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60 Open Tech CEO Roles & 48 Tech CEO Appointments Featured

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April 3, 2018

Welcome to our Technology CEO Transitions Newsletter.

We endeavor to catalog all open technology CEO roles (as of 3/31/2018) and latest appointments for the month of March 2018.  

The average length of time the searches are open is 4.3 months, down from 5.2 last month. There is little variance across geographies. 

In This Edition 

  • Summary Trends & Stats -  Open Tech CEO Roles & Latest Appointments
  • Open CEO Roles as of March 31st, 2018
  • Tech CEOs Appointed in March 2018
  • Vell Research & Insights Summary
  • Featured Vell Placements

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Summary Stats and Trends

By the numbers, overall:
  • Total Open CEO Roles: 60
  • New CEO Appointments: 48 CEO roles filled
    - Gender Diversity:  4 women or 8%, 44 men
Geographic Distribution of Open Roles Vs. New Tech Appointments
2018 Apr Fig 1 New CEOs by Geography

New Tech CEO Openings: 17 – VEON (Netherlands), NCR Corporation (GA), Bezeq The Israel Telecommunication Corporation (Israel), Total Access Communication (Thailand), Maxis Berhad (Malaysia), The Rank Group Plc (UK), Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (OR), GO plc (Malta), NetEnt (Sweden), SUNeVision Holdings (Hong Kong), AutoWeb (CA), IDOX plc (UK), Trio Industrial Electronics Group (  Hong Kong), CS Loxinfo Public Company (Thailand), Urthecast (VC, Canada), IDE Group Holdings (UK), Net Insight (Sweden).

CEOs Appointed – Sources 


13% of the CEOs appointed were Chairman or Board Members, 15% were COOs or President or EVP – Operations, divisional execs promoted were 4%, 10% other internal executives and 58% external appointments.  ​   

2018 Apr Fig 2 Sources of CEO Appointments

Diversity: 4 (8%) CEOs out of 48 total CEOs appointed were women. 

2018 Apr Fig 3 New CEOs   Diversity

The two longest CEO searches started in June and September 2016. 

Want to keep up to date? Get more updates on new board members (Tech execs on tech and non ech- boards; women board members), on new execs/board updates for the Giants, the software industry, and many more. A summary of Vell Research Reports and board/exec updates can be found here. Vell Research Reports and Exec/board moves.

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Tech CEO Roles Open As of March 31st, 2018

Questionmark Guy Thought Leadership jpeg

The United States & Canada 

VEON, Netherlands, March 2018 - CEO Jean-Yves Charlier is leaving the company. The Supervisory Board is undertaking a search for a new CEO.

NCR Corporation, Georgia, March 2018 - NCR Corporation announced that Bill Nuti, Chairman and CEO, intends to step down for health reasons upon the naming of a new CEO. The Board, with the assistance of Spencer Stuart, has been conducting a thorough CEO search.

Convergys Corporation, Ohio, January 2018 - President and CEO Andrea Ayers will transition from her role following a nearly 30-year career at the Company. Ayers will continue to lead the Company in her current role President and CEO, as well as a member of the Board of Directors, as long as necessary for transition purposes.

Match Group, Texas, November 2017 - Match Group is actively recruiting to fill the CEO position at PlentyOfFish. Hesam Hosseini, currently CEO of PlentyOfFish, will become CEO of Match and Match Affinity Brands.

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation, Oregon, March 2018 - President and CEO, Darin G. Billerbeck, has decided to retire. Glen Hawk, the Company’s COO since November 2015, will be Interim CEO. The Board will conduct a thorough search process for a permanent CEO, including both internal and external candidates, and has retained Egon Zehnder for the search.

Five9, California, November 2017 - Mike Burkland, Chairman, President and CEO, will be transitioning to become executive chairman. In October, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and will be undergoing aggressive treatment over the next several months. The board has named Barry Zwarenstein, the company’s CFO, to the additional post of Interim CEO while a search for a permanent CEO commences.

Sigma Designs, California, January 2018 - Sigma Designs' President & CEO Thinh Tran has resigned. Mr. Elias Nader, Sigma's current SVP and CFO, has been appointed as interim President and CEO.

AutoWeb, California, March 2018 - AutoWeb is initiating an executive management succession process to appoint a new CEO as CEO Jeffrey Coats will be stepping down.

Marchex, Washington, October 2016 - Pete Christothoulou resigned as CEO in October last year. 

Absolute Software, British Columbia, Canada, January 2018 - Absolute Software named Steve Munford, an accomplished cybersecurity industry leader, as interim CEO. Absolute’s former CEO, Geoff Haydon, resigned as both CEO and member of the Board.

Numerex, Georgia, January 2017 - Numerex CEO Marc Zionts stepped down. CFO Kenneth Gayronis is now interim CEO.  

Urthecast,Vancouver, Canada, March 2018 - Board member Greg Nordal was appointed as Interim CEO while former President and CEO, Wade Larson, who was a founder of the Company, will be stepping down as CEO and director., California, October 2016 – Dr. Elizabeth M. Cholawsky departed as president and CEO. Richard Bloom is iCEO.

Westell Technologies, Illinois, November 2017 - Chairman Kirk R. Brannock has been appointed interim President and CEO. The Board intends to conduct a search for a permanent CEO.

Xceligent, Missouri, October 2017 - Jody Vanarsdale, Xceligent’s COO, will take on the role of Acting CEO.

Cartesian, Kansas, November 2017 - Peter Woodward provided formal notice to Cartesian that he will resign from his position as CEO.

Apivio Systems, BC, Canada, May 2017 - Apivio Systems appointed Ms. Elizabeth Park as interim President and CEO.

Dealnet Capital, Ontario, Canada, October 2017 - The company has commenced the search for a new CEO following the decision by the company to replace the current CEO, Mr. Michael Hilmer. Brent Houlden is Interim CEO & Director.

Brekford, Maryland, November 2016 - Brekford entered into a separation agreement with C.B. Brechin, the company's CEO and CFO. 

IDT Telecom, New Jersey, December 2017 - Abilio (Bill) Pereira, who currently serves as CEO of IDT Telecom was provided termination.

MassRoots, Colorado, December 2017 - Scott Kveton resigned as CEO of the company. Kveton had sold his startup, Odava, to MassRoots in July in a deal worth about $1.6 million, and was later named CEO.

MMRGlobal, California, June 2017 - Robert H. Lorsch, Chairman, President and CEO of the company, died unexpectedly.

Lavu, New Mexico, June 2016 - Marc Chesley has stepped down as the CEO of Lavu. 

International Card Establishment, California, July 2017 - Payment company International Card Establishment appointed Kelani Long iCEO & Director.

Kickstarter, New York, July 2017 - Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler is stepping down as CEO of the innovative crowdfunding company later this year. Kickstarter is now actively looking for a replacement., Utah, September 2017 - CEO Tim Sullivan is stepping down. CFO and COO Howard Hochhauser assumed the role of interim CEO as the company conducts a search for a permanent replacement.

Birch Communications, Georgia, October 2017 - Birch Communications announced the departure of President and CEO Tony Tomae.

comScore, Virginia, October 2017 - Dr. Gian Fulgoni its Co-Founder and CEO, intends to retire as CEO. The Board has formed a committee to direct the search for a new CEO. The Committee will retain a leading executive search firm to assist in identifying and evaluating both internal and external candidates for the CEO role.

Bolste, Arizona, October 2017 - Founder Leif Hartwig has stepped down from his position as CEO, but will continue to serve on the board. Current Board member Kenneth Waters will serve in the role of Interim CEO until a permanent successor has been named.

AdColony, California, December 2017 - Otello announced the departure of AdColony's CEO, Will Kassoy. Lars Boilesen, Otello CEO, will act as interim CEO for AdColony while the company searches for his permanent replacement.

DataPath, Georgia, February 2018 - DataPath announced that its Chairman of the Board, Chris Melton, will step in as interim CEO, after its current President and CEO, David Myers, announced his plans to step down in February 2018.  

Europe, Middle East & Africa 

Bezeq The Israel Telecommunication Corporation, Israel, March 2018 - Bezeq The Israel Telecommunication Corporation Limited announced that Ms. Stella Handler, the company’s CEO, is quitting the company.

The Rank Group Plc, United Kingdom, March 2018 - The Rank Group Plc announced that Henry Birch, CEO of Rank since May 2014, has given 12 months' notice to resign from the business in order to join Shop Direct as Group CEO.

Proact IT Group AB, Sweden, February 2018 - Jason Clark has chosen to resign from his position as CEO. The company has initiated a recruitment process of a new CEO. The Board has decided to appoint Peter Javestad, as acting CEO, to lead the company's operations.

Mycronic AB, Sweden, February 2018 - Lena Olving will leave as President and CEO during 2019. The process to find a successor has begun. 

GO plc, Malta, March 2018 - GO plc accepted the resignation of Mr. Attila Keszeg from his post as CEO of the company. The company will start the search and selection process for a suitable replacement immediately.

NetEnt, Sweden, March 2018 - Per Eriksson is to step down as President and CEO with immediate effect. NetEnt's Board has appointed CFO Therese Hillman also as acting CEO.

IDOX plc, United Kingdom, March 2018 - Idox plc announced that CEO and directo Andrew Riley has stepped down, further to the announcement of his absence due to ill health. Richard Kellett-Clarke continues to serve as the Group's interim CEO.

Ellies Holdings Limited, South Africa, November 2017 - Wayne Samson resigned as CEO. The board says a further announcement, regarding the appointment of a new CEO, will be released in due course.

Pricer AB, Sweden, April 2017 - CFO Helena Holmgren has been appointed acting CEO until a new CEO has been recruited. 

IDE Group Holdings, United Kingdom, March 2018 - IDE Group Holdings plc announced that Andy Ross, CEO, has resigned from the company and is stepping down with immediate effect. Julian Phipps, CFO, will assume the role of COO in addition to his CFO duties and additionally the Board intends to further strengthen the Board in due course.

Net Insight, Sweden, March 2018 - Net Insight announced the resignation of Fredrik Tumegård as CEO. The Board of Directors has initiated the recruitment process for his replacement.

Earthport plc, United Kingdom, December 2017 - Earthport plc announces that CEO Hank Uberoi will become Executive Chairman and the Board has initiated a search for a new CEO. Phil Hickman, currently Non-Executive Chairman of the Board, has agreed to act as interim CEO.

Brady Plc, UK, September 2016 - After nine years CEO Gavin Lavelle has decided to pursue new opportunities. Ian Jenks will assume operational control of the company as executive chairman. 

Dods Group PLC, United Kingdom, November 2017 - Guy Cleaver, CEO, has resigned. The Board is currently seeking to appoint a new CEO.

Escher Group Holdings, Ireland, January 2018 - Escher Group Holdings plc announced that it has been notified by Liam Church, Chief Executive, that he will retire at the end of May 2018. During the next few months, Liam will work with the Board to ensure an orderly handover to a replacement CEO.

Porting Access BV, Netherlands, December 2017 - PortingXS has appointed Eric van Mieghem its interim CEO. Van Mieghem succeeds Ronald Vlasman, who died in August. Van Mieghem is the founder of The Vision Web. 

Asia Pacific

Total Access Communication, Thailand, March 2018 - Total Access Communication PLC announced that Mr. Lars-Ake Norling, CEO and a director of the company, has resigned from the positions of CEO and a director to pursue new opportunities effective September 1, 2018 or the date on which a successor has been appointed.

Maxis Berhad, Malaysia, March 2018 - Maxis Berhad appointed Board member Robert Nason as executive Director and interim CEO.

StarHub Ltd., Singapore, November 2017 - CEO Tan Tong Hai will step down from his position. The group said it is engaged in a global executive search for a new CEO.

Vocus Group, Australia, February 2018 - Group CEO Geoff Horth will be leaving the company. The role of Interim Group CEO will be assumed by Michael Simmons, Vocus current Chief Executive of its Wholesale & International Division, and previous Chief Executive of the (former) Vocus Enterprise & Wholesale division.

Domain Holdings Australia, Australia, January 2018 - The Board of Domain Holdings Australia announced that it has accepted the resignation of Antony Catalano as CEO. A domestic and international search for a new CEO is commencing.

J-Devices Corporation, Japan, November 2017 - Yoshifumi Nakaya notified parent company Amkor Technology of his intention to retire as President & CEO of J-Devices at the end of 2017. The company expects to announce Mr. Nakaya's succession plan concurrently with the effective date of his retirement.

SUNeVision Holdings, Hong Kong, March 2018 - Yan King-shun, Peter has tendered his resignation as an Executive Director and the CEO. The company is now in the course of identifying a suitable candidate to be appointed to the role of CEO of the company.

Isentia Group, Australia, February 2018 - Isentia Group Limited announced the resignation of its Managing Director and CEO John Croll. An external search for a replacement commenced immediately.

Trio Industrial Electronics Group, Hong Kong, March 2018 - Chairman, CEO, Executive Director, Director of Marketing Kwan Tak Sum Stanley will retire from his positions. The Board announced that it will discuss replacement of the Positions.

CS Loxinfo Public Company, Thailand, March 2018 - Anant Kaewruamvongs resigned from the position of CEO and Managing Director. The board of directors has appointed Dr. Somchai Kittichaikoonkit, currently VP - Marketing & Sales, as Acting CEO and Managing Director.

Xchanging Solutions, India, October 2017 - Mr. Shrenik Kumar Champalal as CEO for an interim period and whole time director with effect from March 31, 2018. Xchanging Solutions Limited has received resignation letter from Mr. Ramaswamy Sankaranarayanan Kavalapara as Managing Director cum CEO 

Seeing Machines Limited, Australia, January 2018 - Seeing Machines Limited announced that CEO Mike McAuliffe is leaving the company. Executive Chairman Ken Kroeger has now been appointed as interim CEO by the board until the recruitment of a new CEO is finalized.

Stargroup Limited, Australia, December 2017 - Stargroup Limited announced Todd Zani has stepped down from his role as CEO of group and is accordingly no longer employed by the company. Mr. Zani will not work-out his notice period.



Technology CEO Appointments in March 2018

The United States & Canada 

Tech Chief Executive Officer Global Appointments jpeg

CenturyLink, Louisiana - CEO Glen F. Post, III to retire from the company and ill be replaced by President and COO Jeff Storey. 

Liberty Interactive, Colorado - Liberty Interactive Corp. is changing its name to Qurate Retail Group and Mike George, currently CEO of QVC, will head Qurate Retail Group as president and CEO. 

Equifax, Georgia - Former GE Capital exec Mark Begor named Equifax's CEO. Begor joins Equifax from Warburg Pincus. 

Nuance Communications, Massachusetts - Nuance Communications appointed President and COO Mark Benjamin as the new CEO of the company. He succeeds Paul Ricci, who is retiring. 

SMART Global Holdings, California - Current Executive Chairman, Ajay Shah, has agreed to accept the full-time position as the next President and CEO of SMART and will continue as the Chairman of the Board. 

Gogo, Illinois - Oakleigh Thorne, a director of the Company since 2003, has been appointed President and CEO. He currently serves as CEO of Thorndale Farm. 

Global Tel*Link, Virginia - Deb Alderson has been named as CEO of GTL. Most recently CEO of Sotera Defense Solutions, which was acquired by KeyW Corporation in March 2017.  

Risk Management Solutions, California - RMS has appointed SolarWinds exec Karen White as its new CEO, replacing current CEO and co-founder Hemant Shah. 

Tintri, California - The board of directors of Tintri has appointed Tom Barton as its CEO. Barton served as COO of Planet Labs. 

Alithya Group and Edgewater Technology, Massachusetts - Alithya Group and Edgewater Technology merged to create a North American digital technology transformation leading player. The current CEO of Alithya, Paul Raymond, will become CEO of the combined company. 

Kibo Software, California - Kibo announced David Post as its new CEO. Prior, he served as the President of Vista Consulting Group, the operational consulting arm of Vista Equity Partners. 

Sys-Tech Solutions, New Jersey - Systech International announced Ara Ohanian as its new CEO. Ohanian most recently led the explosive growth of Unite US' care coordination platform bridging healthcare and social services. Previously, he served as SVP & GM of Infor. 

Blancco Technology Group, Georgia - Matt Jones, most recently CEO of cybersecurity company E8 Security, is now CEO. 

Csafe, Ohio - CSafe Global announced that Jeff Pepperworth has been named as its new CEO. Prior to joining CSafe, Mr. Pepperworth served as President of the Healthcare division for Inmar. 

CCUR Holdings, Georgia, January 2018 - Board Member Wayne Barr, Jr. is now Executive Chairman, CEO and President. 

Vicon Industries, New York - Vicon Industries appointed Saagar Govil as the Chairman and CEO of the Company. Govil has been the Chairman of Cemtrex since June 2014, and its CEO and President since December 2011. 

Novation Companies, Missouri - David W. Pointer will serve as the company’s CEO, as a director and Chairman of the Board. Mr. Pointer has served on the Board of CompuMed, since 2013 and as Chairman since 2014, and as Co-CEO from 2015 to 2016.  

Revel Systems, California - Revel Systems appointed Greg Dukat to CEO. Most recently, Dukat was the Chairman, President, and CEO of Comverge, which provides cloud-based, energy efficiency and customer engagement solutions for electric utilities. 

Column5 Consulting, Arizona - Column5 Consulting announced Ian Thurbon as the company's new CEO. Former EVP, AccountabilIT. 

Insitu, Texas - Esina Alic has been named Insitu president and CEO. Alic rejoins Insitu from adidas in Germany where she served as SVP of Global Operations, Strategy and Programs. 

Coalfire Systems, Colorado - Coalfire has appointed COO Tom McAndrew to the position of CEO. 

Sharing Services, Texas - Jordan Brock, President and CEO of Sharing Services resigned as President and CEO. The board appointed John (JT) Thatch to the position of President, CEO, and a director of the Company. He has been the Managing Member of Superior Wine and Spirits from 2016 to present. 

Backbone Hosting Solutions, Quebec, Canada - Backbone Hosting Solutions appointed Wes Fulford as the new CEO of the company. Fulford has spent the last twelve years working as an investment banker with several leading U.S. and Canadian investment banks.  

Ronin Blockchain, British Columbia, Canada - Datametrex AI Limited appointed Michael Frank, as the new CEO of Ronin Blockchain Corp. Frank, as President of Mifran Consulting, provided advisory services to emerging technology public companies in the areas of M&A, financing, operations, and business development. 

Ionic Security, Georgia - Ionic Security has appointed Eric Hinkle as President and CEO. Hinkle, a seasoned technology CEO and operating executive, joins Ionic most recently from Marlin Equity Partners.  

BetterWorks Systems, California - BetterWorks announced that Enterprise software veteran Doug Dennerline was named Executive Chairman last year and now adds CEO to his title. 

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Mobile Telecommunications Company K.S.C.P., Kuwait - Mobile Telecommunications has appointed Zain Group CEO Bader Nasser Al Kharafi as CEO. 

Shop Direct Group, United Kingdom - Shop Direct appointed Henry Birch as Group CEO. More recently he worked for The Rank Group Plc as CEO. 

Micro Focus International, United Kingdom - Micro Focus International's CEO Chris Hsu will step down immediately as the CEO, replaced by COO Stephen Murdoch as CEO and director. 

Gamma Communications, United Kingdom - CEO Bob Falconer has informed the Board of his decision to retire at this year's AGM. The board appointed Andrew Taylor as CEO designate. Until recently, Andrew was CEO of Nomad Digital, a provider of IP connectivity and digital solutions to the global transportation sector. 

Sportech, United Kingdom - Sportech named Andrew Gaughan as CEO. Andrew joined Sportech in 2010 following the acquisition of Scientific Games Racing, and was appointed to the Board in January 2017. 

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, Germany - LPKF Laser & Electronics AG appointed Dr. Goetz M. Bendele as new CEO. Most recently, Bendele was a Partner at Infosys Limited in Seattle, responsible for their consulting business on the U.S. West Coast. 

Techstep, Norway - Techstep ASA appointed Jens Haviken as new CEO. Former VP, Services & Solutions, Dustin Group. 

Catena Media, Malta - Catena Media appointed Per Hellberg as its new CEO. Hellberg previously held the CEO position at Nordic Gaming Group. 

Scytl Secure Electronic Voting, Spain - Scytl appointed Holger Taubmann as its new CEO. Taubmann has spent most of his professional career at the Amadeus IT Group, holding various senior roles. 

SysGroup plc, United Kingdom, November 2017 - Sysgroup Appoints COO Adam Binks as CEO. 

Industrial and Financial Systems, IFS AB, Sweden - IFS announced that it has hired Darren Roos as the CEO. Most recently Roos was President of SAP's Cloud ERP business. 

Asia Pacific 

Idea Cellular and Vodafone India, India - Vodafone India and Idea Cellular combines business, and Balesh Sharma, currently COO of Vodafone India, will serve as the CEO. 

Ennoconn, Taiwan - Ennoconn Corporation appointed Chairman Chu, Fu-Chuan as CEO.  

Xero, New Zealand - Xero appointed Ex-Microsoft Australia CEO Steve Vamos as CEO to succeed founder Rod Drury. 

Alibaba Health Information Technology, Hong Kong - Alibaba Health Information Technology's CEO Mr. Wang Lei has resigned. Shen Difan, Alibaba Group's AliExpress business, is the new CEO.

Superloop, Australia - Superloop Limited appointed Drew Kelton as CEO. More than 25 years' experience in CEO and senior leadership roles at DocuSign, T-Mobile Business, Bharti Airtel, etc.  

Maxnerva Technology Services, Hong Kong - Kao Shih-Chung has been appointed as an executive Director and CEO of the Company. Kao has been working in the Hon Hai Precision Industry and its subsidiaries for over 15 years. 

TV18 Home Shopping Network, India - Homeshop18 has appointed Manish Kalra as its CEO. Prior to this appointment, Kalra worked for Craftsvilla as its chief business officer.  

Subex, India - The Board of Subex appointed Vinod Kumar as MD and CEO. Kumar was serving as the COO at Subex from 2013 and is also a member of the board.

DFNN, Philippines - Ramon C. Garcia, Jr. resigned as President and CEO and Mr. Calvin Lim was appointed as the company's new president and CEO. Lim is the Co-founder and served as its COO of Nogle Limited. 

eCargo Holdings, Hong Kong - eCargo Holdings named Ms. Eva Zhang as the CEO. Zhang who was previously a Managing Director of Wattle Hill Capita, will continue as CEO of Jessica's Suitcase. 

Pak Datacom, Pakistan - Pak Datacom announced that COO Syed Jamal Nasir has been appointed as CEO in place of Syed Abrar Hussain.  



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