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79 Open Tech CEO Roles & 99 Tech CEO Appointments Featured

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July 7, 2017 

Happy Canada Day! and Happy 4th of July!!!
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Welcome to our CEO Turnover Newsletter. This newsletter covers open CEO roles and latest appointments in the tech sector in the month of June 2017.
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The average length of time the CEO searches have been open is 3.8 months, down from 5 months earlier this year. There is little variance across geographies. 

This month's trends.... 

By the numbers, overall:

  •   Total Open CEO Roles: 79
  •   New CEO Appointments: 99 CEOs in 96 Companies (8 women or 8.1%, 91 men). Includes 3 co-CEOs roles.

Geographic Distribution of Open Tech CEO Roles &



 2017 6 22 Open roles Geographical Map jpeg

 New CEO Appointments


New Tech CEO Openings: 14 – Uber Technologies (CA), United Microelectronics (Taiwan), Lexmark International (KY), Pandora Media (CA), Shunfeng International Clean Energy (Hong Kong), Dustin Group (Sweden),Nektan (Gibraltar), Clavister Holding (Sweden), MMRGlobal (CA), Fireswirl Technologies (Canada), Zoosk (CA), Ubiquity (CA), Weebit Nano (Australia), INTREorg Systems (TX). 

CEOs Appointed – Sources 


7% of the CEOs appointed were interim appointments, CEOs of an acquired company, and a consolidation of two co-CEOs into one; 11% were current board members, 24% internal executives and 58% external appointments. 

The three sets of co-CEOs appointed were all internal executives promoted.

2017 7 7 Sources of CEO Appoint. June 2017

Externally Appointed CEOs

Of the externally appointed CEOs, the primary and most senior functional experience is as follows:

- 48% of the externally appointed CEOs were CEOs before (including a dual CEO & CTO)
- 31% were GMs, whether they be Regional or Divisional; one of the GMs also serving as Chief Analytics Officer
- 10% were COOs and Presidents, including a President & Chief Digital Officer
- 5% had product backgrounds, 4% CMO backgrounds and 2% CFO.


Internal Executive Appointments
25 companies appointed an internal executive, with three of the companies having co-CEOs and two companies appointed an internal executive who also sits on their board (counted as a board member in the first chart above).



 2017 7 7 Diversity CEOs Appointjpg






The average length of time the CEO searches have been open is 3.8 months, down from 5 months earlier this year. There is little variance across geographies.

 The two longest CEO searches started in January and February 2016. 

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Tech CEOs Appointed in June 2017

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 Tech CEO Roles Open as of June 30th, 2017  


The United States & Canada

Uber Technologies
, California - $6.5B - June 2017 - Uber Co-founder Travis Kalanick has stepped down as CEO of the ride-hailing service following intense pressure from investors Kalanick will, however, stay on the company's board. 

HSN, Florida - $3.5B, April 2017 - CEO Mindy Grossman has resigned. The Board has established an Office of the CEO. 

Lexmark International, Kentucky - $3.4B - June 2017 - President and CEO David Reeder has resigned for personal reasons. In the interim, Lexmark will be led by a management team consisting of Brock Saladin, SVP and chief revenue officer, and Allen Waugerman, SVP and CTO. 

Nuance Communications, Massachusetts - $1.9B, November 2016 - Chairman and CEO Paul Ricci intends to retire at the end of first half of fiscal 2018. 

John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey - $1.7B, May 2017 - President & CEO Mark J. Allin resigned. Chairman Matthew S. Kissner is now Interim CEO.

Cree, North Carolina - $1.5B, May 2017 - Chairman, President and CEO Chuck Swoboda intends to stay on until a successor is appointed. 

Pandora Media, California - $1.4B - June 2017 - Tim Westergren will step down as CEO board member. The company has commenced a search for a successor and appointed CFO Naveen Chopra as interim CEO. 

Endurance International, Massachusetts - $1.1B, April 2017 - CEO Hari Ravichandran will remain CEO while the company conducts a search to identify his successor. 

TiVo, California - $736.5M, May 2017 - President and CEO, Thomas Carson, informed the company’s Board of Directors of his intention to retire. 

Glassbridge Enterprises (fka Imation), Minnesota - $514.9M, February 2017 - CFO Danny Zheng will serve as Interim CEO until the company Board appoints a new CEO.  

CPI Card Group, Colorado - $278.3M, April 2017 - CEO and President Steve Montross will be retiring.  

Nanometrics, California - $233.0M, May 2017 - President and CEO, Dr. Timothy J. Stultz, plans to retire. The company has retained Spencer Stuart to identify a successor. 

Marchex, Washington - $129.5M, October 2016 - Pete Christothoulou resigned as CEO in October last year.  

Edgewater Technology, Massachusetts - $119.9M, March 2017 - Jeffrey L. Rutherford is Interim President and CEO.  

Wi-LAN (Now Quarterhill), Ottawa, Canada - $98.3M, April 2017 - Shaun McEwan, CFO, will become Interim CEO.  

Numerex, Georgia - $71.9M, January 2017 - Numerex terminated the employment of Marc Zionts as CEO. CFO Kenneth Gayronis interim CEO., California - $65.1M, October 2016 – Dr. Elizabeth M. Cholawsky resigned from her position as president and CEO of  

Apivio Systems, BC, Canada - $43.7M, May 2017 - Apivio Systems appointed Ms. Elizabeth Park as interim President and CEO of the company. 

Sierra Monitor, California - $19.2M, May 2017 - Sierra Monitor appointed Gordon Arnold as interim President and CEO. 

Brekford, Maryland - $16M, November 2016 - Brekford entered into a separation agreement with C.B. Brechin, the company's CEO and CFO.  

Micronet Ltd., Utah - $15.7M, January 2017 - Shai Lustgarten stepped down as CEO.  

International Datacasting Corporation, ON, Canada, February 2016 - CFO, Steve Archambault has agreed to serve as CFO and interim CEO.  

COPsync, Texas, April 2017 - COPsync appointed Joseph R. Alosa, Sr. 78,  and Phillip J. Anderson, as the company's interim co-CEOs. 

Magor Corporation, ON, Canada, August 2016 - Mike Pascoe has decided to step down as. CFO Brian Baker is interim President and CEO.  

Spindle, Arizona, June 2016 - The Board appointed board member Dr. Jack Scott as Interim CEO.  

Intrinsic4D, Michigan, February 2017 - The board has appointed CFO Kyle Appleby as interim CEO.  

MMRGlobal, California, June 2017 - Robert H. Lorsch, Chairman, President and CEO of the company, died unexpectedly. 

Moko Social Media, Virginia, May 2017 - Moko Social Media has accepted the resignation of CEO Shripal Shah. Shah remains as a non-executive Director. 

HempTech Corporation, Florida - January 2016 - Sam Talari will become the Acting CEO. The Company will start to recruit a CEO for HempTech.    

Lavu, New Mexico, June 2016 - Marc Chesley has stepped down as the CEO of Lavu.  

HGS Colibrium, Georgia, June 2016 - Mark Poling resigned as CEO and is leaving as a founder to pursue other interests.  

iSIGN Media Solutions, ON, Canada, March 2017 - Joe Kozar, a major shareholder in iSIGN, will be taking on the role of Interim CEO.  

Accelera Innovations, Illinois, April 2017 - Accelera Innovations grants emeritus status to retiring CEO John Wallin. Chair Geoffrey Thompson will become the interim CEO and CFO.  

Capstrat, North Carolina, April 2017 - Capstrat marketing agency announced the resignation of Karen Albritton from President and CEO at the end of June 2017.  

ERF Wireless, Texas, May 2017 - Dr. H. Dean Cubley has been removed as CEO and President. Dr. John B. Barnett, M.D. was named interim CEO, President, and Secretary until replacements are made. 

Carbon Sciences, California, May 2017 - Christopher Kelly resigned as the CEO and a director of Carbon Sciences. The Company appointed William Beifuss, Jr. to serve as the Company's interim CEO. 

Corridor Communications, AB, Canada, May 2017 - CEO Amir Bigloo will depart to pursue other opportunities. CFO Adam Lamont will be serving as interim CEO. 

SigmaBroadband, Georgia, May 2017 - Kelvin D. Smith tendered his resignation as the CEO, COO, and EVP of Business Affairs for SigmaBroadband. 

Fireswirl Technologies, BC, Canada - June 2017 – iCEO Lawrence Ng has resigned. Board member Henry Au has been appointed to replace Ng as Interim CEO. 

Zoosk, California - June 2017 - CEO and President Kelly Steckelberg is leaving. Board member and an early investor in the company, Mike Hodges, will be the interim CEO while a search for a permanent CEO is conducted. 

Ubiquity, California - June 2017 - Former CEO Christopher Carmichael was appointed interim CEO of Ubiquity. 

INTREorg Systems, Texas - June 2017 - David M. Beach tendered his resignation as president, CEO and a director.  


       Europe, Middle East & Africa

ITV PLC, UK - $3.7B, May 2017 - ITV PLC CEO Adam Crozier stepped down. Finance director, Ian Griffiths, will step up to a new combined role of COO and CFO and run the company for an interim period. 

Dustin Group, Sweden - $968.2M - June 2017 - CEO Georgi Ganev will resign from Dustin Group to join as CEO of Kinnevik. Ganev will remain as CEO during his six months’ notice period. 

Softcat Plc, UK - $951.6M, May 2017 - Martin Hellawell has decided to step down as CEO once a successor is in place. 

Solocal Group S.A., France - $857.5M, May 2017 –Jean-Pierre Remy will resign from his position as CEO and Director, to devote himself to an entrepreneurship project. 

JUST EAT Plc, UK - $414M, February 2017 – CFO Paul Harrison will undertake executive duties as Interim CEO.  

NCC Group, U.K. - $301.4M, March 2017 - Rob Cotton has stepped down as CEO. Brian Tenner, CFO, took over as Interim CEO.  

LPKF Laser & Electronics, Germany - $102.1M, March 2017 – CEO Dr. Ingo Bretthauer is stepping down. The supervisory board will now focus on finding a successor. 

Pricer AB, Sweden - $86.9M, April 2017 - Andreas Renulf, CEO of Pricer AB has for personal reasons decided to leave his position.  

Brady Plc, UK - $37.3M, September 2016 - After nine years CEO Gavin Lavelle has decided to pursue new opportunities. Ian Jenks will assume operational control of the company as executive chairman.  

1Spatial, UK - $34.1M, December 2016 - Claire Milverton, CFO, is interim CEO., Denmark - $31.2M, March 2017 - CEO Mette Rode Sundstrøm intends to resign from her position. The search for a new CEO was commenced immediately.  

zamano, Ireland, $26.4M, May 2016 - zamano plc announced that Ross Conlon has tendered his resignation as CEO and director. The board commenced a process for the appointment of a new CEO.  

Myriad Group, Switzerland - $17.4M, January 2017 – Chair Erik Hansen has been appointed Executive Chairman of Myriad as Stephen Dunford resigns as CEO.  

Nektan, Gibraltar - $12.2M - June 2017 - Leigh Nissim has resigned as CEO to take up a new role. The Board has started the search for a permanent replacement. 

Clavister Holding, Sweden - $11.3M - June 2017 - Johan Öhman, appointed only in February 2017, stepped down as CEO and President. Co-founder and current CTO John Vestberg will be Acting CEO. 

WANdisco, UK - $11M, September 2016 - David Richards, CEO, will be stepping down. In the interim, Paul Walker, Non-Exec Chair, has assumed the role of Exec Chair.  

Forbidden Technologies, UK, February 2017 – CEO Aziz Musa has resigned. Chairman David Main, will, on a short term basis, be taking on the CEO's responsibilities whilst the search for a new full time CEO is on. 

Thuraya Telecommunications, UAE - $1.8B, March 2017 - CTO Ahmed Al Shamsi has been appointed as interim Acting CEO of the company. 

EZTD, Israel - $22.9M, May 2017 - Shimon Citron tendered his resignation as a Director and CEO of EZTD. Citron's resignation was a result of a disagreement with the company. 

MER Telemanagement Solutions, Israel - $14.3M, February 2017 - Orey Gilliam, the company's CEO, has left the company. CFO Alon Mualem is interim CEO. 

Trendit, Israel, March 2016 - Lior Romano will also act as interim CEO until a permanent replacement is appointed.  



United Microelectronics, Taiwan - $4.9B - June 2017 - UMC appointed SVPs SC Chien and Jason Wang as co-presidents of the company, following Po-Wen Yen’s retirement as UMC CEO. 

YY, China - $1.2B, May 2017 - Zhou Chen has tendered his resignation as CEO for health reasons. Chair David Xueling Li is now acting CEO. 

Shunfeng International Clean Energy, Hong Kong - $1.1B - June 2017 - Luo (Eric) Xin has resigned as an Executive Director and the CEO. The company is identifying a suitable candidate to be the CEO of the Company. 

Intouch Holdings, Thailand - $325.4M, May 2017 - CEO Philip Chen Chong Tan steps down. EVP-Finance & Accounting Anek Pana-apichon will be Acting CEO. 

Nera Telecommunications, Singapore - $137.6M, October 2016 - The Board has appointed Beck Tong Hong to serve as acting CEO in the interim.  

IRIS Corporation, Malaysia - $100.9M, January 2017 - The Board appointed Mr. Choong Choo Hock, the current COO of the Trusted Identification Division as the acting CEO.  

Giken Sakata, Singapore - $55.5M, November 2016 - Giken Sakata announced the termination of Tan Kay Guan as Executive Director and CEO, to pursue personal interests.  

Paymark, New Zealand - $47.5M, December 2016 - CEO Mark Rushworth has resigned. General Counsel Liam O'Reilly will act in the role until a new head is appointed.  

Touchcorp, Australia - $34.3M, November 2016 - Managing Director Adrian Cleeve passed away in November 2016 after a short illness. Chair Mike Jefferies is acting CEO.  

Mach7 Technologies, Australia, March 2017 - Mach7 Technologies announced the resignation of its Managing Director and Global CEO, Albert Liong.  

RapidCloud, Malaysia, March 2017 - The Board has appointed Chew Man Fai, Executive Director, as interim CEO. The company has stopped trading on AIM. 

8common, Australia, December 2016 - CEO Nick Gonios has resigned and provided six months’ notice.  

Zyber Holdings, Australia, December 2016 - Ben Daly resigned as CEO.  

Search Party Group, Australia, March 2017 - The Board announced the resignation of Managing Director and CEO Mr. Ben Hutt.  

Motopia, Australia, May 2017 - Motopia appointed Mr. Michael Mulvey as the interim CEO of the company. 

Weebit Nano, Australia - June 2017 - Weebit Nano CEO, Yossi Keret, has tendered his resignation. A global search is being undertaken to identify a replacement for Keret. 



Technology CEO Appointments

We missed these!

*There were few CEO Appointments which were not formally announced in the recent past. Website updates, quarterly results or latest press releases reflect the changes. 

  • EMIS Group, UK - Andy Thorburn, former Group COO of Digicel, joined as CEO last month. 
  • Aixtron, Germany – The website now states interim CEO Kim Schindelhauer as CEO, though there has been no announcement about the change.
  • SMTC, Canada – SMTC appointed interim CEO Ed Smith as its CEO. The announcement was part of the quarterly results broadcasts last month.
  • Redknee Solutions, Canada - Interim CEO Danielle Royston was announced as permanent CEO as part of the quarterly results statements. 
  • Yuuzoo, Singapore - Recent Press Releases mention Chairman Thomas Zilliacus as Chairman and CEO. He had earlier served as CEO until 2015.
  •, Kentucky – The website shows interim President and CEO Joseph Peters as permanent CEO, without any formal announcement. 
  • TransBiotec, California - TransBiotec appointed and Interim Secretary Ivan Braiker as President & CEO. No formal announcement on the change.
  • NanoSensors, Michigan – NanoSensors’ latest press releases mention interim CEO and director Terrance Flowers as its CEO and director. 
  • Makedonski Telekom, Macedonia - $186.3M - Andreas Elsner was promoted to CEO.
  • DagangHalal, UK -  The company provides an online service for checking whether products and services are suitable for Muslim consumers. The new CEO is Ali Abdullah.
  • MPS Infotecnics, India – From the website it looks that former CEO Vishal Anand, who stepped down in February 2017, has returned as CEO. 



Tech CEOs Appointed in June 2017 
The United States & Canada  

CenturyLink, Louisiana - $17.2B - CenturyLink announced that upon closing of the CenturyLink – Level 3 acquisition, Jeff Storey, currently president and CEO of Level 3 Communications, will join the company as its president and COO. Glen F. Post III will remain CEO of CenturyLink. It is expected that Storey will succeed Post as CEO of CenturyLink effective Jan. 1, 2019 and that Post will then become executive chairman. 

Autodesk, California - $2.0B - Autodesk appointed Andrew Anagnost, current interim Co-CEO and CMO, as the company's new president and CEO. 

Serco, Virginia - $1.2B - Serco appointed David Dacquino as CEO. Former President and CEO of SkyLink. 

Cincinnati Bell, Ohio - $1.1B - President and COO Leigh R. Fox replaced Theodore H. Torbeck as President and CEO. 

Blue Nile, Washington - $471.9M - Blue Nile appointed seasoned merchandising, digital executive and most recently Chief Digital Officer and President of, Jason Goldberger, as President and CEO. 

Inseego, California - $232.0M - Inseego named Dan Mondor as CEO. Former President & CEO of Spectralink. 

Tremor Video, New York - $173.6M - Mark Zagorski, CEO of eXelate and former EVP of Nielsen Marketing Cloud, will be joining the company as its CEO and board member. 

RhythmOne, California - $149.0M - RhythmOne named its President Edward (Ted) Hastings as successor to CEO Subhransu 'Brian' Mukherjee. 

Hobsons, Ohio - $75.6M - Hobsons has named COO Kate Cassino as CEO. 

Advanced Health Media, New Jersey - $74.9M - Christine Croft has been appointed as CEO of AHM. Christine has served as SVP & CFO of AHM since October 2013. 

MedeAnalytics, California - $50.2M - MedeAnalytics appointed Paul Kaiser as CEO. Kaiser most recently served as president of TriZetto Provider Solutions. 

Vitalyst, Pennsylvania - $48.2M - Barry O'Donnell, SVP of Sales and Account Management, will lead the business as its CEO. 

NetFortris, California - $46.9M - NetFortris announced that it has appointed Kevin Dickens, current COO, and Gene Carr, current CFO, as Co-CEOs. 

SITO Mobile, New Jersey - $43.6M, February 2017 - Thomas Pallack, Interim CEO, was appointed CEO. 

RF Industries, California - $30.0M - RF Industries hired Robert D. Dawson as President and CEO. Most recently President and CEO of Vision Technology Services. 

FalconStor Software, New York - $28.9M - FalconStor Software appointed Todd Oseth as President and CEO. Previously, President and CEO of Intermap Technologies. 

Virgin Pulse, Massachusetts - $28.5M - Virgin Pulse announced that David Osborne, the company's President and COO, has been appointed CEO of the company. 

Netgain Technology, Minnesota - $25.5M - Netgain appointed Kevin Lynch as their new CEO. Previously, CEO of Volerro. 

OmniComm Systems, Florida - $25.2M - COO and President Stephen Johnson was named CEO and President. 

Giga-tronics, California - $16.3M - Acting CEO Joey Thompson will become executive chairman, while Chief Technical Officer John Regazzi and VP, Operations Suresh Nair will become Co-CEOs. 

Aircraft Technical Publishers, California - $11.8M - ParkerGale Capital has appointed Rick Noble as CEO of Aircraft Technical Publishers. ParkerGale, a technology-focused PE firm, acquired ATP in 2015 and recruited Noble to the Board last year. 

Litmus Software, Massachusetts - Litmus has hired Erik Nierenberg as its new CEO. A Litmus board member since 2016, Nierenberg was previously an SVP and GM at 

Microphase, Connecticut - Microphase was acquired by Digital Power Corporation, and its President & CEO Amos Kohn is now Chairman and CEO of Microphase. 

Sunvault Energy, BC, Canada - October 2016 – Board Member Lorne M Roseborough is now CEO. 

Destiny Media Technologies, BC, Canada - Destiny Media Technologies appointed CFO Fred Vandenberg to the role of President and CEO to replace Steve Vestergaard. 

HotApp International, Maryland - Lum Kan Fai, board member and CTO, is the company’s new CEO and President. 

TYG Solutions, New York - TYG Solutions appointed Robert T. Malasek as the CFO, CEO and as a Director. Former CFO, Secretary, Treasurer and a Director of Liberty Coal Energy. 

Good Gaming, Illinois - Good Gaming appointed David B. Dorwart as the new CEO. Dorwart was CoFounder and CEO of Dpi Teleconnect for 10 years. 

CIOX Health, Georgia - CIOX Health appointed Paul Roma as CEO. Roma joins from Deloitte where he was chief analytics officer and led the Deloitte Analytics division. 

Tangoe, Connecticut - As Marlin Equity Partners took private acquisition of Tangoe and merged it with Asentinel, Robert Irwin was appointed as CEO. Former CEO of EMS Software, TDCI and Sterling Commerce. 

SureID, Oregon - SureID has named president and COO Jim Robell to CEO. 

Tapad, New York - Tapad appointed Sigvart Voss Eriksen as CEO. Eriksen previously held the role of head of advertising technology at Telenor. 

Bond International Software, Erecruit Holdings, Massachusetts - Erecruit has merged with Bond International Software to expand geographic reach across the US, Europe and Asia. David Perotti, the CEO of Erecruit, will assume the role of the CEO of the merged organization. 

Pulse Evolution, Florida - Pulse Evolution Corporation announced that veteran entertainment senior executive, Jordan Fiksenbaum, was named as CEO. 

United American, QC, Canada - Benoit Laliberté is now President and CEO. Former CEO and President of Teliphone Corp. 

Gamma 2 Robotics, Colorado - Gamma 2 Robotics announced that Brian Johnson, former senior executive with ADT Security, will lead the company as its President and CEO. 

Fishbowl, Virginia - Fishbowl has named Jim Soss as the organization's next CEO. Previous roles include SVP & GM for Responsys. 

Daily Burn, Alabama - Daily Burn appointed Tricia Han as CEO. Previously Chief Product Officer at IAC's Dotdash (formerly 

Naranga, Georgia - Naranga appointed Mark Montini, CFE, as CEO. Founder and former CEO of Promio. 

ZeroStack, California - ZeroStack announced that David Greene has joined the company as CEO. Joins from Aerohive Networks, where he was CMO. 

Char Software, Massachusetts - Localytics announced that Jude McColgan will become CEO. He comes to Localytics from Avast Software, where he served as the President of Mobile. 

Cenx, ON, Canada - CENX appointed Edward Kennedy as its President and CEO. Most recently, CEO, and President of Tollgrade Communications. 

BlockFraud, California - BlockFraud hired former global telecom exec, Massimo Cristini, as its new CEO. Former VP of Business Operations for Infobip. 

Friday Night, AB, Canada - Friday Night, formerly QuikFlo Health, named Brayden R. Sutton as CEO. Former EVP for Supreme Pharmaceuticals. 

Compellon, California - Compellon appointed Carv Moore as CEO. Former exec at BMC Software Enterprise Systems. 

Casino Scouts, Florida - Casino Scouts appointed Stephen A. Crystal, Esq., as CEO. Previously, President and CEO of multiple casino and gaming technology companies. 

White Ops, New York - White Ops taps Sandeep Swadia as CEO. Sandeep brings over 20 years of experience in building and scaling world-class software companies. 

Door to Door Organics, Colorado - Door to Door Organics has named e-commerce veteran Mike Demko as CEO. Former FreshDirect and Priceline. 

cloudvirga, California - cloudvirga has named Michael Schreck its CEO. Experienced in digital mortgage space and leading tech firms as a CEO, VC and co-founder. 

Senet, New Hampshire - Senet named Bruce Chatterley, former Colt CMO, as CEO, President and Director. 

iJET International, Maryland - Benjamin Allen has been appointed as CEO and new board member of iJet International. Most recently served as president of Marsh & McLennan Agency. 

CloudMine, Pennsylvania - CloudMine appointed Stephen Wray as CEO. Prior, Wray was CEO at MNG Direct. 

The Fila Group, Virginia - The Fila Group has acquired Next Digital Solutions. In the transaction, Next's Principal Ravi Shankar was named CEO of Fila Group. 

Aligned Energy, Connecticut - Aligned Energy appointed data center veteran Andrew Schaap as CEO. Schaap joins Aligned Energy after nearly 11 years with Digital Realty Trust. 

TrapX Security, California - TrapX Security appointed Eran Barkat as CEO. He is former CEO of TrapX and a current board member representing one of the company's major investors. 

BrightFunnel, California - BrightFunnel appointed Christopher Mann as CEO. Former Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. 

Mantra Venture Group, BC, Canada - Board member Roger M. Ponder to serve as CEO of the company. 


Europe, Middle East and Africa 

Rakuten, Luxembourg - $7.2B - Rakuten appointed Toshihiko Otsuka as CEO & GM of Rakuten in Europe. Former COO and CCO of Rakuten Europe. 

Telegraph Media Group, United Kingdom - $472.1M - COO Nick Hugh has been named as the new CEO of Telegraph Media Group, taking over from Murdoch MacLennan. 

GFT Technologies, Germany - $466.5M - GFT has appointed COO Marika Lulay as CEO. 

Netia, Poland - $377.4M - June 2017 - CFO Katarzyna Iwuc has been named as the CEO. 

Telenor Bulgaria, Bulgaria - $352.7M - Telenor Bulgaria announced Ole Bjorn Sjulstad as CEO. Former Chief Corporate Development Officer in Telenor Hungary. 

EET Europarts, Denmark - $213.7M - EET Group appointed Soren Drewsen as new CEO. Former VP, Group MD and head of North Europe at Icopal/BMI Group. 

Watchstone Group, United Kingdom - $78.7M - Stefan Borson, Group General Counsel & Company Secretary, will be next Group CEO. 

Mobotix, Germany - $73.9M - Thomas Lausten assumes responsibility as the new CEO of MOBOTIX. As VP of EMEA, Lausten contributed significantly to the success of Milestone Systems. 

Fyber, Germany - $41.7M - Ziv Elul, currently COO and CEO-Designate, is proposed to become CEO. 

Socialbakers, Czech Republic - $23.3M - Socialbakers appointed Yuval Ben-Itzhak as its new CEO. Most recently, CTO at Outbrain. 

i:FAO, Germany - $19.5M - i:FAO appointed Bernd Schulz as its new CEO. Prior to joining i:FAO, Bernd was GM for Amadeus Germany.

Upstream, United Kingdom - Upstream has announced that its Chief Innovation Officer Guy Krief will be its new CEO. 

EOS, Germany - EOS appointed its CMO Dr. Adrian Keppler to the position of CEO and Speaker of Corporate Management. 

Snell, United Kingdom - Snell Advanced Media has appointed former Tandberg Television President Eric Cooney as President and CEO. 

NEXWAY, France - Nexway has appointed Renaud Sibel as new CEO. Sibel joined Nexway after being COO, EMEA at SAP HYBRIS. 

KuuHubb, Finland - Jouni Keränen is now President, CEO and a Director. Keranen is a Co-Founder of iLemon Group and served as its President. 

Springer Nature, United Kingdom - Derk Haank is to retire from his role as CEO by the end of 2017. Derk will be succeeded by Daniel Ropers, currently CEO of 

Papilly, Sweden - Papilly has appointed Peter Ekmark as its CEO. Previously, Ekmark worked for MTG Media, Smeraldo Consulting AB, Metro International, etc. 

Emperra, Germany - Emperra appointed Bent Johnsen as CEO and MD. Previously, Johnsen worked for BEJO Consult, EGN/Netvaerk Danmark, Pnn Medical etc. 

Huddly, Norway - Huddly promoted product design and collaboration industry expert Jonas Rinde, well known as the co-founder of Spark Board, as CEO. 

4finance Group, Luxembourg - Mark Ruddock is appointed as CEO and Chairman. Mark has been a member of the Group’s supervisory board since February 2017. 

ProQuest, Israel - $96.0M - Matti Shem Tov will succeed Kurt Sanford as the CEO. He is outgoing president of Ex Libris, a ProQuest company. 

Gulf Business Machines, United Arab Emirates - Gulf Business Machines (GBM) has appointed Martin Tarr as the new CEO. Previously VP of Global Technology Services for IBM for  and Africa. 

Wigi4you, Israel - Wigi4you appointed Elaine Wan Yin Ling as President, CEO, CFO, Treasurer,  and Director. Wan has been the Director of Full  International. 

Stellar Capital Partners, South Africa - Non- executive director and former CEO Peter van Zyl is appointed as CEO. 



SITI Networks, India - $184.4M - SITI Networks Limited named Rajesh Sethi as Executive Director & CEO. Former CEO of Ten Sports. 

Xunlei, China - $157.3M - Xunlei Limited has appointed Co-CEO Lei Chen as its only CEO. 

Integrated Research, Australia - $64.0M - John Merakovsky joined as CEO. Merakovsky will leave his position at SEEK Limited as GM of Seek Learning.

FINO PayTech, India - $35.1M - Rishi Gupta, founding member, COO and CFO, was named as managing director and CEO of Fino Payments Bank. 

Hailiang International, Hong Kong - $25.8M - Hailiang International Holdings appointed Feng Luming, an Executive Director, as the CEO of the company. 

Sing Lee Software, Hong Kong - Lin Xue Xin has been appointed as an Executive Director and CEO. With the group since 2000 and has been GM of Hangzhou Singlee Technology. 

ComOps, Australia - ComOps appointed Chris Fydler OAM to the position of CEO. Most recently he was co-owner and CEO of Oriel Technologies., Australia - Henry Arundel joined as CEO and Director. Former Ventia and UGL Services/DTZ. 

Ferrum Public Company, Thailand - $5.6M - President Duenpun Lilavivat will hold the CEO position. She has been Acting Managing Director of Business Development. 

Adherium, New Zealand - $1.6M - Adherium appointed Arik Anderson as Group CEO.  Most recently, President of Perfusion and Surgical Devices at Terumo Cardiovascular Systems. 

REFFIND, Australia - $0.5M - REFFIND appointed Frank Liardet as CEO. Joins with 8 years’ experience in business administration, software engineering, product development and REFFIND’s first employee joining in 2015. 

HT Digital Streams, India - Rajiv Bansal has been appointed as Chief Digital Officer and CEO. Former VP-Product and GM for Peel. Bansal succeeds Shantanu Bhanja. 

PHILAB Industries, Philippines - Philab Holdings appointed Jennifer Bantang as CEO of Philab Industries. She concurrently serves as CFO of DNA. 

Yuneec International, China - YUNEEC International announced that Jiang Hao (Michael Jiang), former chairman and president of Motorola Systems China, has joined as Global CEO. 

Netlinkz, Australia - Netlinkz's executive chairman, James Tsiolis has replaced Suthan Naganayagam as CEO of Netlinkz. 



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Board Members

Board Member, $50m Security Software, West Coast
Fleetmatics (FLTX), Fleet Management Software (SaaS)  - Board member (4)
Carbonite (CARB), Online Backup for SMB (SaaS) - Board Members (2)  
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CEOs/ Presidents/ GM

COO, Digital Media Co.
CEO, Unified Communication
CEO, $10m Software for media 
President, $1.4b BPO business
Chairman & CEO  - Application Software company (West Coast)

CTOs/ Engineering/ CIOs/CISOs

Chief Digital Officer, $1b revenue Connected Car Company
CTO, $5b market cap Payments company
CTO, $70m EdTech SaaS Co.
CIO, $2b Media company (NYC)
CIO & CISO, Secure Document Software Company (West coast)
CTO & CPO, $100m Mortgage Software company
CTO, Security Software company (West Coast)
CISO, $5b Tech Company


CFO, West coast tech company
CFO, Quantum Computing Company
CFO , $1b Media Company 
CFO, digital media Company


SVP Sales, $22m Enterpise Software Co.
SVP Sales & Services, $70m EdTech SaaS Co.
EVP Sales, Marketing & BD, $500m Unified Communications Co.
VP, North America (now SVP Sales), $60m SaaS to Retail Industry 


CMO, SaaS Software Company
VP, Marketing, $50m software company
VP, Marketing & BD, Software company
CMO, $50m Services Company

Product Management

CPO, HCIT Healthcare SaaS (Division of large co.)
VP Product Management, $120m SaaS Co.      
VP & GM, Transportation and Logistics Software (SaaS, large public co.)
VP & GM, SMB (SaaS, large public co.) 

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Prior to founding the firm in 2005, Vell was a Partner at Heidrick & Struggles' Technology practice for seven years.  Before her career in executive search, she worked at IBM for 11 years, managing software engineering organizations of 100 people and software sales organizations with revenues of $150 million. She has also served as an executive assistant to the CEO of IBM Canada for one year.

Vell holds seven worldwide software patents. She has published several Business of Leadership reports on governance and leadership and has been quoted in numerous articles including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Week, Fortune, Agenda Week, MSNBC, Mass High Tech, the OPUS for the World Economic Forum, Boston Business Journal, The Globe & Mail, CIO Magazine, and IEEE. She also has been a featured speaker on leadership at numerous conferences and at Columbia University's MBA program.

Vell is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), the Boston CEO Roundtable. She has served on the boards of Framingham State, Entrepreneur's Organization, Goodwill, Mary Centre for developmentally handicapped adults,, and RBC Capital Partners.

She has received an MBA from the University of Toronto, a Master in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, and a Bachelor in Computer Science from Carleton. She has also completed the MIT Entrepreneurial Master’s program.

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