compliance management for different departments.
  • The Nerdery, MN - The Nerdery has promoted Adrian Slobin, a former SapientRazorfish executive who joined the firm as chief strategy and operating officer about a year ago, to the post of CEO. He replaces Tom O'Neill who left last year. The Nerdery provides digital business consultancy services.

South Central

  • Texas Instruments, TX - Texas Instruments announced the resignation of Brian Crutcher, 45, as president, CEO and a member of the TI board. The board has named Rich Templeton, 59, the company's chairman and former CEO, to re-assume the roles of president and CEO on an ongoing, indefinite basis, in addition to continuing as chairman. Crutcher, who took over as CEO in January 2018, resigned due to violations of the company's code of conduct. The violations are related to personal behavior that is not consistent with the ethics and core values of the company, but not related to company strategy, operations or financial reporting.
  • T-System, TX - Cannae Holdings announced that Bob Wilhelm has been named as the new CEO of T-System. Bob has a strong track record of successfully growing businesses, and most recently served as CEO of Adreima, a revenue cycle management services company. Cannae completed the acquisition of T-System for $200 million in cash in October 2017. Bob replaces Roger Davis. In July, Davis left to take up the CEO job at Revint Solutions. T-System provides medical information systems and software solutions.
  • DAXKO, AL - Daxko announced that Ron Lamb will lead the company as its new CEO. Lamb spent 26 years at Reynolds and Reynolds beginning as a sales trainee and steadily rising through the organization to become its President in 2010. He replace Dave Gray, President & CEO since 2003, who will continue as board member. DAXKO provides software solutions and services to member-based nonprofits in the United States.
  • Amplicare, AL - Amplicare has appointed COO Matt Johnson, PharmD, as CEO. Flaviu Simihaian, Amplicare's co-founder, will assume the role as Chairman and step down from his role as CEO. Amplicare provides home health and hospice marketing software solutions for the healthcare industry.
  • Prepaid Technologies Company, AL - President Stephen Faust has been promoted to CEO. Company founder and CEO Thomas Mcculley will now serve as executive chairman. Prepaid Technologies provides prepaid cards for carrying out financial transactions.
  • Peeptrade, TX - Peeptrade announced that Co-founder, Juan Mendoza, appointed Ali Bakir as the company's new CEO. Ali, a Co-founder of Peeptrade, has been serving as the company's Director of Business Development for the past three years, driving triple digit growth. Peeptrade owns and operates an online social trading platform that enables aspiring investors to subscribe into the portfolios and trading activity of successful investment managers, traders, and analysts. 

Tech CEOs Appointed in the US West 


  • ClickBank, ID – ClickBank, a global internet retailer, has announced Kelly Householder as CEO, replacing Kevin Strawbridge, who stepped down after one year in the CEO role. Householder has been leading retail, ecommerce and technology teams across a variety of industries. Before joining ClickBank, Householder was the Chief Solutions Officer, previously CTO, of
  • Cherwell Software, CO - Cherwell Software has named Sam Gilliland as its new CEO. Gilliland is former Chairman & CEO of Sabre Corporation and Former CEO Craig Harper left in January 2018. Cherwell Co-founder Vance Brown has been serving as interim CEO and will remain Chairman. Cherwell Software. provides Cherwell Service Management (CSM), a SaaS and on-premises based business technology and information technology service management (ITSM) platform to small enterprise companies and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.
  • Clearwater Analytics, ID - Clearwater Analytics announced that Sandeep Sahai has been appointed CEO of Clearwater. Sahai has served on Clearwater’s Board of Directors since September 2016 and has been the Executive Chairman since March 2018. David Boren, co-founder and former CEO at Clearwater, now sits on the Board. Clearwater Analytics provides web-based investment portfolio accounting, reporting, and reconciliation solutions for insurance, technology, and consumer sectors.
  • Evolving Systems, CO - Evolving Systems announced the removal of Thomas Thekkethala, for cause, as President and CEO and the appointment of Executive Chairman Matthew Stecker to take over that role. The company, which specializes in software for wireless operators, did not provide details on the termination. Evolving Systems provides real-time digital engagement solutions and services to the wireless, wireline, and cable markets.
  • NetVoyage, UT - NetDocuments announced that President & COO Josh Baxter has been named CEO of the company, with Matt Duncan continuing with the company in the role of Executive Chairman. NetVoyage Corporation, doing business as NetDocuments, provides cloud-based document and email management solutions.
  • It's Never 2 Late, CO - It's Never 2 Late appointed Lisa Taylor as its new CEO. Taylor joins the company after recently serving as CEO of West Corporation's healthcare division, which includes TeleVox Software. It's Never 2 Late designs and develops computer systems for nursing homes, assisted and independent living communities, memory care settings, and adult day programs.

West Pacific

  •, CA - Salesforce has promoted Keith Block to co-CEO. Block now reports to Salesforce's Board and remains a member of the board. Block served as Salesforce's Vice Chairman, President and as a Director since joining the company in June 2013, and most recently served as the company's COO since February 2016. In their respective roles as co-CEOs, Benioff, who continues as Chairman of the Board, will lead Salesforce's vision and innovation in areas including technology, marketing, stakeholder engagement and culture. Block will lead the company's growth strategy, execution and operations.
  • Sanmina Corporation, CA - Sanmina Corporation's CEO Bob Eulau resigned from the Company. The Board appointed Michael Clarke, a member of the Board since 2013, as CEO. In the interim, Jure Sola will lead the Company as Executive Chairman. Clarke was the President and CEO of Nortek.
  • Intuit, CA - Intuit announced that Brad Smith, 54, current president, CEO and chairman, will step down as CEO at the end of December 2018. Smith will remain with Intuit and become Executive Chairman. The board has appointed Sasan Goodarzi, 50, currently EVP and general manager of Intuit’s Small Business and Self-Employed Group, to succeed him. Goodarzi will also be joining Intuit’s Board.
  • VeriFone Systems, CA - VeriFone Systems announced that Paul Galant, 50, has decided to step down as CEO, effective at the close of the previously announced transaction with Francisco Partners. Michael Pulli, 54, Operating Advisor of Francisco Partners and formerly CEO of Pace plc until its acquisition by ARRIS Group, will succeed Mr. Galant as Verifone's CEO. Galant will also become Senior Advisor to Francisco Partners on payments industry strategy and opportunities.
  • Lattice Semiconductor Corporation, OR - Lattice appointed Jim Anderson as the Company’s President and CEO, and Director. Anderson joins Lattice from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) where he served as the General Manager and SVP of the Computing and Graphics Business Group. President and CEO, Darin G. Billerbeck, 58, retired in March 2018 after a failed China deal and pressured by activist investor, Lion Point Capital. Glen Hawk, the Company’s COO since November 2015, was serving as Interim CEO. The Board had retained Egon Zehnder for the search. Global attention focused on Lattice in 2016 and 2017 as Chinese-backed investors bid $1.3 billion for the company. The deal became a test of the U.S government's appetite for Chinese investment in the tech sector and President Donald Trump ultimately blocked the transaction, citing national security concerns.
  • Medallia, CA - Medallia announced that Leslie Stretch has been named Medallia's President and CEO. Previously, Stretch served as President and CEO of CallidusCloud for 10 years. Medallia co-founder and former CEO Borge Hald will assume new roles of Executive Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer. Medallia, a customer experience management company, provides Software-as-a-Service based customer experience management software that enables companies to capture customer feedback from web, social, mobile, and contact center channels.
  •, CA - appointed Richard A. Bloom as President and CEO of the Company. Mr. Bloom served as the Company’s interim President and CEO from October 2016, and has been a member of the Board since June 2016. He replaced CEO Elizabeth Cholawsky who left in 2016. provides customer support services, end user software, and cloud-based software primarily in the United States.
  •, CA - announced industry veteran Joe Fuca, a former DocuSign SVP and FinancialForce president, as its new CEO. With this appointment, Michael Fertik returns to his position as executive chairman of the company board after stepping in as interim CEO during the candidate search. CEO, Shrey Bhatia, left in January 2018. provides online reputation management solutions for businesses and individuals in the United States and internationally.
  • Gopher Protocol, CA - Internet of Things and AI enabled mobile tech company, Gopher Protocol hired Doug Davis in July 2018 to serve as the Interim CEO and the website now mentions him as CEO. Mansour Khatib resigned as Interim CEO but will continue to serve as Chief Marketing Officer and Director. Khatib replaced CEO Gregory Bauer in May 2018.
  • MoSys, CA - MoSys announced that its president and CEO, Len Perham, 75, retired from the company. Daniel Lewis assumed the role of president and CEO of company. He has served as a member of the company’s Board since September 2017, and has over 30 years of executive leadership and semiconductor industry experience, primarily in sales and marketing positions. MoSys, a semiconductor company, develops and sells integrated circuits (ICs) for the high-speed cloud networking, communications, security appliance, video, monitor and test, data center, and computing markets.
  • VenueNext, CA - VenueNext announced that it has named Anthony Perez, former chief marketing officer from the Orlando Magic, as the new CEO. John Paul, VenueNext’s founder and current CEO, will become vice chairman on VenueNext’s board. VenueNext develops a venue-specific context-aware application that enables event-goers to connect with venues.
  • Nodechain, CA - Digital cryptocurrency mining and transaction validation operations company Nodechain appointed Changzhi Shen as the sole Director, CEO, President, Treasurer and Secretary of the company. Mr. Shen has over 15 years of work experience in the technology industry. From year 2011 to present, Mr. Shen served as CEO and director at Shenzhen Maiguoer Network Technology Investment Co., Ltd, responsible for the growth strategy of the company. Shen replaces Andy Ibrahim as CEO.
  • Direct Technology, CA - TA Group Holdings promoted Daniel S. Konieczny to CEO of Direct Technology. In his new role, Dan continues to run ESG and also oversees two other key divisions: Direct Technology's Government Solutions, operated by SVP Davood Ghods, and IT Services, operated by director Nick Saechow. Former CEO Rick Nelson will now serve on the Board of TA Group Holdings. Direct Technology solves complex business problems with technology solutions including ESG Energy Efficiency Software as a Service (SaaS), Government Solutions, Network Technologies, IT Services.
  • ThoughtSpot, CA - ThoughtSpot appointed Sudheesh Nair as its new CEO. He has been President at Nutanix since February 2016. Nair joins ThoughtSpot following the company’s $145 million Series D funding. Nair replaces Co-Founder Ajeet Singh as CEO. Both were co-founders of Nutanix. ThoughtSpot offers search-driven analytics for enterprises.
  • Awake Security, CA - Awake Security announced that it has appointed former Cylance CTO Rahul Kashyap as its new CEO. Kashyap is set to take over the CEO role from Michael Callahan, who incubated Awake as an entrepreneur in residence at the venture capital firm Greylock Partners. Awake Security develops cybersecurity analytics solutions using big data and machine learning.
  • Ayla Networks, CA - Ayla Networks announced that Jonathan Cobb has been promoted from COO to CEO, while David Friedman, current CEO and co-founder, will take on a new role as executive chairman and chief strategy officer (CSO). Ayla Networks provides an Internet of Things (IoT) platform for manufacturers and service providers.
  • AutoGravity Corporation, CA - AutoGravity appointed Alex Mallmann as President and CEO replacing Andreas Hinrichs, who left in May. An automotive-industry veteran and seasoned leader with more than twenty years of experience, Mallmann most recently served as President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance China. AutoGravity Corporation, a financial technology company, develops vehicle leasing and financing applications for smartphones in the United States.
  • Lumiata, CA - Lumiata announced that, it has closed $11 million in new funding co-led by Khosla Ventures and BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners. The investment was secured under the leadership of Dilawar Syed, who was appointed CEO by the company’s board of directors in April 2018. Syed most recently served as president at Freshworks. He replaces Ash Damle, founder and CEO. Lumiata provides predictive health analytics for risk-bearing organizations.
  • Sparkpost, CA - SparkPost announced that Richard Harris has joined the company as CEO. Prior to joining the company, Harris served as group VP of Oracle's Data Cloud business unit and was responsible for its international operations. He succeeds outgoing CEO Phillip Merrick. Merrick is leaving SparkPost to pursue his passion for growing early-stage companies. Sparkpost operates a cloud email infrastructure that provides email delivery services for applications and Websites worldwide.
  • CENTRI Technology, WA - IoT security provider CENTRI Technology appointed Robert ‘Rob’ Strickland to the role of CEO of CENTRI and Atonomi, its blockchain-based arm. Strickland is former Chief Technical Officer of Cricket Wireless (Leap) when it was purchased by AT&T in March 2014 and serving as CIO of T-Mobile USA. Strickland has also served as the longest member of the Atonomi and CENTRI's Board of Directors. CENTRI Founder and Atonomi Co-founder Vaughan Emery will move into the role of Founder & Evangelist of Atonomi. CENTRI Technology designs and develops security solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) products and services.
  • Vera Security, CA - Vera announced that Carlos Delatorre has been appointed as CEO. Delatorre most recently served as Chief Revenue Officer at MongoDB where he led the company to achieve 4X growth in less than 4 years, enabling MongoDB to be the first database company to IPO in over two decades. Ajay Arora, Vera’s co-founder and founding CEO, will transition to serve as Chief Strategy Officer. Vera Security develops and provides data security solutions.

Of note: Transition from Co-CEO to Sole-CEO

  • Scientific Learning, California - Scientific Learning Corporation announced that Jeffrey D. Thomas has assumed the role of sole CEO of the company and co-CEO Robert Bowen will continue to serve as Chairman. Thomas was named co-CEO in February after serving as the board’s Lead Independent Director.

Tech CEO Appointments - Canada

  • Ontario: BSM Technologies, Millennial Esports, Ether Capital Corporation, ePIC Blockchain Technologies.
  • Canadian Flag icon British Columbia: Teradici, AXS Blockchain Solutions.

Tech CEO Appointments - Canada

  • BSM Technologies, ON, Canada - BSM Technologies appointed Mr. Louis De Jong as its President, CEO and Director. De Jong first joined BSM as its CFO in 2014. Concurrently, Mr. Aly Rahemtulla resigned as BSM's President and CEO and as a member of the Board, after over 10-years of service and contributions towards building BSM into a leading provider of real-time GPS fleet and asset management solutions.
  • Teradici Corporation, BC, Canada - Teradici appointed technology veteran, David Smith as its interim CEO and the website shows him as CEO currently. The former QuickMobile CEO was brought on to help accelerate the growth of Teradici and its Cloud Access solution as the company continues to focus on Enterprise Software and Services. He replaced Co-founder, president & CEO Dan Cordingley.
  • Millennial Esports, ON, Canada - Millennial Esports appointed Stephen Shoemaker to the dual roles of CEO and President, following the successful conclusion of Bob Reif’s tenure as President and former CEO Alex Igelman’s transition to Executive Chairman. Mr. Shoemaker previously served as Head of Global Finance for Millennial, and steps into his new positions with a wealth of relevant experience. Millennial Esports provides turnkey solutions that cover gaming technology and studios, event management, research and analytics, content production, and broadcasting worldwide.
  • AXS Blockchain Solutions, BC, Canada - AXS Blockchain Solutions announced that the board of directors has appointed Ashik Karim as CEO and a director. Mr. Karim is currently and will also remain the CEO of newly acquired company Chainlinks Lab. Mohammad Ahmad has stepped down as CEO to take on a strategic leadership role as Chairman of AXS. AXS Blockchain Solutions provides blockchain consulting and development services in Canada.
  • Ether Capital Corporation, ON, Canada - Ether Capital Corporation appointed Brian Mosoff as CEO. Mosoff is an entrepreneur and angel investor focused on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This decision was made in consultation with Michael Conn, who concurrently resigned from his position as CEO and Director. Ether Capital was launched by several Canadian VC firms and technologies in January and had a private placement co-led by CIBC Capital Markets and Cannacord where $36M has been raised. The firm’s strategy is to acquire Ether and make strategic acquisitions of controlling stakes in Ethereum-based businesses.
  • ePIC Blockchain Technologies, ON, Canada - ePIC Blockchain Technologies appointed Henry Quan as its new CEO. Most importantly, Henry served in critical roles at ATI Technologies as the senior executive for marketing, product and corporate development. He replaces Co-Founder Scott Howard as CEO. ePIC Blockchain Technologies designs and manufactures currency mining tools, chips, and application specific integrated circuits (ASIC).

Tech CEO Appointments - EMEA


a5 vell team

  • UK: Spectris plc, Zen Internet, Cloudreach Europe, Imaginatik, Allocate Software, OTA Insight, Validis
  • Sweden: Pricer AB, Cinnober Financial Technology, TargetEveryone,
  • Netherlands: Axon Digital Design, To Increase
  • Switzerland: TWINT AG, UPC Switzerland
  • Others: Cancom, Germany; Telia Lietuva, Lithuania; Netia S.A., Poland; Telenor Bulgaria, Bulgaria; Napatech, Denmark; Efecte, Finland

Middle East & Africa

  • UAE: Thuraya Telecommunications Company,
  • South Africa: EOH Holdings
  • Israel: Cloudify

Tech CEO Appointment Details - EMEA

  • TWINT AG, Switzerland - Twint is planning to replace its CEO in winter. Twint CEO Thierry Kneissler, who has been managing the Post finance spin-off since 2014, will resign and will be replaced by Martin Kilb, who currently heads the Munich Family Financing Bank. TWINT AG develops a digital wallet to provide mobile payment solutions.
  • Spectris plc, United Kingdom - Spectris plc announced that Andrew Heath, CEO of Imagination Technologies Group plc, will join the Board as CEO Designate. CEO John O'Higgins, 54, had informed the Board of his intention to retire from the Board and that a search for his successor had commenced. Spectris plc manufactures and sells measuring instruments and controls worldwide.
  • Cancom, Germany - Cancom SE announced that Klaus Weinmann, who as company founder and long-standing CEO has led the CANCOM Group for more than 25 years, has decided to resign from his position. Therefore he has asked the Supervisory Board to terminate his contract prematurely. Thomas Volk, President & General Manager of CANCOM SE, will be his successor. Since Mr. Weinmann wishes to continue to support the CANCOM Group, Mr. Weinmann also informed the Supervisory Board that he is seeking a seat on the Supervisory Board as soon as possible. CANCOM SE provides IT infrastructure and services primarily in Germany, Austria, and the United States.
  • Thuraya Telecommunications Company, United Arab Emirates - Yahsat completed the acquisition of mobile satellite services operator Thuraya Telecommunications Company. Ali Al Hashemi, who has led Yahsat Government Solutions, Yahsat's specialized unit fulfilling defense and governmental client requirements, for the past few years is announced as the new CEO of Thuraya, while former CEO Ahmed Al Shamsi will remain as Advisor to the CEO. Ali Al Hashemi, will at the same time continue to be General Manager of Yahsat Government Solutions. Thuraya Telecommunications Company provides mobile satellite communications services.
  • EOH Holdings, South Africa - EOH Holdings Limited appointed Stephen van Coller as its new CEO. Stephen is a well-known and respected senior business executive, having most recently served at MTN. Van Coller’s appointment follows the announcement last month that EOH would be split into two operating companies, namely EOH and Nextec. Zunaid Mayet, who had served as EOH’s group CEO, has resigned to take the reins at Nextec, while Rob Godlonton will lead the new EOH subsidiary.
  • UPC Switzerland, Switzerland - Liberty Global plc announced that Severina Pascu will become CEO of UPC Switzerland. Pascu is a 10-year veteran of Liberty Global, having served as CEO and CFO for UPC Romani. She will succeed Eric Tveter, who will assume the role of Chairman of UPC Switzerland and, with the pending sale of UPC Austria, will continue to oversee Liberty Global’s Eastern European operations as CEO.
  • Telia Lietuva, Lithuania - Dan Strömberg, currently CEO of Telia Estonia, has been appointed CEO of Telia Lithuania and will replace Kestutis Sliuzas who will leave the company.
  • Netia S.A., Poland - Netia has appointed Andrzej Abramczuk as the new CEO, replacing interim CEO Wojciech Pytel, member of the Supervisory Board. Abramczuk became a board member at Netia on 12 December 2017, after Cyfrowy Polsat acquired a 33-percent stake in Netia. During the past eight months he has been Director of Strategy and Operations. Netia has been without a CEO since 18 May, when Katarzyna Iwuc resigned after Cyfrowy Polsat and Karswell took over control of the company, holding together 66 percent.
  • Telenor Bulgaria, Bulgaria - Telenor Bulgaria appointed Jason Kind as its new CEO as of September 1, 2018. Jason King has previously held senior leadership positions at Deutsche Telekom, UPC Liberty Global and Veon. He replaces Ole Bjørn Sjulstad who served as CEO since 2017.
  • Pricer AB, Sweden - The Board of Directors for Pricer AB has appointed Helena Holmgren as new CEO of the company. Holmgren has been acting CEO for Pricer since August 2017, when Andreas Renulf, CEO of Pricer AB, left for personal reasons. Helena has a background as CFO in Pricer AB and earlier in Edgeware AB. Pricer AB provides digital shelf-edge solutions.
  • Zen Internet Limited, United Kingdom - Zen Internet has hired Paul Stobart as its CEO. Mr. Stobart, who was formerly head of FTSE 100-listed business software firm Sage, replaces founder Richard Tang. Zen Internet Limited provides data, voice, and hosting services.
  • Cloudreach Europe, United Kingdom - Cloudreach appointed Aaron Painter as CEO, replacing Co-Founder Pontus Noren who became Vice Chairman of the Board. He most recently served as VP and General Manager for Microsoft in China. Cloudreach Europe develops cloud computing solutions and offers consulting services in North America and Europe.
  • Cinnober Financial Technology AB, Sweden - Cinnober Financial Technology has appointed Group CFO Peter K. Lenardos as Group CEO. Veronica Augustsson, who served as Group CEO since 2012, is leaving Cinnober to pursue other interests. Cinnober Financial Technology develops business-critical system solutions for exchange trading, risk management, and other financial services worldwide.
  • Napatech, Denmark - Napatech A/S announced that Ray Smets is appointed new CEO of the company. Smets comes with extensive experience and a strong track record from executive and senior positions within companies like Cisco Systems, McAfee Security, A10 Networks, Metaswitch Networks, and Packeteer. Henrik Brill Jensen will remain in the company as COO. Napatech provides data delivery solutions for network management and security applications worldwide.
  • Axon Digital Design, Netherlands - Axon Digital Design has appointed Michiel Van Duijvendijk as its CEO. Van Duijvendijk succeeds Jan Eveleens, who served as CEO since 2009. Van Duijvendijk brings to Axon nearly 20 years of experience in the broadcast industry, being the co-founder and co-owner of NEP Netherlands. Axon Digital Design develops, manufactures, and sells professional audio-and video equipment to the broadcast industry and its related industries.
  • Efecte, Finland - The Board of directors of Efecte Plc has appointed Niilo Fredrikson as the new CEO. Fredrikson is currently working at Nokia. Fredrikson has been a board member in Efecte Plc since 2017 and knows well the company's business and prospects. He will resign from the board when he starts as the CEO. He will replace Sakari Suhonen as CEO. Efecte is a software company, providing cloud-based service and identity management solutions.
  • Imaginatik, United Kingdom - Imaginatik plc named Angus Forrest as CEO. Angus is an experienced venture capitalist and investor. Angus joins Imaginatik with the remit to place the Company on a secure financial footing and to restructure the business to generate growth. Angus has over 25 years' experience as a venture capitalist and investor, with a particular focus on the technology sector. In early June, the company ended its sales process despite having been in talks with several parties. At the same time former CEO Ralph Welborn left, without compensation, and former Chairman Matt Cooper also departed. Imaginatik offers leading end-to-end innovation management software and services for business.
  • TargetEveryone AB, Sweden - Torkel Johannessen will become the new CEO of TargetEveryone. Johannessen has been a board member of the company since 2016 and will enter his new position starting October 1 this year. Johannessen comes from the role as Head of Sales and Omnichannel at VITA. CEO Björn Forslund will remain a key member of the management group focusing on business- and product development. TargetEveryone AB operates a digital mobile campaign creation platform.
  • Allocate Software, United Kingdom - Allocate appointed Nick Wilson as CEO. Nick joins Allocate from Advanced, where he was MD Public Sector, Health and Care. He replaces Dr. Sati Sian, who served in the role since September 2015. Allocate Software provides software products and services that enable people-based organizations to deploy and manage their resources and people in the healthcare, defense, maritime, and other commercial sectors.
  • Cloudify Platform, Israel - Cloudify Platform appointed Ariel Dan as the company’s new CEO. Prior to Cloudify, Ariel led two companies to M&A, and has extensive experience in building sustainable cloud & SaaS operations. Dan succeeds Zeev Bikowsky, who has been serving as CEO for nearly a decade. Zeev is wrapping up his tenure following the completion of the successful spinoff of Cloudify from GigaSpaces announced in 2017 by appointing Ariel to take the reins of Cloudify.
  • OTA Insight, United Kingdom - OTA Insight, global leader in providing data intelligence for the hospitality industry, appointed Sean Fitzpatrick as the organization's next CEO. Prior to joining HotSchedules, Sean was Global VP of Strategy and Product Management at Oracle Corporation focused on Advanced Customer Services. Fitzpatrick will succeed Adriaan Coppens, the company's Co-Founder and previous CEO, who has led the company since its founding in 2012.
  • To Increase, Netherlands - Luciano Cunha has been appointed new CEO of Columbus' software development company To-Increase. Luciano Cunha has been running global sales and marketing in Columbus' software development company To-Increase for the past 11 years and is replacing co-founder of To-Increase, Cornelis Bosch. To Increase BV operates as an independent software vendor for Microsoft in industrial equipment and manufacturing.
  • Validis Holdings, United Kingdom - Validis a financial data transmission software solution provider, has named Joel Curry as its new CEO. Before being appointed as the company’s CEO, Curry served as the general manager of operations in North America. With more than 15 years of experience, he spent most of his career at Experian, holding various senior leadership positions and driving high growth businesses. He replaces Max Pell as CEO.
  • AB, Sweden - Quickbit announced that their Senior Advisor, Jörgen Eriksson, take over the role as CEO after Reinhold Konnander. Konnander will however remain as a member of the board. Jörgen Eriksson has since early spring been managing the development of Quickbits operative business in Gibraltar. He has long experience from international business development and a deep knowledge about the financial markets. AB operates as a bitcoin marketplace.

Tech CEO Appointments - Asia Pac

Globe jpeg

  • Australia: Isentia Group, Seeing Machines, Firstwave Cloud Technology, Alcidion Group, Change Financial, Domain Holdings Australia
  • China: China United Network Communications Group, ZTE Corporation, LightInTheBox
  • Hong Kong: HKT Limited, Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong, Inspur International
  • India: Vodafone-Idea, Zomato
  • Others: Compal Electronics, Taiwan; Kcell, Kazakhstan; Ellipsiz, Singapore; Xurpas Philippines; TFP Solutions, Malaysia; CYBIRD Holdings, Japan; NPQ Holdings, Singapore

Tech CEO Appointment Details - Asia Pacific

  • InnoluxCorp., Taiwan, Jun 2018 - Jyh-Chau Wang, Chairman, board member and CEO resigned. The company elected Jin-Yang Hung, Assistant VP of Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd, as its new Chairman. The company is the IoT space for the panel industry.
  • Tesserent, Australia, Jul 2018 - Tesserent appointed Mr. Julian Challingsworth as Interim CEO. Julian joins Tesserent after serving as a Managing Director and Partner of The Litmus Group for over 10 years and a board member of PPB Advisory. Tesserent is a specialist in managed cyber security and networking.
  • Telekom Malaysia Berhad, Malaysia, Jun 2018 - Telekom Malaysia Berhad announced the resignation of its Managing Director and Group CEO Mohammed ShazalliRamly. Deputy CEO Datuk Bazlan Bin Osman named as Acting Group CEO.
  • Maxis Berhad, Malaysia, Mar 2018 - Maxis Berhad appointed Board member Robert Nason as executive Director and interim CEO replacing Morten Lundal. The company is a communications service provider in Malaysia. 
  • Two Degrees Mobile Limited, New Zealand, Aug 2018 - Trilogy International Partners announced that Stewart Sherriff, CEO of its New Zealand based cellular services subsidiary, 2degrees, has stated that he intends to retire. Mr. Sherriff will remain in the role until a replacement is found, at which point he will serve on the 2degrees Board of Directors.
  • ITI Ltd, India, Jun 2018 - India based telecom equipment company ITI Ltd announced that S Gopu, Chairman and Managing Director has retired from the Company, having attained retirement age. K Alagesan Director- Production is entrusted with additional charge as Chairman and Managing Director for a period of three months. Indian Telephone Industries Ltd, commonly known as ITI Ltd, is a state-owned manufacturer of telecommunications equipment in India.
  • Trade Me Group Ltd, New Zealand, Jun 2018 - Trade Me Group CEO Jon Macdonald has announced he intends to step away from the company within 2018. This will bring to a close a tenure that started in 2003, including more than a decade as CEO. The Trade Me board started a global recruitment process. Trade Me is the largest Internet auction website operating in New Zealand.
  • CS Loxinfo Public Company, Thailand, Mar 2018 - Anant Kaewruamvongs resigned from the position of CEO and Managing Director. The board of directors has appointed Dr. Somchai Kittichaikoonkit, currently VP - Marketing & Sales, as Acting CEO and Managing Director. The company is engaged in the provision of Internet data centre services, Internet and satellite uplink-downlink services for domestic and international communications.
  • GET Holdings Ltd, Hong Kong, Jun 2018 - Ms. Hung Yvonne has retired as an executive Director and resigned as the CEO of the Company. GET Holdings Ltd, an investment holding company, engages in the research, development, and distribution of personal computer performance software, anti-virus software, mobile phone applications, and toolbar advertisements.
  • Big Un, Australia, May 2018 - BIG Un Ltd announced that the CEO Mr. Richard Evertz, has tendered his resignation. Big Un's business model – making videos for small companies like florists, cafes, hairdressers and beauty salons, proved to be little more than smoke and mirrors, generating a fraction of the cash flows it presented to the market. This was one of the biggest scandals in Australian Corporate history.
  • ConnexionzLtd, New Zealand, Jun 2018 - ConnexionzLtd announced that Rhod Pickavance is stepping down as CEO of the company. While the company searches for a successor, Connexionz Board Director, Richard Riley, has stepped in as interim CEO. The company provides automatic vehicle tracking systems to transit agencies.
  • Transcendence Technologies, Australia, Jul 2018 - Bowen Plug resigned as CEO. Transcendence Technologies Limited, through its subsidiary, E-Collate Pty Ltd, develops communication platforms and data systems to link multi-source data and provide information for decision making in Australia. 
  • REFFIND, Australia, Aug 2018 - Employee engagement solutions provider REFFIND announced that its current CEO, Tim Lea, is leaving company. Pending the appointment of a full time CEO, the REFFIND team will report to Non-Executive Chairman David Jackson, who will now take an interim Executive role for REFFIND. 

CEO Appointments - Latin America

  • Brazil: TIM Participações S.A.

TIM Participações S.A., Brazil - TIM Participações S.A. announced that Stefano De Angelis will be replaced by Mr. Sami Foguel, COO at TAP Air Portugal, as CEO. De Angelis had stepped down as his expat agreement expired. He will remain on the board. TIM Participações S.A. provides telecommunication services in Brazil.


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Vell Executive Search Representative Placements

Board Members
Board Member, $50m Security Software, West Coast 
(FLTX), Fleet Management Software (SaaS) - Board member (4)
Carbonite (CARB), Online Backup for SMB (SaaS) - Board Members (2) 
LogMeIn (LOGM), SaaS & IoT Software - Board members (2)
CEOs/ Presidents/ GMs
COO, Digital Media Co.CEO, Unified Communication
CEO, $10m Software for media
President, $1.4b BPO business
Chairman & CEO - Application Software company (West Coast) 
CTOs/ Engineering/ CIOs/CISOs
Chief Digital Officer, Agero, $1b Connected Car Company
$5b market cap Payment tech company
CTO, $70m EdTech SaaS Co.
CIO, $2b Media company (NYC)
CIO & CISO, Secure Document Software Company (West coast)
CTO & CPO, $100m Mortgage Software
CTO, Security Software company (West Coast)  
CISO, $5b Tech Company
CFO, West coast tech company
CFO, Quantum Computing Company
CFO , $1b Media Company
CFO, digital media Company 
SVP Sales, $22m Enterpise Software Co.
SVP Sales & Services, $70m EdTech SaaS Co.
EVP Sales, Marketing & BD, $500m Unified Communications Co.
VP, North America (now SVP Sales), $60m SaaS to Retail Industry
CMO, SaaS Software Company
VP, Marketing, $50m software company
VP, Marketing & BD, Software company
CMO, $50m Services Company 
Product Management
CPO, HCIT Healthcare SaaS (Division of large co.)
VP Product Management, $120m SaaS Co.   
VP & GM, Transportation and Logistics Software (SaaS, large public co.)
VP & GM, SMB (SaaS, large public co.)

About Vell Executive Search

About Vell Executive Search
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Prior to founding the firm in 2005, Vell was a Partner at Heidrick & Struggles' Technology practice for seven years.  Before her career in executive search, she worked at IBM for 11 years, managing software engineering organizations of 100 people and software sales organizations with revenues of $150 million. She has also served as an executive assistant to the CEO of IBM Canada for one year.

Vell holds seven worldwide software patents. She has published several Business of Leadership reports on governance and leadership and has been quoted in numerous articles including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Week, Fortune, Agenda Week, MSNBC, Mass High Tech, the OPUS for the World Economic Forum, Boston Business Journal, The Globe & Mail, CIO Magazine, and IEEE. She also has been a featured speaker on leadership at numerous conferences and at Columbia University's MBA program.

Vell is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), the Boston CEO Roundtable. She has served on the boards of Framingham State, Entrepreneur's Organization, Goodwill, Mary Centre for developmentally handicapped adults,, and RBC Capital Partners.

She has received an MBA from the University of Toronto, a Master in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, and a Bachelor in Computer Science from Carleton. She has also completed the MIT Entrepreneurial Master’s program.

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