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80 Open Tech CEO Roles and 95 CEO Appointments in February 2017 Featured

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Welcome to our CEO Turnover Newsletter. This newsletter coversthe  open tech CEO roles as of Febraury 28, 2017  and the latest appointments in the tech sector in February 2017.

The average length of time the CEO searches have been open is 3.8 months, down from 6.5 months in 2016. There is little variance across geographies. 

  • Total Tech CEO Roles Open: 80
  • New Tech CEO Appointments: 95 (7 women – 7.4%, 89 men – one being a Co-CEO appointment (one male and one female CEO)

New Technology CEO Stats

New Tech CEO Openings: 18 – Micron Technology (ID), Autodesk (CA), FLIR Systems (OR), GlassBridge Enterprises (MN), JUST EAT (UK), SMTC (Canada), Tremor Video (NY), GO plc  (Malta), Redknee Solutions (Canada), Integrated Research (Australia), SITO Mobile   (NJ), Praemium (Australia), Rubicon Technology (IL), Pennant International Group (UK), MER Telemanagement Solutions (Israel), Microphase (CT), Intrinsic4D (MI), Forbidden Technologies (UK).

CEOs Appointed

Sources of Appointments: 55 were External appointments, and 40 were internal promotions.

Others: founders, former execs, CMOs, Sales Leaders, CTOs, Chief Strategy Officers, and Leaders from acquired companies, etc.

Diversity: 7.4% of the appointments are women CEOs.

Geographic Distribution: 57 in North America, 21 in Europe, and 17 in Asia/Russia/Australia.

The average and median times open CEO roles have been open are about 3.8 months, and there is little variance by continent. The longest open searches are:

# 1 - Wi-LAN, Canada - $98.3M, June 2015  
# 2 - Epcylon Technologies, Canada - September 2015

Want to keep up to date? Get more updates on new board members (Tech execs on tech and non tech boards; women board members), on new execs/board updates for the Giants, the software industry, and many more. A summary of Vell Research Reports and board/exec updates can be found here. Vell Research Reports and Exec/board moves.
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Open Tech CEO Roles 

Micron Technology announced the upcoming retirement of its CEO, Mark Durcan. The Board has initiated a search, with the assistance of an executive search firm. 
William Hill, UK - $2.4B, July 2016
James Henderson is stepping down as CEO. Philip Bowcock, CFO, has been appointed as Interim CEO. The search for a permanent replacement has been instigated.
Autodesk, California - $2.2B, February 2017
Carl Bass has decided to step down as president and CEO. The company's board has instituted a CEO search to consider candidates inside and outside the company and has formed an Interim Office of the CEO to oversee the company's day-to-day operations.
Nuance Communications, Massachusetts - $1.9B, November 2016
Nuance Communications extended Nuance Chairman and CEO Paul Ricci’s employment agreement through the first half of fiscal 2018. Mr. Ricci has advised the Board that he intends to retire at the end of this term. The Board of Directors will undertake a search process to choose Mr. Ricci’s successor during the term.
FLIR Systems, Oregon - $1.6B, February 2017
FLIR Systems announced that Andrew C. Teich, its President, CEO and a member of its Board of Directors, plans to retire as soon as his successor is appointed.
GrameenPhone, Bangladesh - $1.4B, October 2016
The Grameenphone Board has appointed Mr. Petter-B. Furberg (49) as the company's interim CEO. Furberg is the SVP Telenor Digital Businesses, based in Bangkok. Furberg will replace Rajeev Sethi who will pursue new opportunities.
Syntel, Michigan - $983.2M, November 2016
Syntel appointed Rakesh Khanna, formerly COO, as interim CEO and President. 
NII Holdings, Virginia - $981.4M, December 2016
Steven M. Shindler, CEO, was updated to provide for a target termination date of April 1, 2017.
Jenoptik, Germany - $754.4M, September 2016
The President & CEO Dr. Michael Mertin has informed the Supervisory Board of Jenoptik AG that he will not be seeking another term on the Executive Board after the expiry of his employment contract on June 30, 2017.

Torstar, Canada - $565.3M, July 2016
Torstar Corporation announced that David Holland has decided to retire as President and CEO later this fall. Torstar has initiated a search to fill the joint position of President and CEO of Torstar and Publisher of the Toronto Star.

GlassBridge Enterprises, Minnesota - $514.9M, February 2017
Robert B. Fernander resigned as Interim CEO. CFO Danny Zheng will serve as Interim CEO until the company Board appoints a new CEO. The company board is working with a nationally recognized executive search firm, focused exclusively on the placement of talent in the asset management industry, to identify strong CEO candidates.

JUST EAT Plc, UK - $414M, February 2017
Just Eat plc announced that, due to urgent family matters, David Buttress has informed it of his intention to step down from his role as CEO. The board is commencing an immediate search to find a replacement for David.

Sepura, UK - $215.6M, October 2016
Sepura PLC has appointed David Barrass as Interim CEO. David's appointment reflects the extended period of absence being taken by Gordon Watling, the CEO, on medical advice.

EMIS Group, UK - $208.4M, December 2016
EMIS Group plc announced that Chris Spencer, the Group's CEO since 2013, having reached the age of 60, has indicated his intention to retire from his position and from the Board by the end of 2017.

Aixtron, Germany - $190.1M, January 2017
Current CEO Martin Goetzeler is leaving. Former AIXTRON Executive Board Member and current Supervisory Board Chairman, Kim Schindelhauer, will take on Mr. Goetzeler's duties as CEO and CFO on an interim basis, until a successor is found.

SMTC, Canada - $189M, February 2017
SMTC Corporation appointed Ed Smith as its interim President and CEO. He most recently served as SVP of Global Embedded Solutions of Avnet.

Tremor Video, New York - $166.8M, February 2017
William Day has resigned as the Company’s President and CEO. The Company announced that Paul Caine has been appointed as Interim CEO.

GO plc, Malta - $165.7M, February 2017
GO plc will shortly appoint a new CEO to replace Mr. Yiannos Michaelides, who will be vacating the position to pursue other opportunities on 30 March 2017.

Redknee Solutions, Canada - $158.2M, February 2017
Redknee Solutions announced a leadership reorganization in which Danielle Royston has been appointed interim CEO. Ms. Royston replaces Lucas Skoczkowski.

Marchex, Washington - $142.1M, October 2016
Pete Christothoulou has resigned as CEO. The Board of Directors has created an Interim Office of the CEO. The Board of Directors will begin a search for the company’s next CEO.

Nera Telecommunications, Singapore - $137.6M, October 2016
Ang Seong Kang Samuel, CEO, has tendered his resignation. The Board has appointed Mr. Beck Tong Hong to serve as acting CEO in the interim.

Yuuzoo, Singapore - $106.1M, November 2016
Yuuzoo announced the cessation of James Matthew Somasundram as CEO. Due to personal reasons or health reasons.

IRIS Corporation, Malaysia - $100.9M, January 2017
The Board appointed Mr. Choong Choo Hock, the current COO of the Trusted Identification Division as the acting CEO.

Wi-LAN, Canada - $98.3M, June 2015   
CEO James (Jim) Skippen intends to retire and will stay on until such time as a suitable replacement has been identified and hired. A special committee of the Board begun the search for a new permanent CEO with the assistance of a leading search firm.

Numerex, Georgia - $71.9M, January 2017
Numerex terminated the employment of Marc Zionts as CEO. Kenneth Gayron, the CFO, will be interim CEO while the Company conducts a search for a permanent CEO., California - $65.1M, October 2016
Elizabeth M. Cholawsky resigned from her position as president and CEO of The company elected Richard Bloom, 49. board member since June 2016, as the interim president and CEO.

Integrated Research, Australia - $64M, February 2017
Integrated Research announced the resignation for personal reasons of Mr. Darc Rasmussen as CEO and Managing Director. The Board appointed Mr. Andrew Dutton as interim CEO whilst the company conducts a search for a permanent placement.

Oculus VR, California - $58.9M, December 2016
Brendan Iribe, the CEO of Facebook's virtual reality unit Oculus VR, is stepping down from his position as part of a restructuring. Jon Thomason, who joined Oculus recently, will head the mobile VR group. Thomason and Iribe, along with Facebook's CTO Mike Schroepfer, will together look for a new CEO for Oculus.

Giken Sakata, Singapore - $55.5M, November 2016
Giken Sakata announced cessation of Tan Kay Guan as Executive Director and CEO, to pursue personal interest.

Paymark, New Zealand - $47.5M, December 2016
Paymark CEO Mark Rushworth has resigned from the firm. General counsel Liam O'Reilly will act in the role until a new head is appointed.

SITO Mobile, New Jersey - $43.6M, February 2017
Jerry Hug resigned as CEO and a director of SITO Mobile. Also effective February 17, 2017, Richard O'Connell, Jr. was appointed to serve as Interim CEO.

Xchanging Solutions, India - $42.2M, October 2016
Xchanging Solutions announced that company has received a resignation letter from Mr. Alok Kumar Sinha, CEO cum whole time director with effect from November 10, 2016.

Brady, UK - $37.3M, September 2016
Brady plc announced that after nine years Gavin Lavelle has decided to pursue new opportunities and has stepped down as CEO. Ian Jenks will assume operational control of the company as executive chairman.

Touchcorp, Australia - $34.3M, November 2016
Touchcorp announced that Managing Director, Mr. Adrian Cleeve, passed away on November 8, 2016 after a short illness. The Chairman of Touchcorp, Mr. Mike Jefferies, has been appointed as acting CEO.

1Spatial, UK - $34.1M, December 2016
1Spatial plc announced that Marcus Hanke has ceased to carry out the functions of the CEO. Claire Milverton, CFO, will carry out this function on an interim basis.

RF Industries, California - $32.7M, October 2016
RF Industries announced that Johnny Walker, President and CEO, and the company mutually agreed to terminate his employment with the company to allow Mr. Walker to attend to family medical needs and to be closer to his residence in Arlington, Texas. Howard Hill, RFI's former President, CEO and Founder, will serve, without pay, as the company's interim President and CEO.

zamano, Ireland, $26.400M , May 2016
zamano plc announced that Ross Conlon has tendered his resignation as CEO and director. The board commenced a process for the appointment of a new CEO.

Praemium, Australia - $22.8M, February 2017
Praemium announced that the Board has terminated the employment of Mr. Michael Ohanessian as CEO and Managing Director. Mr. Greg Camm will act as Executive Chairman until a new CEO is appointed.

Photon Control, Canada - $21.5M, June 2016
Christopher Weston has stepped down as President and CEO and has resigned from the Board of Photon Control. Michael Goldstein, Deputy Chairman of the Board, has been appointed Chairman and Acting CEO.

Myriad Group, Switzerland - $17.4M, January 2017
Erik Hansen, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, has been appointed Executive Chairman of Myriad as Stephen Dunford resigns from his role as CEO.

Rubicon Technology, Illinois - $17.4M, February 2017
As acquisitions are being given greater consideration by the Board, the Board has decided to commence a search for a new CEO with more extensive experience in M&A. William F. Weissman, the current CEO, is expected to stay with the Company until a new CEO is hired.

Nuix, Australia - $17.4M, January 2017
Eddie Sheehy has resigned as CEO and director. Until the board appoints a CEO, Nuix co-founder and Chairman Dr. Tony Castagna will assume some of the responsibilities.

Brekford, Maryland - $16M, November 2016
Brekford entered into a separation agreement with C.B. Brechin, the company's CEO and CFO.

Micronet, Israel - $15.7M, January 2017
On January 8, 2017, Micronet informed Mr. Shai Lustgarten that his position as CEO is terminated effective as of January 10, 2017 however Mr. Lustgarten will continue to provide his services to the company as required until the termination of his employment.

Pennant International Group, UK - $14.3M, February 2017
Pennant International Group plc announced that Chris Snook has stepped down as CEO. Phil Walker, currently the CFO, has been appointed interim CEO.

MER Telemanagement Solutions, Israel - $14.3M, February 2017
Mer Telemanagement Solutions announced that Orey Gilliam, the company's CEO, has decided to leave the company. Mr. Alon Mualem, the company's CFO, will serve as CEO on an interim basis.

Giga-tronics, California - $13.7M, August 2016
Giga-tronics appointed W. Joseph Thompson as Chairman and Acting CEO. He succeeds John Regazzi, the architect of the company’s Advanced Signal Generator and Analysis platform (ASG), who is assuming the role of CTO.

WANdisco, UK - $11M, September 2016
The Board of WANdisco announced that David Richards, CEO, will be stepping down from the Board and his role as CEO. In the interim period, Paul Walker, Non-Executive Chairman, has assumed the role of Executive Chairman., Kentucky - $9.31M, January 2017 appointed John Pauly as the COO and interim President and CEO. Jeffrey Holtmeier, CEO, has left the company to pursue other interests, and in connection with his departure, has also resigned his position as a director of the company.

Netccentric, Singapore - $9.18M, January 2017
Netccentric advised that Cheo Ming Shen has stepped down from his current position as CEO. Yang Huiwen, current Regional Director of the Netccentric will act as Interim CEO.

Mr Green & Co Technology, China - $7.93M, December 2016
Stefan Gustafsson has been appointed as acting CEO of Mr. Green & Co Technology AB. He has extensive experience in senior positions within IT, among other positions such as CIO at Elon Group, Boxer and Com Hem. Stefan Gustafsson succeeds Niclas Enhörning who was appointed CEO of Mr. Green & Co Technology in 2014.

International Datacasting Corporation, Canada - $7.2M, February 2016    
IDC's Senior Management team including the Co-CEO's Chris Barrett and Steeve Huin, as well as the CFO, Steve Archambault, have voluntarily offered their resignations. Archambault has agreed to serve as CFO and interim CEO during this transition period.

Microphase, Connecticut - $6.59M, February 2017
Michael Ghadaksaz resigned as CEO, CTO, Chairman of the Board. Necdet Ergul, the Company’s former CEO and Chairman, and who is currently the Company’s President and Chief Technical Advisor, will act as Interim CEO., Australia - $6.27M, January 2017
Benjamin Churchill Current CEO, Ben Churchill, will step down from his role as CEO. Current chairman Tony Scotton will assume the role of Interim CEO.

Great Elm Capital Group, California - $4.5M, July 2016
Richard S. Chernicoff was appointed, on an interim basis, as CEO. Chernicoff will remain a member of the company's board.
Sunvault Energy, Canada - $3.87M, October 2016
Gary Monaghan has resigned as a member of board and CEO of company. The resignation of Mr. Monaghan is as a direct result of a change of control in the company per his management contract and a difficult personal family illness at home.
8common, Australia - $2.74M, December 2016
CEO Nick Gonios has resigned and provided six months notice.
DagangHalal, UK - $1.48M, October 2016
A search for a replacement for CEO Mohamed Hazli Mohamed Hussain has commenced. In the interim period, Francis Chong, Managing Director and co-founder, has assumed the role of CEO.

iGAMBIT, New York - $1.47M, October 2016
The Board of Directors of iGambit unanimously voted to remove Rory T. Welch as its president and CEO. John Salerno named as its interim President and CEO.

Magor Corporation, Canada - $1.4M, August 2016
Magor Corporation announced that Mr. Mike Pascoe has decided to step down as CEO and a member of the Board on August 31, 2016. The board has appointed Mr. Brian Baker, its current CFO, as interim President and CEO and he will be joining the board of directors.

Spindle, Arizona - $0.6M, June 2016
Michael Schwartz resigned from his position as Interim CEO, for personal reasons. The Board appointed board member Dr. Jack Scott as Interim CEO.

Intrinsic4D, Michigan - $1.05M, February 2017
Jorey Chernett has resigned as director and the CEO of the corporation. The board of directors has appointed Kyle Appleby, current CFO of the corporation, as interim CEO.

Forbidden Technologies, UK - $0.941M, February 2017
Forbidden Technologies announced that Aziz Musa, the Company's CEO, has resigned. David Main, the Company's Chairman will, on a short term basis, be taking on the CEO's responsibilities whilst the search for a new full time CEO.

Epcylon Technologies, Canada - September 2015
Epcylon Technologies accepted the resignation of Jack J. Bensimon as the CEO and director. Gary Schwartz, as director of lead strategies on behalf of the company, will be overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company until a replacement for CEO has been appointed.

HempTech Corporation, Florida - January 2016
In connection with the new operating structure and upon completion of the Agronetix Merger, Sam Talari will become the Acting CEO and CFO of Agronetix. The Company will start to recruit a CEO for HempTech Sam Talari will remain as the acting CEO for HempTech.
Trendit, Israel, March 2016
The Board of Directors of Trendit appointed Lior Romano as Executive Director. Mr. Romano will also act as interim CEO until a permanent replacement is appointed. Mr. Romano is also CEO of Contacts+. Benny Saban, CEO, has notified the Board of his resignation from his role as CEO and as a member of the company's board.                                    
VGTel, New York, April 2016
VGTel announced that effective August 31, 2015, the interim management team, consisting of Amilya Antonetti, interim CEO, and K. Bryce Toussaint, interim President elected not to renew the 90-day interim management contract, and as of August 31, 2015, Ms. Antonetti and Mr. Toussaint are no longer affiliated with the company. The Board of Directors is seeking replacements for both President and CEO positions.
ZipLocal, Canada, May 2016
ZipLocal appointed Kent Taylor as a director and Interim CEO, effective January 26, 2017.
Gateway Media, Missouri, June 2016
Gateway Media announced that Gabe Douek CEO has left the company.
Lavu, New Mexico, June 2016
Marc Chesley has stepped down as the CEO of Lavu. Chesley confirmed that he left Lavu June 9, 2016.
HGS Colibrium, Georgia, June 2016
HGS Colibrium’s Board of Directors announced that Mark Poling has resigned as CEO and is leaving as a founder to pursue other interests.
chatAND, New York, June 2016
Effective as of January 3, 2017, David Stefasnky resigned as the interim CEO and member of the Board of Directors of chatAND.
WordLogic, Canada, June 2016
Frank Evanshen hereby resigned from the Board of Directors and the position of CEO and President of WordLogic.
Spire, Massachusetts, August 2016
On August 19, 2016, the Board of Directors of Spire Corporation notified Rodger W. LaFavre that he was released as CEO and as an employee of Spire Corporation, effective August 26, 2016. *Replacement not announced.
TransBiotec, California, September 2016
TransBiotec appointed Ivan Braiker as Interim CEO and Interim Secretary. Mr. Braiker was CEO of DubLi from May 2015 to January 2016.
INTREorg Systems, Texas, October 2016
INTREorg Systems appointed Mr. Thomas Lindholm to serve as a member of the company's board. The board intends for Mr. Lindholm to serve as Executive Director (Officer) and be charged with recruiting and hiring a full time CEO for the Company to replace out-going President, Darren Dunckel.
FibreCo Telecommunications, South Africa, October 2016
FibreCo Telecommunications has appointed Simon Harvey as its interim CEO for the next six months. The company says Harvey is taking over from Arif Hussain, who is leaving FibreCo after six years to pursue personal interests.
Omnitele, Finland, December 2016
Tomi Paatsila, the CEO of Omnitele since October 2010, is departing. Head of Service and Business Development Ville Laakso, who has been with Omnitele since 2006, is appointed as Acting CEO.
Zyber Holdings, Australia, December 2016
Zyber Holdings announced the resignation of Mr. Ben Daly as CEO and Mr. Jason Tomkinson will step down from his role as an executive director and will move to a non-executive role.
DTG bv, Netherlands, January 2017
Erik Hoekstra, the CEO of DTG B.V. has decided to leave. The CEO responsibilities will temporarily be taken over by current management team members Stef Hinfelaar (MD and CFO) and Walewein Lichtenauer (MD and chief commercial officer).
Others Moves:
CoreLogic, California - $1.9B, February 2017
CoreLogic’s board of directors granted president and CEO Anand Nallathambi a temporary medical leave of absence. During Mr. Nallathambi’s absence, the board appointed COO Frank D. Martell to serve as interim president and CEO.
Sizmek, Texas - $185.2M, February 2017
Sizmek announced that company’s Neil Nguyen, CEO and President, will be leaving the company and Dr. Mark Grether has been appointed as executive chairman. Dr. Grether will work with Neil Nguyen during a transition period as well as spearhead execution of company’s strategy and growth as the premier independent adtech company. 

Tech CEOs Appointed

Wall Street Media Co. – Interim CEO Jeffrey A. Lubchansky is reported as CEO in the company’s latest sec filings. Therefore we are considering the role to be closed. There was no official announcement. 

Micromax Informatics – India based smartphone company Micromax’s CEO Vineet Taneja resigned in January 2016. There were no further announcements made. Bloomberg updated co-founder Rahul Sharma to be serving as current CEO, with no commencement dates.

UA Multimedia - Acting CEO Thu Pham is reported as CEO in the company’s latest sec filings. Therefore we are considering the role to be closed. There was no official announcement. 
Techstep ASA – Norway based Techstep ASA appointed Gaute Engbakk from Accenture, as CEO in late 2016.
ProText Mobility - Chairman and CEO of Plandaí Biotechnology Roger Baylis-Duffield is reported as CEO in the company’s latest 8-k filing. 
CEOs Appointed in the month February 2017
Activision Blizzard, California - $6.6B, February 2017
Activision Blizzard announced the appointment of veteran Mattel and Disney executive Tim Kilpin as its CEO and president. Most recently, Kilpin served as Mattel’s president and chief commercial officer.
Diebold Nixdorf AG, Germany - $2.9B, February 2017
Diebold Nixdorf's German subsidiary, Diebold Nixdorf AG, has named Jürgen Wunram as its CEO. Wunram, currently CFO of the subsidiary, was also named as a board member and COO of Diebold Nixdorf earlier the same day.
Crown Resorts, Australia - $2.5B, February 2017
Crown Resorts announced that long-term CEO Rowen Craigie would step down, with executive chairman John Alexander to take over his duties as part of a simplified structure.
WorldPay, UK - $2.5B, February 2017
Worldpay Group confirms the appointment of Peter Jackson as CEO of Worldpay UK. Peter joins Worldpay from Banco Santander where he was Head of Global Innovation.
TalkTalk Telecom, UK - $2.3B, February 2017
TalkTalk announced that after seven years, Dido Harding has decided to step down as CEO. Tristia Harrison (currently MD, TalkTalk Consumer) will succeed Dido Harding as CEO.
T-Mobile Netherlands B.V., Netherlands - $1.8B, February 2017
Søren Abildgaard started on 1 februrari 2017 as CEO of T-Mobile Netherlands. Søren Abildgaard has extensive experience in the European telecommunications sector. Prior to the move to T-Mobile Netherlands made, he was Chief Commercial Officer at Telia Company.
Aristocrat Leisure, Australia - $1.6B, February 2017
Aristocrat Leisure appointed EVP, of global product & insights Trevor Croker as CEO & Managing Director.
ServiceNow, California - $1.3B, February 2017
ServiceNow announced that its Board of Directors has named John Donahoe President and CEO. Donahoe was formerly President and CEO of eBay.
FTD Companies, Illinois - $1.1B, February 2017
FTD Companies appointed John C. Walden as President, CEO and member of the Board of Directors. From 2014 to 2016, Walden served as CEO of Home Retail Group.
AO World, UK - $858.9M, February 2017
AO World plc announced that Steve Caunce, COO, will succeed John Roberts as CEO.
P2 Energy Solutions, Colorado - $724.2M, February 2017
P2 Energy Solutions appointed J. Scott Lockhart as CEO. Prior to P2, he served as SVP of Operational Excellence and Risk Management at IHS.
ProQuest, Michigan - $430.5M, February 2017
ProQuest Consulting announced that COO Aymeric Zito has been appointed CEO. Zito succeeds Clive Roberts, who will remain at the company as Sales Director.
JP Boden, UK - $328.7M, February 2017
Boden has appointed Jill Easterbrook as its new CEO. Currently, Easterbrook serves at Auto Trader UK as its non-executive director. She has also worked with Tesco PLC.
Rightmove, UK - $271.6M, February 2017
Peter Brooks-Johnson, who is currently the COO and a Board director since 2011 will become the CEO.
RagingWire Data Centers, Nevada - $199M, February 2017
RagingWire Data Centers and its parent company NTT Communications announced that NTT Com intends to purchase the remaining shares of RagingWire and acquire 100% ownership of the company. RagingWire executive and current president, Douglas Adams, is new CEO.
Opus Group, Sweden - $187.1M, February 2017
The board of directors of Opus Group AB appointed Lothar Geilen as the new CEO of Opus Group. Geilen has been employed by Opus Group since 2008. He co-founded the U.S. company Systech International in 2000 and continued with Opus Group as head of the Vehicle Inspection Division after Systech was acquired by Opus Group in 2008.
Amalgamated Telecom Holdings , Fiji - $183.4M, February 2017
Amalgamated Telecom Holdings (ATH) has confirmed Ivan Fong as its CEO. Fong previously served as ATH general manager since January 2011.
Vexos, Pennsylvania - $177.9M, February 2017
Vexos has appointed Paul Jona as the new President and CEO. Most recently, he served as SVP of the SATCOM division of Cobham, a producer of satellite terminal, radio communication equipment and earth stations.
Zenefits, California - $158.4M, February 2017
Zenefits announced that it has appointed Jay Fulcher as CEO and chairman of the board. Fulcher was most recently the president and CEO at Ooyala.
Cherry AB, Sweden - $121.4M, February 2017
Cherry AB has appointed Anders Holmgren as CEO. Holmgren had previously served as acting CEO, and now becomes permanent CEO.
OnMobile Global, India - $111.4M, February 2017
OnMobile Global appointed Francois Charles Sirois as Chairman and CEO. François-Charles Sirois is the President and CEO of Telesystem. He is also the President and CEO of OnMobile Systems.
Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, China - $109.5M, February 2017
The Board of Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation announced that Dr. HONG Feng has been appointed as the CEO. Dr. HONG was the EVP and COO of Wuhan Xin Xin Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation prior to joining the Company.
Collective, New York - $79M, February 2017
Collective announced that it has appointed President Kerry Bianchi to the role of CEO. Bianchi joined Collective in 2015 as COO. She was promoted to President, overseeing the Compass and Visto divisions, in July 2016.
Fuze, Massachusetts - $78M, February 2017
Fuze appointed Colin Doherty as the company’s CEO. Doherty joins Fuze after 10 years of holding CEO positions at Arbor Networks. Most recently, Doherty served as CEO of Dyn, which was recently acquired by Oracle.
Solteq, Finland - $66.7M, February 2017
Solteq’s Board of Directors has appointed Olli Väätäinen, CEO as of April 1st, 2017. Väätäinen has been a member of Solteq’s Board of Directors since 2015 and he will continue in this role until the General Meeting.
NetComm Wireless, Australia - $62M, February 2017
NetComm Wireless announced the permanent appointment of Mr. Ken Sheridan to the position of CEO. Mr. Sheridan has been acting CEO for the last two months and a member of the Board and management team for over six years.
CompuGroup Medical, Massachusetts - $61.7M, February 2017
CompuGroup Medical US has appointed SVP of Southern and Western Europe Benedikt Brueckle as the new CEO of CompuGroup Medical US.
Granicus, Colorado - $55M, February 2017
Granicus announced Mark Hynes is its new CEO. He most recently was president of technology products and chief strategy and development officer for Altisource.
Abila, Texas - $54.2M, February 2017
Abila announced that it has appointed Craig Charlton as CEO. Most recently, he was a strategic advisor to Accel-KKR.
Mindteck, India - $49.2M, February 2017
Mindteck (India) appointed Sanjeev kathpalia as an additional director of the company, effective February 10, 2017 and he shall elevated to managing director and CEO, effective March 1, 2017 at board meeting held on February 10, 2017.
PrimeSport, Georgia - $45M, February 2017
PrimeSport hired Tim Brosnan as executive chairman and CEO. Former EVP of business, president and CEO of MLB Enterprises.
uShip, Texas - $39.6M, February 2017
Mike Williams will take over the top job as CEO and director. He previously spent more than three years at Accruent finishing as general manager of corporate real estate services.
MPS Infotecnics, India - $35.1M, February 2017
Former Bharti Airtel and Welkin Telecom exec Rahul Meena is the CEO.
63 Moons Technologies, India - $30.9M, February 2017
S. Rajendran, has been appointed as MD & CEO in place of Mr. Prashant Desai. Prior to this, Mr. S. Rajendran held office of Independent Director on the Board of the Company.
Ikon Science , UK - $24.3M, February 2017
Ikon Science has appointed Mark Bashforth as its new CEO and board member. Prior to this appointment, Bashforth worked for FEI Co as its VP and General Manager, Oil & Gas.
EMS Software, Colorado - $22.8M, February 2017
EMS Software announced that Craig Halliday has been named as CEO. Halliday is a leader in the enterprise software industry, having held leadership positions with software companies such as J.D. Edwards, PeopleSoft, Mincom, eServGlobal, where he served as CEO, and most recently, RPM Global.
Fasoo.Com, South Korea - $22.1M, February 2017
Fasoo announced that John Herring has been appointed as CEO/President and a member of the company's Board of Directors. He has led four ventures from early start to market prominence, including public market listings and strategic M&A exits. Most recently, as CEO of an In-q-Tel portfolio company, the venture investment arm of the U.S. intelligence community, John fast tracked new technology information solutions to protect U.S. security.
TARGIT A/S, Denmark - $19.4M, February 2017
TARGIT A/S signed an agreement with GRO Capital, acquiring all shares in the company. As part of the sale, founder and now former CEO Morten Sandlykke resigns effective immediately. Ulrik Pedersen, CTO and COO of TARGIT, will now assume the role of CEO.
Isotrak , UK - $19.3M, February 2017
Tony English, former Managing Director of MiX Telematics Europe, will take the role of CEO.
InterDyn Business Microvar, Minnesota - $18.8M, February 2017
Business Unit Executive of Columbus US, Keld Jersild Olsen, will take over the leadership of InterDyn BMI as CEO.
SSH Communications Security, Finland - $15.9M, February 2017
Kaisa Olkkonen will serve as the company's CEO. She was previously a VP at Nokia and chairman of the board at SSH Communications Security.
TestPlant, UK - $13.4M, February 2017
TestPlant announced it has appointed Dr. John Bates as CEO. Most recently, he served as CEO of Plat.One.
SecureAuth, California - $12M, February 2017
SecureAuth appointed COO Jeffrey Kukowski as CEO.
Anexinet, Pennsylvania - $11.9M, February 2017
Anexinet Corporation appointed Brad Hokamp as the company's CEO and member of the Board of Directors. Most recently, he served as the CEO of Cosentry, where he was an integral part of the company's successful sale to TierPoint in 2016.
Revel Systems, California - $11.4M, February 2017
Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe and Revel appointed Scott Betts as the company’s new CEO. Mr. Betts brings significant experience in senior management roles, most recently as CEO of Global Cash Access, and previously at First Data and Procter & Gamble.
NEXT Biometrics Group, Norway - $10.7M, February 2017
NEXT Biometrics Group ASA announced that the board of directors has appointed Ritu Favre as new CEO. Ritu Favre has worked fifteen years in Motorola as a Manufacturing Manager and Manager of Business Product Operations, before joining Freescale Semiconductor, where she worked for 11 years.
Clavister Holding, Sweden - $8.52M, February 2017
Clavister announced that the board has recruited Johan Öhman as the new CEO. Johan has extensive experience in developing companies to high growth and profitability, including as CEO of NetEnt. Johan has experience of running a business in a regulated market. 
Entuity, UK - $8.4M, February 2017
Entuity appointed Stephen Woodard to the position of president and CEO. Woodard brings to Entuity with more than 20 years of achievements in guiding sales, marketing, development, service and support organizations.
BRIDGE Energy Group, Massachusetts - $8.1M, February 2017
BRIDGE Energy Group announced that Hugo van Nispen has been appointed CEO. Most recently, President and CEO of KEMA.
Enzumo, Australia - $6.02M, February 2017
Warren Chant and Andrea West have been appointed joint Group CEOs effective 24 February 2017. Warren and Andrea have successfully managed Chant West in a joint capacity for the past 20 years. Their skill sets are complementary, and they both bring considerable experience and knowledge to the Group.
AHAlife, New York - $5.56M, February 2017
AHAlife Holdings appointed Sebastian Kaufmann as the company's CEO. Mr. Kaufmann has been Chief Curation Officer of AHAlife since the company acquired Kaufmann Mercantile in August 2016.
Uniserve Communications, Canada - $4.97M, February 2017
Uniserve Communications Corporation appointed Nicholas Jeffery, a former Director of the Data Centre Solutions group at CBRE as its new CEO.
Megaport, Australia - $4.61M, February 2017
Vincent English will be stepping into the role of CEO at the end of March. Vincent has worked for the company since June 2015, in the role of CFO and in January 2016 was appointed the Group COO and Deputy CEO.
eMedia Group, Denmark - $0.595M, February 2017
The company's VP of Business, Mr. Kok Wong Liew, was elected as a member of Board of Directors and as its CEO.
Rightscorp, California - $0.429M, February 2017
Cecil Bond Kyte was appointed as the CEO. Mr. Kyte has served as the company’s CFO since October 2016 and Chairman of the company’s board of directors since December 2015.
TimefireVR, Arizona - $0.204M, February 2017
Jeffrey Rassas, who is presently also the company's Chief Strategy Officer, will assume the role of CEO for no additional compensation.
Alternate Health, Canada - $0.138M, February 2017
Bryan Korba has been named chairman and CEO. Bryan has spent the last 17 years as the managing partner of JDIFU Capital.
TV2U International, Australia, February 2017
The board of TV2U announced that it has appointed Andy Brown to be the new CEO for the organization. Former CEO of BT Rich Media at BT PLC.
Aerkomm, California, February 2017
Dr. Peter Chiou was appointed as Chairman and CEO. Former CEO of Luxe Electric.
PeerLogix, New York, February 2017
PeerLogix announced that it has entered into an employment agreement with Ray Colwell to serve as CEO. Prior to joining PeerLogix, Mr. Colwell served as a member of successful executive teams, most recently as VP of Partner Sales at AOL.
Radial, Pennsylvania, February 2017
Radial appointed Matthew J. Espe as CEO. Prior to the company, Espe served as President and CEO of Armstrong World Industries.
Anxin-China, Hong Kong, February 2017
CFO Poon Lai Yin Michael was appointed as the CEO and the Company Secretary of the Company.
Confirmit, Norway, February 2017
Confirmit has announced that Ken Østreng, the company's current CFO, will become President and CEO following Henning Hansen's decision to resign from the role.
DDS Wireless International, Canada, February 2017
DDS Wireless International appointed Scott Hardy as its next CEO. Mr. Hardy served as President of the company's StrataGen division since joining DDS in April 2016.
Red River Computer, New Hampshire, February 2017
Red River announced that Jeff Sessions as been appointed the company’s new CEO. He most recently served as the company’s President, determining Red River’s go-to-market strategies and aligning its business divisions to drive innovation, profitability and growth.
ID Global Solutions, Wyoming, February 2017
Philip D. Beck was appointed as Chairman, CEO and President. Prior to joining the company, served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO and President from 1999 until 2014 and Chairman from 2014-2015 of Planet Payment.
Kenergy Scientific, China, February 2017
Kenergy Scientific appointed Adel Nasser as a Director and to the positions of CEO and President.
Airborne Wireless Network, California, February 2017
Airborne Wireless Network announced that it has appointed Michael (Mike) J. Warren as CEO. Mike has recently served as the Regional Operations and Security Director for ECC International in Afghanistan.
Cytta, Nevada, February 2017
Jerry L. Smith, personally known to the Cytta principals for many years,  has agreed to join the company Co-CEO. Mr. Smith is currently President and majority owner of Gateway Group.
Coreworx, Canada, February 2017
Coreworx appointed John K. Gillberry as the CEO. Mr. Gillberry brings a wealth of executive-level operations experience and has garnered a well-earned track record of success within technology circles.
Healthsparq, Oregon, February 2017
HealthSparq named interim CEO Mark Menton as CEO. Menton began working with HealthSparq in January 2014 as part of the ClarusHealth Solutions acquisition where he served as CEO.
Payveris, Connecticut, February 2017
Payveris appointed Ron Bergamesca as CEO. Bergamesca spent over a decade at Online Resources (ORCC) in a variety of executive positions including EVP and General Manager of its Banking division. Most recently, Bergamesca was Chief Marketing Officer at Destination Rewards.
Instantlabs Medical Diagnostics, Maryland, February 2017
InstantLabs Medical Diagnostics Corporation announced that it has entered into an agreement for a controlling investment from Angeon Group In connection with the investment, the company will change its name to InstantLabs, and Joseph E. Gargan, CEO of Angeon, will serve as CEO of InstantLabs and join its Board of Directors.
Dejero Labs, Canada, February 2017
Dejero has announced Bruce Anderson as its new CEO. Hailing from Zimbabwe, Anderson is a veteran senior executive with a 20-year proven record of managing international businesses for multinational corporations, most recently for the global commodity producer and trader firm Glencore.
Blue Ridge Solutions, Georgia, February 2017
Blue Ridge appointed Jim Byrnes as CEO. Byrnes is a technology industry veteran and most recently served as CEO of M4 Global Solutions.
Regent Education, Maryland, February 2017
Regent Education recently elevated President Jim Hermens to the role of CEO. Joined Regent in 2015.
Utilidata, Rhode Island, February 2017
Utilidata announced that Ed Hammersla, a software and cyber security executive with over 40 years of experience, has joined the company as CEO. Hammersla was most recently President of Forcepoint Federal and Chief Strategy Officer of Forcepoint, a Raytheon joint venture focused on marketing cybersecurity products to government and commercial organizations.
GEA Technologies, Canada, February 2017
GEA Technologies announced that Mr. Antonio Ruggieri, current director of GEA, has taken on the position of President and CEO.
COTA, New Jersey, February 2017
Cota announced that its Board of Directors has appointed John Hervey as CEO. John brought critical business acumen and a strong track record running large and complex organizations when he joined Cota's Board of Directors in 2013 to provide management and financial guidance to a group already rich with medical and healthcare knowledge and experience.
Nexsan, California, February 2017
Nexsan appointed Ron Bienvenu as CEO. Bienvenu was appointed Vice Chairman in January and takes on the CEO role. Former CEO at Process Software, and founder and CEO of SageMaker.
Boostability, Utah, February 2017
Boostability appointed Gavan Thorpe as CEO. Thorpe joined Boostability as an Infrastructure Architect in January 2013 and helped migrate the company's systems into the cloud. He was promoted to COO in 2014 and was given the title of President in mid-2015.
Vioguard, Washington, February 2017
Vioguard announced David Schultz has been named CEO and President. Prior to joining Vioguard, he served as EVP, global operations for EagleView Technologies.
Arxis Capital Group, New York, February 2017
Arxis Capital Group announced that Thomas M. Joyce, current Executive Chairman of Arxis, has been appointed CEO. 
Syncurity Corporation, Virginia, February 2017
Syncurity announced that it has appointed John Jolly as CEO. John joined Syncurity in January 2016 as VP of Customer Success and Business Development.
Silent Circle, Maryland, February 2017
Silent Circle announced Gregg Smith as CEO. Smith comes to Silent Circle following a successful tenure as CEO with Optio Labs.
Crowdtap, New York, February 2017
Crowdtap has appointed advertising industry veteran and longtime head and founder of MRY (now part of Publicis Groupe), Matt Britton, as its new CEO.
Zubie, South Carolina, February 2017
Zubie named veteran automotive industry leader Gary Tucker as CEO. Tucker most recently served as CEO for DealerRater.
NexDefense, Georgia, February 2017
NexDefense announced that Jeff Spence has been named CEO of company. Prior to joining NexDefense, Spence was the managing director of DraftServ Pty and was the investment director of a Zurich-based holding and investment group.
Barefoot Networks, California, February 2017
Barefoot Networks announced that it has appointed Craig Barratt as President and CEO. He joins the company from Alphabet and Google, where he was SVP at Google and CEO of Alphabet's Access business, which includes the Google Fiber broadband internet service.
Vroozi, California, February 2017
Vroozi announced that Gregg Parise is appointed CEO. Parise joins Vroozi from his most recent role as CEO of
Spectral Edge, UK, February 2017
Spectral Edge announced that Rhodri Thomas has been appointed as CEO to drive the next stage of the company's development. He joins from SwiftKey, which was acquired by Microsoft in April 2016.
Alma-TV, Kazakhstan, February 2017
Alma TV has appointed Erick Franke the new CEO. Franke has worked in management positions at Ericsson, Microsoft, Russian mobile operator MTS and Ukrainian cable operator Volia.
Impact Radius, California, February 2017
Impact Radius appointed David A. Yovanno as CEO. Before Yovanno was CEO of Marin Software.
Symphony Commerce, California, February 2017
Symphony Commerce announced that Ken Fine has been named CEO. Prior, he served as the Chief Customer Officer and VP of Product at Medallia. 

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SVP Sales & Services, $70m EdTech SaaS Co.
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VP, North America (now SVP Sales), $60m SaaS to Retail Industry  


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Prior to founding the firm in 2005, Vell was a Partner at Heidrick & Struggles' Technology practice for seven years.  Before her career in executive search, she worked at IBM for 11 years, managing software engineering organizations of 100 people and software sales organizations with revenues of $150 million. She has also served as an executive assistant to the CEO of IBM Canada for one year.

Vell holds seven worldwide software patents. She has published several Business of Leadership reports on governance and leadership and has been quoted in numerous articles including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Week, Fortune, Agenda Week, MSNBC, Mass High Tech, the OPUS for the World Economic Forum, Boston Business Journal, The Globe & Mail, CIO Magazine, and IEEE. She also has been a featured speaker on leadership at numerous conferences and at Columbia University's MBA program.

Vell is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), the Boston CEO Roundtable. She has served on the boards of Framingham State, Entrepreneur's Organization, Goodwill, Mary Centre for developmentally handicapped adults,, and RBC Capital Partners.

She has received an MBA from the University of Toronto, a Master in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, and a Bachelor in Computer Science from Carleton. She has also completed the MIT Entrepreneurial Master’s program.

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