Thought Leadership

CIO Succession Report

63 Fortune 500 CIO Appointments and What You Can Learn from Them
We examined 63 Fortune 500 CIO appointments over a period of 18 months. We document and analyze hiring and appointment trends, such as basic demographics, diversity, education, reporting structures, industry experience, business and technical experience, and whether they come from the inside or were recruited externally. We conclude with advice for when considering your next CIO appointment. Download Report

Software Boards Reports

Building a Board of Directors as a Strategic Weapon - How the Fastest Growth Software Companies Select and Pay their Boards (Revenue Range: $100 million to $1 billion)
We researched how to build a board of directors as a strategic weapon. In part one of this series of insightful reports, we explore the fastest-growth software companies in the $100 million to $1 billion range. We analyze patterns in educational backgrounds, demographics, function and industry backgrounds, tenures and terms, and compensation elements. Download Report

Technology CEOs Report

Characteristics of Successful Technology CEOs Research Report
We researched all public technology product companies in New England with over $100 million in revenue to compile interesting findings on attributes which correlate to successful CEOs. We investigate the impact on CEO success at public technology companies in New England based on factors including: education, experience, founders vs. internal promotions vs. external hires, age, tenure and combining the Chair/CEO role. Download Report

Entrepreneurial Boards Report

Entrepreneurial Boards Composition & Compensation Survey
The Vell Entrepreneurial Technology Board report shares common and best practices of technology company boards, providing guidance on matters such as compensation and diversity of experience targets. Download Report

Canadian Boards Report

Entrepreneurial Boards Composition & Compensation Survey - The Canada Report
The Vell Canadian Entrepreneurial Technology Board report shares the common and best practices of technology company boards in Canada, and compares them to U.S. companies. Download Report

Cross Border Search

Insights on Searching for People Across Boarders
Presentation at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School in January 2009, The Legal and Business Guide to Private Equity Transactions. Download Presentation