"Vell has helped me recently complete a very difficult search for a critical technical role. I find Dora and her staff to be both aggressive and consultative in their approach. They displayed a sense of urgency throughout the process that resulted in a successful conclusion."
Head of Executive Search, EMC

"Dora is much more than an executive and board recruiter. She is a true partner and advisor who makes an earnest effort to understand her clients' needs. When we met to review candidates for our board of directors, it was clear that Dora had spent a great deal of time and effort assessing our needs and working to make sure we only saw strong candidates who had the potential to meet those needs."
Robert K. Weiler, Chairman, President and CEO, Phase Forward

"Here's why I use Vell to fill technical executive roles: she invests deeply in learning our business, ensuring both technical and cultural fit; she's got a great process and network; and her passion makes her a true search partner - anticipating needs and going beyond the letter of the agreement to help us build a stronger team."
Sheila McCaffrey, Pitney Bowes

"Dora epitomizes for me, what is meant by the words: "true partner". Dora adds significant value to the search process in defining the underlying strategic needs to be met in the position being filled and by uncovering unconventional and star candidates for the same. Dora is an extension of my company and myself, and so needs to and does convey the excitement, challenge, and passion of the opportunity to the market from which I'm recruiting."
David Wexler, Vice President, Human Resources, Alias Software

"I expected Dora to flinch when I told her we wanted a high-profile CIO from a F100 company on our start-up board. These people are really hard to reach. With professionalism and tenacity, she introduced us to several great candidates and we ended up with a fabulous board member. I've been back to Vell a second time."
Dan Cordingley, CEO, Teradici

"Dora's strength lies in her firm's exclusive focus in the search and placement of high tech professionals. Her experience gave our team a tremendous advantage as we drew on her first hand knowledge. She demonstrated an understanding of our business needs, while she evaluated candidates and effectively matched us with the ideal candidate."
Larry Asten, Vice President, Global Sales Communication Providers, Cantata

"Dora delivers on her promises and builds long-term relationships. She is unique among search firms in her knowledge of the technology industry and her willingness to understand the client company's culture and business requirements. It is easy to understand why companies continue to turn to her time after time for help in building their management teams."
Gerald G. Kokos, President and CEO, VFA

"Dora's in-depth level of insight into the technology industry-combined with her expertise in recruitment methodologies enabled her to tailor a precise solution to the challenge of her assignment for us."
Ian McKinnon, President & CEO, Certicom

"Vell Executive Search allowed FirstHand to find tremendously skilled and experienced outside directors for our board, far beyond what a traditional search of our personal rolodexes would bring."
David Hattey, President & CEO, FirstHand Technologies

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