Canadian Boards Report - Foreword

Whether your company is already listed on The Profit 100, a ranking of Canada’s fastestgrowing companies, or you hope to get there, boards of directors play a vital role. But if boards are vital, getting the right board is even more so. Recruiting and retaining board members can be challenging, but best practices make the task less daunting, and offer guidelines that protect both the company and its board candidates.

The Vell Entrepreneurial Boards Composition and Compensation Survey: The Canada Report studies the board composition of Canadian companies, including the board size, the proportion of boards with empty seats, and compensation to find best practices within small Canadian companies. We discovered how Canadian companies are pushing the envelope in areas of equity remuneration and learned how the composition and compensation of boards vary between the U.S. and Canada.

We also compared the data, point by point, to U.S. companies to determine how the boards of Canadian companies fare against their American counterparts in various categories. Some of the results are surprising, but the findings from the Entrepreneurial Composition and Compensation Boards Survey: The Canada Report confirm that most companies in the nation are on par – if not leading the pack – with U.S. corporations in critical areas like board characteristics and compensation.

Thank you for your interest in this report. We invite your comments and suggestions for future editions of our survey of entrepreneurial boards of directors.

Dora Vell

Vell Executive Search