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Monday, 20 February 2017 23:30

Tech Officers 67 Open CIO, CTO, CISO Roles & 87 Appointments Featured

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Welcome to our Tech Function Exec Appointment Trends & Open Roles for the - 28 days ended February 17, 2017. The roles covered here: Heads of technology, which include CTOs, CIOs, Tech & Ops, CISOs, Cyber and related. 

By the numbers, overall:

  • Total Tech Exec Roles Open: 67
  • New Tech Exec Appointments: 87 (9 women or 10.3%, 78 men)

The geographic breakdown of open roles and new appointments was as follows: 

New Tech Function Openings: 2 – TDC (Denmark) and ChannelAdvisor (NC)

Tech Execs Appointed - Sources

Sources of Appointments: 66 were External appointments, and 21 were internal promotions –Interim or Deputy CIO/CTO (1), Others (20).


Others:  SVP or VP, Technology, VP-Business Transformation, VP-Research & Innovation, Founder, Director or Senior Director of IT, CFO, CIO to CTO, CTO to President, technology etc. 

Diversity:  10.3% of the appointments are women Tech Execs.


Geographic Distribution: 66 in the US, 9 in Europe, and 12 in Asia/Russia/ Australasia.  


Want to keep up to date? Get more updates on new board members (Tech execs on tech and non tech boards; women board members), on new execs/board updates for the Giants, the software industry, and many more. A summary of Vell Research Reports and board/exec updates can be found here. Vell Research Reports and Exec/board moves.

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Open Tech Officer Roles

Dell, Texas - $59B, November 2015         
Bask Iyer, CIO and IoT manager at VMware, has been named interim CIO of Dell.

Nordstrom, Washington, $14.4B, January 2017
Nordstrom is searching for a technology executive to lead digital strategy following an executive-level shakeup in which the retailer’s chief information officer and chief technology officer announced their departures in the span of two weeks. The CIO title will be eliminated. The company plans to hire a new CTO by the end of the year who will be responsible for all aspects of technology at Nordstrom.

TE Connectivity, Switzerland - $14.26B, October 2015   
EVP and CTO, Robert Shaddock, is retiring from the Company effective late in 2016.

Kellogg Company, Illinois - $13.5B, August 2016 
Kellogg Company is seeking a VP, Chief Information Security Officer at the Kellogg Company in Oak Brook, IL.

Biogen, Massachusetts - $9.7B, June 2016
After just over a year in the position, Biogen CIO Matt Griffiths is no longer with the company. Biogen plans to fill the CIO position. In the meantime, Mr. Griffiths’ organization reports to Adriana Andi Karaboutis, Biogen’s EVP of technology, business solutions and corporate affairs.

Hudson's Bay CompanyNew York - $9.59B, July 2015 
Hudson's Bay Company is currently seeking a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who will be responsible for establishing and maintaining an enterprise-wide information security strategy, architecture and program designed to ensure that HBC information assets are appropriately protected.

Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri, Turkey, $4.61B, August 2016
Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri AS announced that lker Kuruoz, who joined Company in 2006, and who has served as the EVP of Technology Group, has decided to resign from his position. *no replacement announced.

Tesla Motors, California - $3.5B, March 2016
Jay Vijayan has left his job as the CIO at Tesla Motors to begin working on a stealth startup. Tesla Motors confirmed Mr. Vijayan’s departure, but it would not say whether it has yet found a permanent replacement.

Parsons Corporation, California, $3.2B, September 2016
Parsons is looking for a CIO to lead the IT department.

TDC, Denmark - $2.9B, February 2017
TDC announced that Senior EVP of TDC Operations and COO, Peter Trier Schleidt resigned from
 the company. The Board of Directors has decided to appoint Andreas Pfisterer as acting Head of TDC Operations and Chief Technology and Information Officer (CTIO) and member of the company's Corporate Management Team.

Teradata Labs, California - $2.53B, July 2016 
Teradata Labs is looking for a CTO to join the Unified Data Architecture (UDA) Platform Technologies team.

Marvell Technology, Bermuda, $2.458B, September 2016
Dr. Zining Wu, CTO, notified Marvell Technology of his decision to leave Marvell. *The company did not announce whether it has yet found a permanent replacement.

Twitter, California - $2.2B, December 2016
Twitter's CTO Adam Messinger tweeted that he decided to leave the company and take some time off. Messinger didn't say where he was headed next.

Criteo SA, France - $1.62B, November 2016
Romain Niccoli resigned from his position as the company's Chief Product Officer effective December 31, 2016. Mr. Niccoli has agreed to serve the company in a consulting role for a period of time following his resignation.

Amedisys, Louisiana - $1.35B, October 2016
Amedisys announced that Martin B.  Howard, CIO, is leaving the company, effective October 31, 2016. Michael North, SVP of operations, will assume the role of interim CIO. North, a seasoned IT executive, most recently led Amedisys' successful conversion to the Homecare Homebase platform.

Informatica, California, $1.05B, September 2016
Informatica is looking for a CISO to lead the corporate security and data privacy.

US Government Publishing Office, Washington, DC - $773.4M, November 2016
U.S.  Government Publishing Office (GPO) named Tracee Boxley Acting CIO. Boxley replaces former GPO CIO Chuck Riddle, who has moved to the U.S.  Securities and Exchange Commission. Boxley came to GPO in 2006 as a Senior Customer Advocate for IT and was promoted to Deputy CIO in 2012. 

MicroStrategyVirginia - $579.8M, June 2015     
MicroStrategy seeks a CISO, who will establish and develop global information security management programs for our internal systems and customer offerings.

Sheng Siong GroupSingapore - $577.4M, October 2016
Sheng Siong Group announced the cessation of Gary Pow Han Chin as CIO due to personal reasons. He is responsible for overseeing group's design, development, implementation and maintenance of the various computer systems required for operations, including Management Information System, as well as enterprise Resource Planning System, data recovery plans and back-up schemes.

Global Eagle Entertainment, California - $486.2M, November 2016
Global Eagle Entertainment and Aditya Chatterjee, the company’s CTO, have entered into a Separation and Release Agreement.

Splunk, California, $450.9M, September 2016
Splunk is looking for a CISO to lead the IT security.

ShoreTel,  California - $360.9M, May 2016
Pankaj Malhotra, the CTO of ShoreTel announced that he would be leaving the Company, effective June 30, 2016, on mutually agreeable terms. The company hasn’t announced any replacement yet.

Momo, China - $346.4M, October 2016
Momo announced that Zhiwei Li, CTO of the company, has resigned from the company for personal reasons.

StarTek, Colorado - $252.7M, October 2015        
Kamalesh Dwivedi, the company's CIO, separated from the company effective October 14, 2015.

Carbonite, Massachusetts - $188.6M, November 2016
David Raissipour tendered his resignation as SVP, Product and Engineering of Carbonite.

LogMeInMassachusetts - $166.3M, November 2014      
LogMeIn is seeking a CISO to serve as a subject matter expert and leader reporting into the CTO.  The CISO will lead a global team of four and be responsible for the security of LogMeIn’s suite of award winning software products (including secure development), product delivery (NOC), security features of our products (security design), internal infrastructure (development environment), and 3rd party services (CRM’s, etc).

Mastech Holdings, Pennsylvania - $123.50M, March 2016
On March 11, 2016, Denis D. Deet ceased to be VP of Technology and CIO of Mastech Holdings.

Spar Group, New York - $119.3M, April 2016
SPAR Group announced that its CIO, Panos Mastrogiannis will be leaving the company to pursue other opportunities, effective May 6, 2016.

ChannelAdvisor, North Carolina - $113.2, February 2017
 co-founder and CTO Aris Buinevicius is retiring.

*Replacement has not been announced, or if the role is vacant.

Just Dial, India - $104.2M, October 2016
Just Dial has announced that R. V. Raman, CTO of the company has resigned from the company.

Cartesian, Kansas - $80.6M, June 2016
Cartesian announced the termination of employment to Jim Baker, the Company's CTO and CIO and a named executive officer.

Kresta Holdings, Australia - $69.9M, April 2016
Albert Xu has resigned as CIO, a role he has filled since June 2014.

Spark Networks, California - $55M, October 2015         
Spark Networks announced that resignation of Gregory J. Franchina as a CIO, delivered a notice of resignation to the Company indicating that he intended to resign from the Company effective as of November 14, 2015. The Company intends to replace Mr. Franchina and has initiated the process of recruiting qualified candidates.

BSM Technologies, Canada - $39.7M, November 2016
BSM Technologies  announced that Alban Hoxha, CTO of the company, will be leaving the organization to pursue other opportunities, effective January 20, 2017.

CSB Bancorp , Ohio - $24.5M, February 2016      
CSB Bancorp  announced that Steven R. Bailey, EVP, COO and CIO of the company and its wholly owned affiliate The Commercial & Savings Bank, notified the company that he will be retiring and resigning his positions with the Companies, effective March 4, 2016.

Diadexus, California - $18.10M, March 2016
Diadexus announced that Dr.  Emilia Zychlinksy, EVP and Chief Technical Officer, notified the company on March 14, 2016, that she is resigning effective as of April 1, 2016. She will continue in that role until the effective date of her resignation.

Microphase, Connecticut - $9.12M, December 2016
The Company approved the appointment of Mr. Michael Ghadaksaz as the CEO of the Company. Prior to the Ghadaksaz appointment, Ghadaksaz served as the CTO and CMO. No tech chief replacement has been announced.

NMI Holdings, California - $7.1M, January 2015   
Stan Pachura, EVP and CIO, leaves. Pachura's current duties and responsibilities will be assumed by existing members of the Company's management team, until a replacement is chosen.

Uni-Pixel, California - $2.87M, January 2016
On December 28, 2015, Robert Petcavich, the SVP and CTO of Uni-Pixel, Inc, tendered to the company his resignation for personal reasons, effective as of December 31, 2015. Mr. Petcavich will continue to provide services to the company as a consultant.

B-Scada, Florida - $1.8M, April 2016
B-Scada announced that Joshua Weeks, CTO, resigned his position effective April 1, 2016.

SPYR, Colorado - $1.6M, April 2016
SPYR announced that effective March 31, 2016, Mark McGarrity, the Company's CIO, resigned his position with the company.

Knosys, Australia - $0.805M, September 2016
Knosys Limited announced that Mr. Alistair Wardlaw has resigned from the Board and as Knosys' CTO. His other business interests include his stake in the MMG Interactive partnership (MMGI), which is the major subcontractor to Knosys in technology support and provision of IT services. Knosys will continue to sub-contract technology services to MMGI.

*Replacement has not been announced, or if the role is vacant.

CannaSys, Colorado - $0.08M, March 2016
Brandon C.  Jennewine resigned from his position as CTO. Mr. Jennewine remains on the board of directors.

Sam's West, Arkansas, January 2017
Wal-Mart Stores CIO Karenann Terrell is leaving the company. Terrell has been with the company for six years, beginning as EVP of information systems. She was promoted to CIO in 2012 and has remained in the role for four years.

Activistic Holdings, Australia, November 2015    
The Company announced that Activistic Holdings Pty Ltd’s CTO, Mr. Shahab Zeinoghli has resigned effective 18 November.

Brookstone, New Hampshire, June 2015  
The CIO is responsible to oversee the development of corporate standards, technology architecture, technology evaluation and transfer; sponsor the business technology planning process; manage client relations; align IT with the business; and develop IT financial management systems.

BlucoraWashington, August 2015 
Blucora is looking for a CISO who will be member of the company’s Operations Team.

Supreme Group, Washington, D.C., September 2015     
The CIO’s role is to provide vision and leadership for developing and implementing IT initiatives. The CIO directs the planning and implementation of enterprise IT systems in support of business operations in order to improve cost effectiveness, service quality and business development. She/he is also responsible & accountable for all aspects of the organization's IT and systems.

First Help FinancialMassachusetts, October 2015        
In order to continue rapid growth, FHF is looking for a highly motivated CTO with leadership and hands-on experience in programming, database, and team management. 

The Buckle, Nebraska, November 2015
The Buckle is seeking a CIO to direct, plan, and manage the company's Information Systems employees and resources to ensure the effective development, implementation, and oversight of all data processing, computer operations, and related functions (Communications, Office and Retail Store Systems, Production Activities, Data Warehousing, Merchandise Management, etc.).

Ingram Content Group, Tennessee, February 2016
The Ingram Industries subsidiary is looking for a CIO who is expected to develop and implement an IT strategy that meets current needs, establishes a foundation and roadmap for future direction, and is supported and endorsed by the business.

Allina Health, Minnesota, February 2016
The company seeks a CISO, who will be responsible for overseeing the information security program, including information security policy and the coordination of security efforts across Allina Health.

Utica National Insurance Group, New York, February 2016
The company is looking for a CIO for establishing the strategic direction of the Company’s IT architecture.

Leonard Technology Group, Florida, February 2016
The computer and network security company is seeking a CIO.

Peeple App, California, July 2016 
Reputation management iOS app developer Peeple App is looking for a CTO helping to transition their company and position it for maximum growth.

New York Power Authority, New York, July 2016
New York Power Authority is looking for a Chief Security Officer (CSO) to build and sustain a Cyber Risk Framework that integrates Governance and Risk Compliance controls, requirements, oversight and validation into IT and Operational Technology (OT).

SafeAuto, Ohio, July 2016
Property and casualty auto insurance carrier SafeAuto is seeking a CIO who would build a IT model to meet current organizational needs and build for continued leveraging of technology services for the future.

Jellyvision Lab, Illinois, July 2016
Jellyvision is looking for a CTO, who will be business savvy and process-minded tech leader to integrate technology and business plans, make key architectural and infrastructure decisions.

4over, California, August 2016
Trade printer company 4over is looking for a CTO, who will be responsible for overseeing the organization's software development and technology infrastructure.

Sonesta Hotels & Resorts, Massachusetts, August 2016 
Sonesta is seeking a CIO, who will be responsible for the successful delivery of IT strategies, services, and operations.

ChartSpan Medical Technologies, South Carolina, September 2016
Healthcare data company ChartSpan is looking for a CIO to lead the IT department.

Deloitte, Illinois, December 2016
Deloitte is looking for a CISO reporting to the CIO.

West Virginia University, Virginia, December 2016 
West Virginia University is seeking an inspiring leader for the position of CIO/Associate Provost for Information Technology.

United Medical Center, Washington, D.C., December 2016
The Not for- Profit Hospital Corporation, commonly known as United Medical Center (UMC), is looking for a CIO to provide technology vision and leadership in the development and implementation of the affiliate-wide information technology (IT) program.

USA Truck, China, January 2017
USA Truck announced that effective January 5, 2017, Christian C. Rhodes' role as CIO of USA Truck.

U.S. Energy Department, Washington, D.C., January 2017
Michael Johnson, Energy Department chief information officer, has left the agency following an almost two-year stint with the organization. Robbie Green, principal deputy CIO for enterprise information resources management, has been named interim CIO.

United States Department of Defense, Washington, D.C., January 2017
Terry Halvorsen, who as the Pentagon’s CIO, is retiring at the end of February. Current principal deputy CIO, John Zangardi, is expected to step in as acting CIO.

Other Moves:

MCBC Holdings – CIO David A. Kirkland was involved in an automobile accident and Kirkland is the subject of related criminal charges. Pending the result of legal proceedings, Kirkland has been placed on administrative leave by the Company. In his absence, Richie Brashears, the director of the company's IT function will temporarily report to CFO.

Mogo Finance Technology – CTO Eric Miles passed away from prostate cancer. The company is well positioned with a strong technology leadership team and does not intend to replace the CTO role at this time.

Tech execs appointed

in 28 days ended February 17, 2017 

Microsoft, Washington - $85.3B, February 2017
Microsoft has named Kevin Scott to a newly created role of CTO for the company. This is an expansion of Scott's new role at LinkedIn as SVP of Infrastructure.
Delta Air Lines, Georgia - $39.6B, February 2017
Delta Air Lines appointed Deborah Wheeler as chief information security officer. Over the past 12 years she served as the CISO at Fifth Third Bank, Ally Financial and, most recently, Freddie Mac.
Chubb, Switzerland - $31.4B, February 2017
Chubb Limited announced that Sean Ringsted has been appointed EVP, Chubb Group, and Chief Digital Officer, a newly created position. Currently, Mr. Ringsted is EVP, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Actuary.
Deutsche Bank, Germany - $30.2B, February 2017
Deutsche Bank has hired a new MD for technology from JP Morgan. Robert McMillan has joined the bank as managing director and global head of intelligence. He has a background in regulatory risk and compliance, as well as financial crime compliance.
Delphi Automotive, United Kingdom - $16.6B, February 2017
Delphi Automotive PLC announced it has named Glen De Vos as CTO and SVP. De Vos succeeds Jeff Owens, who will retire after more than 40 years with Delphi. De Vos was most recently VP, Software & Services, Delphi Electronics & Safety (E&S).
The PNC Financial Services Group, Pennsylvania - $14.7B, February 2017
PNC Financial Services Group announced that Deborah Guild has been appointed chief security officer and chief information security, leading the initiative. Guild joined PNC in 2013 as CTO from Bank of America.
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, Australia - $14.2B, February 2017
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group announced it has appointed Lynwen Connick as its Chief Information Security Officer, reporting to Group Executive Technology, Gerard Florian. Ms. Connick joins ANZ from the Australian Government where she delivered the new National Cyber Security Strategy in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, Australia - $14.2B, February 2017
ANZ announced that it has appointed Emma Gray as Chief Data Officer reporting to Group Executive Digital Banking, Maile Carnegie. Mrs. Gray was previously Chief Loyalty and Data Officer at Woolworths reporting to the CEO.
Western Digital, California - $12.9B, February 2017
Western Digital appointed Martin Fink to the position of CTO. Fink most recently served as CTO and director of HP Labs at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
CNA Financial, Illinois - $9.3B, February 2017
CNA appointed Joseph J. Merten to fill the newly created role of EVP, Technology and Operations. Most recently, he served as SVP of AXIS Capital, where he was responsible for leading transformation programs that included implementing new organizational models, processes and technology infrastructure to increase operational performance.
JetBlue Airways, New York - $6.6B, February 2017
JetBlue appointed Ramki Ramaswamy as the carrier’s new VP, IT Technology & Integration. Ramaswamy comes to JetBlue from J.D. Power, where he served as VP Application Development since 2012.
PAO Severstal, Russia - $5.9B, February 2017
Severstal announced that Igor Bardintsev has been appointed as its Chief digital officer. Prior to joining Severstal he worked at Sberbank from 2010 till 2017. He was Senior Managing Director of Sberbank's data application centre where he was responsible for project management aimed at data monetization.
Globe Telecom, Philippines - $2.4B, February 2017
Globe Telecom announced that the appointment of Anton Reynaldo M. Bonifacio as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Data Protection Officer (DPO). He was Chief Information Security Officer, Information Security & Data Privacy.
National HealthCare, Tennessee - $926.6M, February 2017
National HealthCare Corporation announced that B. Anderson Andy Flatt has joined the company as SVP and CIO. He comes to the company from Corizon Health, where he served as SVP and CIO.
Blackbaud, South Carolina - $730.8M, February 2017
Blackbaud announced the promotion of VP, IT Todd Lant to CIO.
Yelp, California - $713.1M, February 2017
Yelp announced that longtime senior engineering manager and current VP of Engineering for Data Mining Jason Fennell has been appointed SVP and will lead the company’s engineering efforts.
Hexaware Technologies, India - $520.5M, February 2017
Hexaware Technologies appointed Krishna Kumar as the CTO of the company. Kumar has over 25 years of experience, including about a decade each at Tata Consultancy Services and Yahoo. More recently, he has been working on big data platforms and cloud infrastructure and has an engineering degree from IIT, Madras.
Nutanix, California - $444.9M, February 2017
Nutanix announced it has appointed Wendy M. Pfeiffer, former VP of IT at GoPro, as CIO.
Destination XL Group, Massachusetts - $442.2M, February 2017
Destination XL Group announced that Sahal Laher has been named SVP, Chief Digital and Information Officer. He was most recently EVP of Digital Innovation and Technology & Global CIO at Brooks Brothers.
Suominen, Finland - $440.1M, February 2017
Markku Koivisto has been appointed SVP and CTO and a member of the Corporate Executive Team at Suominen Corporation. Koivisto leads the Global Business Development organization of UPM Raflatac.
Ellie Mae, California - $360.3M, February 2017
Ellie Mae reported that John Abel has joined the company as SVP and CIO. Prior to joining the company, Abel was SVP of IT at Hitachi Data Systems.
AVI Systems, Minnesota - $182.1M, February 2017
AVI Systems announced the promotion of Brad Sousa to CTO. Sousa joined AVI in 2008 as regional VP of the west coast region, and since then went on to head the Enterprise Technologies Group for AVI company-wide.
Aconex, Australia - $91.9M, February 2017
Aconex Limited appointed Craig Fulton as CTO. He joins Aconex from Telstra, where he held a series of executive positions in cloud solutions and delivery, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) engineering.
Radcom, Israel - $29.5M, February 2017
Radcom has appointed Rami Amit to its newly created CTO and Head of Product position to advance its first mover advantage in the growing market of NFV-ready service assurance. Prior to Radcom, Rami was Director of Engineering at Cisco NFV BU.
Gawk, California - $1.65M, February 2017
GAWK appointed Michael Shader as CTO. Mr. Shader is widely regarded as a visionary innovator and brings to GAWK well-established industry credentials as a technology leader. He has held CTO and key executive roles at five companies, two startups that were acquired, and his most recent company, Oakshire Trading.
Getswift, Australia - $0.08M, February 2017
GetSwift Limited announced that current Non-Executive Director and world-class technology expert, Ms. Jamila Gordon has been appointed to the executive role of Global CIO for GetSwift. Prior to joining GetSwift, Jamila was the Group CIO of CIMIC Limited (formerly Leighton Holdings) for five years, where she successfully completed the transformation and digitisation of CIMIC's IT.
LRES Corporation, California, February 2017
LRES announced that Paul Bush has been promoted to its VP of technology. Bush has more than 15 years of experience in management, software development and IT experience with a background in .NET application development.
PJM Interconnection, Pennsylvania, February 2017
PJM Interconnection Board of Managers has promoted Thomas O'Brien to SVP and CIO.
O'Brien previously was VP and CIO.
Women's Marketing, Connecticut, February 2017
Women's Marketing announced that Brandon Heagle has been appointed Chief Digital Officer. As an entrepreneur, he spent the last fifteen years building performance-based agency Flying Point Digital, specializing in retail and e-commerce. As CEO, Brandon led Flying Point through the acquisition process with Women's Marketing in 2015; he is also a co-founder and an active advisor to Cross Pixel.
Alaska Airlines, Washington, February 2017
Alaska Airlines board of directors named Charu Jain as VP and CIO of Alaska Airlines. Jain comes to the airline from IBM Global Business Services, where she led the team helping American Airlines integrate its IT systems.
Smaato, California, February 2017
Smaato appointed Gerry Louw as CTO. Through his prior executive leadership and engineering roles at RhythmOne,, World Wrestling Entertainment and VMS, Gerry has led startups of all sizes, and brought to market significant industry-first solutions and delivered triple-digit growth.
Intapp, California, February 2017
Intapp announced that Wathik Labidi has joined the company as VP of engineering. Prior to joining Intapp, Wathik served as VP of cloud engineering for Aruba Networks, an HP company.
WinMagic, Canada, February 2017
WinMagic has appointed Simon Hunt as EVP & CTO. Simon joins company from Intel Security/McAfee, where he was the CTO of the Enterprise Security Portfolio and spearheaded the McAfee Secure Home Platform.
Pramata, California, February 2017
Pramata announced Pedram Abrari as CTO. Most recently, he led the research and development and cloud operations teams at Tidemark as VP of Engineering.
Comcast Spectacor, Pennsylvania, February 2017
Spectra by Comcast Spectacor announced that Keith White has joined the company as CTO of the Ticketing & Fan Engagement division. In his previous role as SVP of Engineering at Ticketmaster, White built product teams and led more than 250 people across multiple offices in the United States and Canada.
ANI Technologies, India, February 2017
Sanjay Kharb has been appointed as VP of Engineering Infrastructure of Ola. Kharb, who was earlier VP Production Engineering at InMobi, will strengthen efficiencies in Ola's technology infrastructure including site operability, compliance and data systems.
ANI Technologies, India, February 2017
Ola has appointed Pranav Tiwari as its VP of engineering. Prior to this appointment, Tiwari worked for Cellworks Research India Pvt Ltd. as its CTO. He has also worked with Google India, Cisco Systems and Cadence Design Systems.
WhereScape, Oregon, February 2017
WhereScape announced that Neil Barton, who currently serves as WhereScape’s senior architect focused on big data solutions, has been promoted to CTO.
Pinterest, California, February 2017
Pinterest has made an important hire in the form of Google's former image search veteran, Randy Keller, who led a team of 40 engineers at Google. At Pinterest, he has now been appointed to a completely new position - head of search.
Tel - Aviv Stock Exchange, Israel, February 2017
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange approved the appointment of Uri Shavit as SVP, CIO and Head of IT & Operations Department. In his most recent position, Uri Shavit has served as project manager for the merger of Arab Israel Bank into Bank Leumi.
Meta Company, California, February 2017
Meta announced that Kari Pulli has joined the company as its new CTO, Core Technologies. Before joining Meta, Pulli worked as senior principal engineer and CTO of the Imaging and Camera Technologies Group at Intel.
Magyar Telekom Telecommunications, Hungary, February 2017
Magyar Telekom appointed Dr. Kim Kyllesbech Larsen as chief technology and IT Officer. Dr. Kim Kyllesbech Larsen joined the company from Deutsche Telekom, where he most recently served as SVP ­ Technology Economics & Transformation as well as Technology Architecture & Innovation.
D3 Technology, Nebraska, February 2017
D3 Banking has promoted Jeff Marshall to CTO. Marshall has been D3 Banking’s VP of development for the past 18 months, giving him the opportunity to become fully ingrained into the company’s business and culture.
Prosafe, Norway, February 2017
Acting CIO Eirik Fjelde is appointed as CIO in Prosafe AS.
MedAvante, New Jersey, February 2017
MedAvante announced that Ian C. Neilson has accepted the position of SVP, Global IT to lead the company's rapidly growing IT operations supporting clinical science and signal detection capabilities. Neilson was a key senior IT executive for more than 19 years at Covance, now a division of LabCorp Holdings, serving most recently as VP, Technology and Innovation within the Clinical Development Services division.
NexDefense, Georgia, February 2017
NexDefense announced Matt Morris has joined its executive team as VP of Product and Strategy. Morris comes to NexDefense from Cisco Systems, where he served as Global Head of IoT and Industrial Cyber Security, and led strategy, go-to-market and roadmap for their industrial IoT (IIoT) business.
Dev9, Washington, February 2017
Dev9 announced that it has named Gabe Hicks as CTO. Gabe has been promoted from his previous position at Dev9 as VP of Software Delivery., Utah, February 2017
Ancestry announced that Eric Heath has been appointed Chief Privacy Officer. Prior to joining Ancestry, Heath was Chief Privacy Officer at Zenefits, led the Privacy Policy and Data Governance team at Yahoo, and served as LinkedIn’s Global Privacy lead., Utah, February 2017
Nat Natarajan, named Ancestry’s EVP of product and technology, comes from Intuit where he recently served as SVP and chief information security and fraud officer.
Iron Mountain, Massachusetts, February 2017
Iron Mountain has appointed Fidelma Russo as its CTO. In her most recent role, Russo led Dell EMC's Enterprise Storage and Software Solutions team.
inContact, Utah, February 2017
inContact appointed Marcus Daley as CTO. Daley joins the inContact team from S&P Global where he served as CTO.
Papa John's International, Kentucky, February 2017
Papa John’s International has announced Mike Nettles as SVP, Chief Information and Digital Officer (CIDO), has joined its growing pizza family. Nettles joins Papa John’s after most recently serving as VP of Enterprise Architecture and IT Strategy at Panera Bread Company.
Arrive Logistics, Texas, February 2017
Arrive Logistics announced Eric Harrison has been appointed as CIO. Harrison comes to Arrive from Coyote Logistics where he was VP of Software Development.
European Broadcasting Union, Switzerland, February 2017
European Broadcasting Union announced that Ezra Eeman has been appointed to the new role of head of digital. Eeman has joined the EBU from the Flemish member VRT, where he was head of VRT Start-Up, a digital innovation lab founded in mid-2013 to figure out new digital concepts and formats.
CloudMargin, United Kingdom, February 2017
CloudMargin appointed Filipe Rodriquez as the firm's new CTO. Rodriguez joins in the company with more than fifteen years of experience in development and technology innovation across various business sectors.
Telekom Malaysia, Malaysia, February 2017
Telekom Malaysia Bhd's deputy chief technology and innovation officer (CTIO) Datuk Rafaai Samsi has been promoted to CTIO, replacing Giorgio Migliarina. Rafaai is also TM chief customer experience officer.
Ledyard Financial Group, New Hampshire, February 2017
Ledyard National Bank has appointed Paul Martin as VP, IT officer. Paul comes to Ledyard from Lake Sunapee Bank where he was the Information Technologies Manager for the past 15 years.
Mad Mobile, Florida, February 2017
Mad Mobile announced the addition of Jason Carney as VP of Technology Operations. He was most recently the CIO of Vogue International.
Mad Mobile, Florida, February 2017
Mad Mobile announced the addition of Kim Porter as VP of Digital Innovation and User Experience. Porter joins Mad Mobile with more than 20 years of creative leadership experience, focused on driving innovation and exceptional digital experiences. A creative leader at Disney Consumer Products for more than 5 years, Porter was most recently in the R&D Division of DCP where she was creative lead on the product innovation team.


Macaulay-Brown, Ohio, February 2017
Macaulay-Brown announced that James (Jim) Sawyer and Robert (Bob) Stafford have both been promoted to VP and CTO. Mr. Sawyer and Mr. Stafford have more than 60 years of combined technical and operational experience, with increasing levels of responsibility throughout their careers.
TierPoint, Missouri, February 2017
TierPoint announced that Terry Morrison has been named CTO. Morrison joined TierPoint in 2011 when the company acquired Perimeter Technology Center. Morrison most recently served as SVP, Technology.
Alorica, California, February 2017
Alorica named Jonathan Merrell as CIO. Former VP of Systems and Engineering at Ingram Micro and VP of Product Management and Business Development at CBS Interactive.
Wellist, Massachusetts, February 2017
Erik Hjortshoj has joined as CTO. Erik Joins Wellist from Burning Glass Technologies where he drove large-scale organizational changes across global teams while delivering Machine Learning and Big Data solutions to EdTech and HRTech markets.
Employers Holdings, Nevada, February 2017
Employers Holdings appointed Tracey Berg as its EVP, CIO. Berg most recently served as SVP and CIO for West Bend Mutual Insurance Company in West Bend, Wisconsin from 2008 until 2017.
HealthcareSource HR, Massachusetts, February 2017
HealthcareSource announced that Bob Zurek has joined the company as SVP and CTO. Zurek most recently served as CTO for Scribe Software.
Rowan Companies, Texas, February 2017
Rowan Companies plc announced that Fred T. Brooks has been promoted to EVP, Operations and Engineering. Former SVP, Operations.
2U, Maryland, February 2017
2U announced the addition of Gautam Guliani as SVP, technology. Former SVP, Engineering at AppNexus.
Renew Financial, California, February 2017
Renew Financial announced that Gaurav Kohli has joined the company as EVP of Technology. He was most recently VP of Merchant and Acquirer Processing at Visa.
School Specialty, Wisconsin, February 2017
School Specialty appointed Steve Martinez as its new SVP and CIO. Prior to assuming the SVP and CIO roles, Mr. Martinez served as a strategic consultant for School Specialty’s CRM system transformation efforts, where he led critical analysis, design and implementation processes. 
LiveData, Massachusetts, February 2017
LiveData appointed William Plourde as VP of engineering. Plourde comes to LiveData from HealthcareSource, where he was CTO and VP of Engineering.
Andesa Services, Pennsylvania, February 2017
Andesa appointed Roy Peterson as CTO. Roy's recent responsibility included providing application support, datacenter management and help desk support for over 12,000 employees and 48,000 agent users.
Aldermore Bank, United Kingdom, February 2017
Aldermore Bank has appointed Rebecca Bunyan as CIO.Before Aldermore, Bunyan worked in the insurance technology sector, and also as head of IT for an insurer which operated in both America and Europe.
MobileWorks, California, February 2017
LeadGenius announced that Qin Zhang has joined the company as VP of Engineering. Before joining LeadGenius, Zhang was VP of Engineering for EverString.
The Rubicon Project, California, February 2017
Rubicon Project announced it has named Bill Wolfe as VP, Product Management for Mobile Apps. Wolfe joins Rubicon Project from Clickatell, a leader in global mobile messaging, where he most recently served as Chief Strategy Officer and General Manager of its Messaging Business Unit, and prior to that was the company’s Head of Engineering /CTO.
CLEAResult Consulting, Texas, February 2017
CLEAResult appointed Greg Sarich, as new CIO. He joins CLEAResult from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where he served as VP.
Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaii, February 2017
Hawaiian Airlines appointed John Jacobi as VP - IT. He most recently served as an officer at CWB Consulting, where he led multi-year IT strategies for JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines and Bank of Montreal.
Employers Holdings, Nevada, February 2017
Employers Holdings announced that Bertrum Carroll has been named VP, chief information security officer. He previously served as director, global information security operations for SC Johnson.
Agiloft, California, February 2017
Agiloft appointed Richard Morgan as the company's new VP of engineering. Morgan comes to Agiloft with more than almost three decades of experience working in Fortune 100 companies such as General Motors, Procter & Gamble, HP, and Sony, which were critical in helping him learn to successfully build AI,enterprise software and intelligence help desk systems.
Utelogy, California, February 2017
Utelogy Corporation announced Joey D'Angelo joins the company as VP of Engineering. Most recently, D'Angelo was at QSC assisting end-users with system solutions.
Aclara Technologies, Missouri, February 2017
Aclara Technologies announced that Aaron Merkin has joined the company as its first CTO. Before joining Aclara, he was CTO, ABB Enterprise Software (formerly Ventyx) and Chief Software Architect, Grid Automation.
Galenfeha, Texas, February 2017
Galenfeha announced that the company added co-founder of Hunter Hawk Ron Barranco as CTO of the company.
Tangoe, Connecticut, February 2017
Tangoe appointed Dhesi Ananchaperumal as EVP Engineering. Prior to joining Tangoe, Dhesi was the SVP of Engineering and Product Management at Dell EMC.
Spireon, California, February 2017
Spireon reported the appointment of veteran telematics executive Jason Penkethman as its Chief Product Officer, reporting to CTO, Rick Gruenhagen. Prior to Telogis, Penkethman was VP Product Management and Marketing at Comtech, focused on navigation and telematics, and Corporate VP Engineering at Smith Micro leading mobile enterprise software development.
CIVIQ Smartscapes, Massachusetts, February 2017
Ilan Rozenblat has joined as CTO. Rozenblat brings to Civiq a background in building complex, large-scale enterprise-class software-based systems both in the U.S. and abroad. Rozenblat led country-wide ICT projects as the CTO of a large system integrator in Israel.
Veracity Management Global, Florida, February 2017
Veracity Management Global appointed Stephen J. Gorton as VP of Technology. In addition, Mr. Gorton has licensed two of his technologies to the company.
First Hawaiian Bank, Hawaii, February 2017
Gary Caulfield, First Hawaiian Bank vice chairman and CIO, is retiring after 34 years at the bank. Caulfield will be succeeded by First Hawaiian EVP Derek Baughman as the bank's CIO.
The Bank of Tampa, Florida, February 2017
Bank of Tampa appointed Mike Krieg as SVP, CIO. Krieg, who has more than 20 years of experience in technology, joined the Tampa Bay Banking subsidiary from Dickinson Financial where he was also SVP, CIO.



Recent Vell Placements

For Specific bios and announcements, please refer to our Website -

Board Members

Board Member, $50m Security Software, West Coast
Fleetmatics (FLTX), Fleet Management Software (SaaS)  - Board member (4)
Carbonite (CARB), Online Backup for SMB (SaaS) - Board Members (2)  
LogMeIn (LOGM),  SaaS & IoT Software  - Board members  (2) 

CEOs/ Presidents/ GM

CEO, Unified Communication
CEO, $10m Software for media 
President, $1.4b BPO business
Chairman & CEO  - Application Software company (West Coast)

CTOs/ Engineering/ CIOs/CISOs

CTO, $70m EdTech SaaS Co.
CIO, $2b Media company (NYC)
CIO & CISO, Secure Document Software Company (West coast)
CTO & CPO, $100m Mortgage Software company
CTO, Security Software company (West Coast)
CISO, $5b Tech Company


CFO, West coast tech company
CFO, Quantum Computing Company
CFO , $1b Media Company 
CFO, digital media Company


SVP Sales & Services, $70m EdTech SaaS Co.
EVP Sales, Marketing & BD, $500m Unified Communications Co.
VP, North America (now SVP Sales), $60m SaaS to Retail Industry  


CMO, SaaS Software Company
VP, Marketing, $50m software company
VP, Marketing & BD, Software company
CMO, $50m Services Company

Product Management

CPO, HCIT Healthcare SaaS (Division of large co.)
VP Product Management, $120m SaaS Co.      
VP & GM, Transportation and Logistics Software (SaaS, large public co.)
VP & GM, SMB (SaaS, large public co.)

Vell Team

We are a team of retained search veterans, that have large search firm and boutique experience. Our team consists of a principal executive search consultant (Dora Vell), a Vice President (Dal Coger), two senior consultants, one senior industry analyst (Ajanta Banerjee), two candidate research associates, and two data entry folks, as well as an an EA/ Business Manager and a Controller.

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Prior to founding the firm in 2005, Vell was a Partner at Heidrick & Struggles' Technology practice for seven years.  Before her career in executive search, she worked at IBM for 11 years, managing software engineering organizations of 100 people and software sales organizations with revenues of $150 million. She has also served as an executive assistant to the CEO of IBM Canada for one year.

Vell holds seven worldwide software patents. She has published several Business of Leadership reports on governance and leadership and has been quoted in numerous articles including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Week, Fortune, Agenda Week, MSNBC, Mass High Tech, the OPUS for the World Economic Forum, Boston Business Journal, The Globe & Mail, CIO Magazine, and IEEE. She also has been a featured speaker on leadership at numerous conferences and at Columbia University's MBA program.

Vell is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), the Boston CEO Roundtable. She has served on the boards of Framingham State, Entrepreneur's Organization, Goodwill, Mary Centre for developmentally handicapped adults,, and RBC Capital Partners.

She has received an MBA from the University of Toronto, a Master in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, and a Bachelor in Computer Science from Carleton. She has also completed the MIT Entrepreneurial Master’s program.

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